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  1. The version you uploaded contains out of date strings, I can't merge it.
  2. Yes, you did; I just found another bug.
  3. The timedate zip file you uploaded is corrupted (or rather, the file contained is empty). The system one works fine though. I can add this easily enough, what's the LCID of your system? (en-US is 1033, what's pt?)
  4. You made that posting just in time, I was about to commence testing of what should hopefully be the final release.
  5. Thanks for all the translations. I just ran some preliminary testing on my most recent build, there's only a few issues remaining then it's good to go. ...sometime tomorrow, and this time I mean it
  6. Thanks for the updates guys. I'm almost ready to push out the release. I've been spending the past few days improving uninstallation, and I'm pretty much done now. I made a mistake with the string for "E_A_feedbackLbl" and "E_A_feedbackLbl_Cus": I put the string formatting placeholders (those "{0}" and "{1}" things you see around) in the wrong place. So if people could translate these by simply posting in this thread that'd be great: E_A_feedbackLbl - Why are you uninstalling this package? Your feedback will be sent to the developer to improve the package in future. E_A_feedbackLbl_Cus - Why are you uninstalling {0}? Your feedback will be sent to {1} to improve {0} in future. Also, the Arabic, Farsi, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish translations need to include the new strings relating to feedback (starting with "G2"). These are included in this update: http://w3bbo.com/misc/Translations20090829.zip Thanks all!
  7. You'll need to modify the visual style directly. You can do this with Resourcer, just extract the contents of the *.msstyles file to disk, alter them in Photoshop, then re-import back into the file and load it up.
  8. Guys, I made a mistake in the latest table I posted, I'll upload a correction with further information shortly. Sorry about making you make little changes here and there.
  9. Thanks for the submitted translations. I've decided to implement the feedback system in Release 6 which includes getting feedback during uninstallation. I've updated the string tables to include a couple more strings. Download it: http://w3bbo.com/misc/Translations20090827.zip
  10. W3bbo

    Release 6 Status

    Due to further optimisations I've been able to squeeze another few hundred KB out of the data files, bringing the internal xpize 5R6 build down to just over 16MB, over 2MB less than 5R3 despite containing so much more. Go me Here's the list of minor issues that I want to finish before releasing 5R6: Improving the XP-style Internet Explorer 8 toolbar icon artwork Improving uninstallationA couple of strings aren't localised for some reason Cursor schemes aren't currently restored on uninstall The current 'theme' (colors and fonts, not visual styles) isn't properly reset on uninstall [*]Downloadable tools will be updated [*]Implent the installation feedback system ...and that's pretty much it. So gimmie a day or two.
  11. Did uninstalling it bring your taskbar back?
  12. That's a new one. What installation options did you choose?
  13. W3bbo

    xpize 5 Release 5

    I tried to include that WMP skin in 5B3, but it adds another megabyte and doesn't compress well.
  14. Beats me Evidently the last person to change the string table. I assume this is the same string table that I received from you via email this morning?
  15. W3bbo

    xpize 5 Release 5

    I've done some research into this, and I'm sorry to say it's impossible to fix. Control Panel icons are not pulled directly from the CPL file. Icons are actually gotten by loading the control panel into memory and asking it for the icon. The Control Panel itself has no way of knowing what size icon is expected and probably just returns 16x16 and 32x32 (and not the 48x48 subimage) which is probably what's happening (since all of the Windows Update icons in all the Windows files contain a 48x48 subimage). Technical details here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1299016...cons-windows-xp It's the same thing with the nvidia control panel icon (mine, not yours), except rather than upscaling the 32x32 icon instead it downscales the 128x128 icon.
  16. Release 6 is now pretty much ready, all that's left is localisation. I've uploaded the resx files to my website so anyone can download them. If you're not a member of the forums just upload your translation to rapidshare and email me the link. The localisation tool has been updated so allow sort-by-column. You won't need to ever press "Rename" or "Delete" (so don't). Download: http://w3bbo.com/misc/Translations20090827.zip Email me: http://www.contactify.com/62d87 Thanks
  17. W3bbo

    xpize 5 Release 5

    I saved 500KB in size by converting the PNGs to BMPs (which, surprisingly, are compressed by LZMA better), however I'm having some problems with the images not being composted correctly. Release 6 should be out sometime on the 20th.
  18. What part would you like to change? All of the visual styles are installed, so just select it from the Display control panel.
  19. For large parts of yesterday I was unable to resolve msfn.org, it was the same situation from several computers using different ISPs, I've only just been able to get back onto the forums. What happened?
  20. I didn't change the control, I just disabled visual styles on it so it renders itself much faster. All the strings are sorted by Key and that's all that matters.
  21. Yeah, this is a known issue, I was cutting corners when it came to the Luna Element shutdown screen. It'll be fixed in 5R6.
  22. W3bbo


    The res:// URI scheme just tells Windows to open the specified file (ieframe.dll, under System32) and retrieve the specified resource name ("info_48.png"). Note that res:// hides the new MUI system (so it also checks system32\en-US\ieframe.dll.mui). The INFO_48.PNG resource exists (on my computer, at least) as C:\Windows\system32\en-US\ieframe.dll.mui\HTML\"INFO_48.PNG" HTH
  23. W3bbo

    xpize 5 Release 5

    No, they don't. xpize 5 is built on an entirely new framework and shares nothing with XPize 4 (for instance, it doesn't use reshacker anymore, it does the resource patching by itself). If you want to modify the xpize package you can extract it and edit the XML file manually.
  24. W3bbo

    xpize 5 Release 5

    Arabic and Farsi are both "right-to-left" languages, as opposed to English and German which are left-to-right. For this reason software should re-position text so that it's right-aligned to make it easier to read. This is how Windows Vista looks if you turn on RTL mode, for example. The Windows checkbox and radio-button controls both swap the position of the checkbox part when RTL mode is enabled (which isn't the same thing as alignment). I will say that I'm not sure what the issue is that Hessam is describing, the text looks like its being displayed fine. I'll need more details. Unfortunately I don't know any other Farsi or Arabic-literate people who can assist me.
  25. W3bbo

    xpize 5 Release 5

    The text shown "Makes your Windows XP..." is in the xpize package XML file and not the installer itself, it isn't possible to localise it at present. Thanks for pointing out the "Simple" button, I'll add that to the list. I must have overlooked it. The Anolis Tools are not currently localised, mainly because it would take a lot of effort and because I change them a lot more than the Installer it's hard to keep the translations up to date. It's a very low priority for me.

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