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  1. Well, here are the png files of this traffic light with the red lit, the yellow lit and the green lit and one with all of them lit in case somebody wants to do the quite troublesome work and make these into an animation avi file as a potential replacement for the old one in the disk quotas.. (The png files are added as an attachment to this post)
  2. Ah, sorry I've never actually used the application and wasn't aware of this, sorry my bad Well that explains why there is an avi file instead of just an icon resource
  3. What's up with the graphical bugs in the pie chart, you can see a lot of white dots on the bottom edges, is there any way to fix it? It is not caused because of the lack of anti-aliasing, as this bug was not presented in Win9x, it came in NT4 and so forth. Comparison screenshot below: http://img188.imageshack.us/i/chkspace.jpg/
  4. I see that xpize does not update the icon in the disk quota tab, so I found one that can replace it. Note: The tab does not really use an icon but an avi file for some reason, called sysanimate32 (which is weird and it doesnt even animate). I just deleted the avi resource with the traffic light and added a new icon resource. I don't know if I managed to set it to a suitable position, but that can be adjusted. Here's a picture for comparison: http://img29.imageshack.us/i/dskquota.jpg/ I've attached the icon file dskq.ico
  5. I see the the cred icon i posted had some jagged edges, so here is the same one with just a white background, in case somebody prefers that, or can make a better one with transparent background which has less jagged edges. cred2.ico
  6. That's understandable, but the weird thing is they didn't update the advanced attributes icon, and not the regedit one either, despite the rest of the utility has been updated with new icons, especially since a new regedit icon has been made that can be used. They also didn't update the battery icon in Device Manager in Vista, despite all other icons getting updated, this was done for Windows 7 however.
  7. I agree, it was just an attempt to make a newer version of the same icon to see how it would turn out. I also think that the grpconv.exe should just be a exe file without any icon, as there is no need for it to have any. I think it's weird why Microsoft didn't just remove all 16-color icons out and use standard exe icons for those who didn't get any updated icon for some reason.. whether they think it is a waste of time or if they did not find a suitable replacement, they have done that in some cases, but why not the rest?
  8. I can do a norwegian translation, not that I think there is much demand for it. I could also make a swedish and danish translation as well, as they are very similar to norwegian, although that would require a bit more work, so getting somebody who has swedish or danish as their primary language to do it would be preferable, at least for approval and correction afterwards.
  9. According to NVIDIA's site, there are Windows 98 drivers for the GeForce 6 series. The Link below is the download site that appeared after choosing GeForce 6 series and Windows 98 as my operating system. The version number is 81.98, so it seems that the card is officially supported. http://www.nvidia.com/object/win9x_81.98.html Have you tried installing the latest DirectX and .NET Framework? .NET Framework 1.1 .NET Framework 2.0 DirectX End-User Runtime Installer I guess it's worth a try to see if it helps, even though the problem may be related to other issues.
  10. Anyway, here is the new icon i made to replace grpconv.exe, it's in native 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48 size. Hope anyone wants it, I made it to look like a replica of the original only in 32-bit color and higher resolutions. Sorry if you don't think it's any good, I'm not really any artist, just playing around with various tools for icon making and image editing. I've also included an icon meant to replace the certreq.exe and certutil.exe icon found in Vista/Win7, it's only 48x48 yet though and may need some adjustments, but just uploaded it as well if anyone has any need for it. I'd be glad to help contribute with more icons if I can manage to make some more to replace old legacy icons in Windows Vista and Windows 7, I don't think those old legacy icons belong there Please comment on them and say what you think if you have any suggestions for improvement or change. grpconv.ico cert.ico
  11. I'm working on and have created some icons for xpize and vize (can be used for 7ize eventually as it shares many of the same icons). So how can I get in contact with those who are leading the project, as I really want to support it and help out any way I can. I've made a few icons to replace some of the remaining ones that xpize and vize haven't yet. (certreq.exe and certutil.exe to name two examples for Vista/Win7) So what should I do to present these icons to the project and get the evaluated as possible candidates to replace the old ones? Finally I have to say thanks to those who started these projects, and to see that I'm not alone when it comes to getting annoyed over GUI inconsistencies and the presence of win 3.x/95 era icons in recent releases of Microsoft Windows. Luckily Microsoft is getting rid of more and more of these icons as of each new version of Windows from XP and beyond, though even with 7, there are a few left.. but that can be taken care of, and I want to help any way I can
  12. Is there any way to disable the counting of devices that appear in the ()? I just think it looks pointless and ugly Marked with the red circles in the picture link is what I'm talking about: http://img134.imageshack.us/my.php?image=29952910.jpg I have been unable to find any tweaks to change this..
  13. I know Windows 7 isn't finished yet, so still some icons may be updated and fixed, and some of those from Vista have been, but as of the latest build 7077, the regedit icon is still the old one, the advanced attributes icon is not updated, and the disk quota icons to name some examples. However, I'm glad to see they have updated the battery icon in device manager, offline web pages in windows folder and the Wordpad interface since Vista, hopefully we won't need a version for Windows 7, but I have a feeling Microsoft is gonna forget about a few pieces... What do you guys think? I'm still surprised at least they haven't updated the regedit icons yet, the new icons have even been made and is in the Vista shell32 files, but they haven't been applied as of yet, but they DO have time to change the mspaint and calculator icons which looked fine, though I can agree the new ones are an improvement, I think the most important part is to get rid of all win 3.11/95 era icons.

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