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  1. It's not a bug, it's how Windows works. The Welcome Screen is just a window displayed on top of an ordinarily black desktop. You can see this black desktop if you have a multi-monitor set-up. Microsoft chose black because then you can't tell when the system finishes booting and when the welcome screen has started. If you disable the Welcome Screen and use GINA instead you'll see the wallpaper behind the logon screen. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have disabled the Welcome Screen. But, can you tell me how to replace the new bliss wallpaper by the one I use on my desktop as background? So that I have one wallpaper all the way? Kind regards, Piet
  2. Hi, After installation of XPize 5R6 I noticed the following: Every time I boot, for a split second the new bliss wallpaper appears between the boot screen and the logon screen. Is this normal behaviour or a minor bug??? Kind regards, Piet
  3. Don Diego

    Logon Screen

    Thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately it does not work. I still get the black logon screen. Can it be that it has something to do with the fact that I installed every component of xpize (all of the themes)? Kind regards, Don
  4. Don Diego

    Logon Screen

    Hi, First of all - Thanks for this great piece of work. It really looks nice on my computer. I have one question though. Allthough I selected the Luna Element Blue-theme, my logon screen has a black theme in stead of a blue one. Is this normal or can I change this into a blue screen (what I prefer). Kind regards, Don

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