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  1. I don't know why Webbo doesn't update Xpize, time as past till last release and someone makes lite package, but with release 7 we were waiting for the last-optimized-final package. Webbo, I must confess that I'm thinking to migrate to Win 7 :'-( We are here still waiting for your great job, don't disappoint us :-)
  2. I can officially confirm that Xpize and Vize are on the CD of ComputerBild Italia, n° 139 28.07.2010
  3. Yes, It's my favourite pc magazine http://www.edmaster.it/index.php?p=prodotti&sez=magazine&cat=3∏=42#
  4. Hi, does anyone has news about release 7?
  5. Hi, I installed Xp Pro SP3 on my netbook compaq mini 110c-1020SL, the monitor has a resolution of 1024x576 and the boot screen has an ugly aspect, this: How can i hack the ntoskrnl.exe to have the correct aspect? this: I know that the default one is 640x480 px, but is possible to keep the aspect ratio and modify the image with this resolution: 853x480? Thanx!!!!
  6. Hi Webbo, I found another bug, it's on bluetooth resources, the panel on the left keep the old blue style instead the black one (I use darkside mod). And what about WORDPAD.exe? I post a topic some days ago, 'coz it's not patched correctly (for now i "replace" icon using tuneup styler). waiting for your help =D
  7. Hi Webbo, I found this bug, WORDPAD.exe is not patched correctly in "standard" installation mode, instead it work fine in "windows-cd" mode, the one that i use after create a new cd with nLite... I reinstall it but nothing change... this is what i found iside wordpad folder after install xpize...
  8. Thanx again, your replies are fast and exhaustive :-D anyway xpize now is quite perfect in my opinion
  9. Hi Webbo, i found some low res icons in control panel, as you can see on teh attached image tese icons are: windows updates and bluetooth configuration. Were are the resources file of them? I'll patch manually waiting next release. :-D Thanx!!!
  10. Thanx, fast and complete answer :-D
  11. Hi Webbo, nice job again :-D, I found a bug (?) in shell32.dll, BMP files arent correctly patched, exactly BMP # 14351, 14353, 14354 and 14355. I'm using darkside mod and the dialog work fine, but in some screen apperas the old blue resources. See image attached thanks for your patience :-D
  12. Thanx 4 the link :-D you were right, those icon are really amazing, big as I need and in a really high res, the only that I did not found is the HDD icon...any advice for this? I search on the internet but nothing found.
  13. Hi Webbo! I'm using the last but not last release of xpize (5b6) it work really good (even darkside). I use ('cos I found it very useful) rocketdock, but the default icons are so ugly, can you post an icon pack with all PNG's of xpize shell32, msgina, etc DLL's? what's the dimension? 128x128 minimum? Thanx a lot! :-) ps great, great job mate...go on, that's the right way :-) Davide
  14. DADOZ83

    xpize 5 Release 4

    The clock is only updated in English language versions of Windows. How can i do it by myself?? or in new versions of xpize it will supor all languages?? Where are the clock resources?? :-)
  15. DADOZ83

    xpize 5 Release 4

    And what about the clock? :-)

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