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  1. Its Super...The crack is worth a million Just copy the entire vista setup from DVD to your hard drive, patch winsetup.dll using the given crack and run the installation using the latest Windows PE Bootable CD And I love Vista all the way
  2. [Desktops] 2005

    @pit: very nice work love the desk
  3. [Desktops] 2005

    @pit: I'm glad to see you're picking up all the best mate
  4. Discovery of an Unusual recovery !

    This will definitely help, wont go waste.....cheers mate
  5. Which is better?

    No offense, but you're making this topic on the 30th of Septemer 2004 ???? Man, where have you been for the past 3-4 years LMAO
  6. Cable Internet but Slow...

    LMAO man, i'm on a similar, or perhaps worse connection than yours...I feel your pain
  7. Well, be more specific about the problem, as in what error message dialog does it display? Does it cause the system itself to shut down in 60 seconds? If the answer to the question is YES, then I suspect you've somehow been hit by the Sasser or a similar worm which attacks the svchost process. Get a removal tool from F-Secure or Symantec or McAfee. Good Luck
  8. For Experts... Need help

    It's really difficult to boot an 2000/XP system minimally in the way you want. The difference, ofcourse, lies in the architecture of these operating systems. The boot up process is fundamentally different than those of 95/98/ME........ But then again, there MIGHT be a way to get the system to bootup in the way you want, you gotta keep searching. Alternatively, you can call MS tech support, if you own legal copies of the OS, that is.. Best of luck to you, and ;et us know if you do find a way
  9. Samurize messed up

    Un-installing it and re-installing it again after a reboot usually solves the issue. Backup any custom configs/skins/plugins before doing so
  10. F-Secure Antivirus for Servers is all you need
  11. "Styled" Command Prompt

    Use "Console" to do it, it's a SHELL for CMD.EXE Get it at sourceforge.net, do a search for "Console". The accompanying readme details all what you need to know to get it to work. I'm using it and it works like a charm
  12. Slimming down Win2k3 server

    n00b question here, I really need to know how to slim down the installation package for WinXP and Win2k3. I'm tired of the multiple GB install size of these OS's....trimming 'em and saving a few hundred MB's is a good idea. Please point me in any direction, links, utilities used, tutorials, how-to's etc... I'll be very grateful
  13. Installing Norton Antivirus on Win2k3?

    Version 9 is the newest but if you take my advice, dump norton altogether and move to F-Secure. I have F-Secure 5.41 for Windows Servers and it is very effective...
  14. Okay, so I'm running a slipstreamed copy of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. It's slipstreamed with the leaked SP1 build 1023. Now the problem I face is that even the newer patches (like WindowsServer2003-KB835732-x86-ENU and WindowsServer2003-KB837001-x86-ENU for example) WONT install. They all give the same error...saying that the installed version of the service pack is greater. It says this despite NOT having the particular updates I'm trying to install. Any way to get around this? Please help I don't wanna run an unpatched system