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  1. no mate you have to direct it to winsetup.dll
  2. to msfn friends http://rapidshare.com/files/13877216/vista_nomem-crack-DHZ.exe
  3. i gt 386mb lol im gna strip it like FK lol
  4. restriction problem

    ok i guess i shall stick to windows xp for now :-(
  5. You Want to Change Your Username?

    lonecolx--> jasonp thanks Done
  6. Goldeneye: Source Beta 1

    hehe i still got my n64 i love it supermario 64 and other classics including goldeneye
  7. Dreamlinux is the best linux

    it looks a really nice looking os might give it a try sometime
  8. Change to Linux

    to start off in the linux world i would start off with a livecd (runs straight from cd) so you get a taster of what its like if u like it >? install it currently im dual booting ubuntu and windows
  9. .exe file probs with Mac OS X

    yes if u use a program for example an emulator you can emulate an .exe file on mac osx or linux or whatever but it wont run as good
  10. restriction problem

    but the ram types aw different :-( surely u can bypas by going into registery or somthing?
  11. restriction problem

    oh well then i dnt think it will work as one pc is 64 bit and other is 32
  12. restriction problem

    if i put my hdd in another pc and install vista and put the hdd bk in my pc will it work or?>
  13. restriction problem

    pretty good if i rip all the games drivers languages etc out that i dont need
  14. restriction problem

    ye but im going to strip it so it will run on 386mb ram just fine hmm surely there is a way around it? any1 else got any tips or advice? thanks for ur feedback anyway mod