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  1. unfortunately there is no such option, the only close I see is this:
  2. it doesn't work either the only way to wake it up is to click the power button of the PC case any solution? even waking up by mouse click would be ok
  3. hello how can i make my desktop pc wake up from standby when i move the mouse? thanks
  4. anyone??? this is what appears at the right side of the document, when I try to type:
  5. hello in MS Word 2010, somehow I managed to get this when i try to type (red fonts with red underline, while I have not set the format to be like that!) i suppose i enabled some kind of 'feature', any idea what is this and how to disable it? thanks!
  6. yep, just one, for personal use
  7. hello do you know if any company offers a consumer the opportunity to build a customized keyboard ? I mean the number of the keys, the function of the keys, the arrangement of the keys, the place of the touchpad, etc thanks
  8. I am thinking to try Windows 2008 R2, but I want it for desktop use there was an article to transform Windows 2003 Server to desktop OS, is there anything for Windows 2008 R2 ? thanks
  9. it recognizes only C: partition I don't know what to do, I think I will just copy the files to another disk and get rid of the damaged disk :S
  10. here it is, i hope it's the right files: http://ifile.it/z1qebhn
  11. i am interested in that too also, i would like to adjust the preferences of my favorite programs automatically after windows installation (for example in opera browser that i use)
  12. colore

    32bit and ram

    what to check exactly? they have labels that say 2GB (each) and they look well fixed into the slots
  13. okay here it is: http://ifile.it/txnr20g it includes the 0-100 sector dd file and the MBR/PBR of all partitions and drives
  14. thanks for your replies maybe i should clarify that by stability i dont mean hardware issues interacting with OS i mean responsiveness, speed, less need for restarts, etc, while using the OS for long time, installing many programs and generally loading it with many processes, etc
  15. hello i have installed 2 x 2GB DDR3 in my system, but WinXP SP3 32bit recognize 2.85GB i know that 32bit cannot recognize more than 4GB, but why recognize only 2.85GB ? thanks
  16. the previous screenshot shows the result when i choose 'intel' partition this screenshot shows the result when i choose 'non partitioned data' (while performing quick search): http://shup.com/Shup/452830/1110112442.png this screenshot is after quick search or deep scan: http://shup.com/Shup/452843/111012925.png what is happening? please note that when i plug in the disk via usb, WinXP succesfully recognizes the partitions
  17. hello which is the most stable windows version? thanks
  18. Ideally - if you ave enough space available, you should now make a copy of the image (and leave it alone) Then, get TESTDISK: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk Read a bit about it's usage. http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/Data_Recovery_Examples Run it as follows: testdisk_win /log X:\my_path\image[0-100027630080].dd Change "X:" and "my_path" to your actual values. Se if you can list files on the partition(s). Copy them to another disk. Once you have the files safe we can try to "fix" the damaged filesystem. jaclaz i got these: http://shup.com/Shup/452488/1101130222522cwindowssy.png next?
  19. ok, i created the image it created a 93,1GB file: image[0-100027630080].dd hope, this is the whole disk including MBR etc what's the next step?
  20. hello is there a way to wirelessly connect a monitor to a pc thanks
  21. Yep , the interface may be a little deceiving. What the program is trying to tell you is that you can access: OR OR Since your hard disk contains three partitions D:, E: and F: totaling 100 GB whichever of the three you choose you will always choose the SAME hard disk, in it's entirety. jaclaz the total hard disk size is 80GB or 120GB I think, but definately not 100GB, so... shall I continue selecting any of the options? will it result in recovering the full hard disk? also, what will I have to do next? can I burn the image to partition of the hard disk of my desktop pc disk and then boot from that partition? what are the steps to do this? thanks
  22. okay, I downloaded DDRD, but it says there are 3 drives... the 3 partitions of the usb-connected drive-to-restore... at the same time, there are also one drive with one partition of the laptop that actually runs DDRD moreover, DDRD says that each partition is 100GB, which is wrong... don't know what to do with this software, is there any better? or i miss something? please note that i want to create an image of the whole disk-to-recover, including boot sectors, etc, whatever is needed in order to install this image to a new drive and have a fully functional, bootable drive with my previous data
  23. hello an old laptop specs sheet says that the hard disk is ATA-5 for what kind of hard drives do I have to look for in order to replace it? I know it must be 2.5", but what other characteristics it should have? searching for ATA-5 in a shopping comparison website does not return much, are IDE the same? or PATA? or SATA? also is there any other spec that might not be compatible? thanks
  24. hello how do I disable splash screen in MS Office 2010? not only when I click the shortcut to run the program, but also when i click a file that opens with that program thanks
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