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  1. Tips to Improve System perfomence

    Just out of curiousity, how much power does a computer in hibernate draw? I've been considering going with hibernate instead of shutting off but I don't enjoy spending too much money on power, so just curious.
  2. Unattended XP

    Well, if you've read the guide, then it's pretty easy. If you have a specific problem you're having after looking at the guide, then maybe we can help but you gotta be more specific about the problem.
  3. Nero Silent Install - No Errors

    I just went through all the steps and it worked like a charm for me... I burned a test audio CD and had no trouble at all... The start menu icons were all made and everything. Thanks a lot for the work. Minor Note: The Entry HKLM\Microsoft\Windows\currentversion\run should be HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\currentversion\run
  4. Nero Silent Install - No Errors

    What does "Empty the cab folder" mean? Delete what's in it? Move the cab files? Extract the cab files? [EDIT] NVM. Delete all the cab files in the folder. On a note, I'm working my way through your steps and see that your cmd file doesn't work properly for me (at least on my x64 system). Attached is the minor change I made so that it works but puts the selected cabs into the C:\Documents and Settings\*USER*\Local Settings\Temp\Nero7.tmp\Cab\CAB_Temp directory [/EDIT] _CABcopy.cmd
  5. Codec Pack for Xp 64

    I use the KLite codec pack myself and haven't run into any problems with it.
  6. x64 Hacked Files list

    Just out of curiosity, what does concurrent Remote Desktop Connections do for you? How would you use it? Not trying to bash or anything, just curious about how it's used.
  7. Basically, you can use the Unattended guide. Just put the WINNT.SIF into your 2000, XP, and 2003 boot folders (ie PRO1, 2003, etc). Hopefully I understood your question correctly.
  8. 64 bit Edition?

    Really? My copy didn't work properly the last time I tried it... Might have been my DVD drive which I had to replace the month after. I haven't tried to install it anytime lately as I don't have too much time to game. heh....My bad for the bad info.
  9. Multi-Boot KNOPPIX LINUX... possible?

    You should try reading this topic. The boot folder actually isn't required for Knoppix, at least on the CD/DVD. The boot folder's files will be used elsewhere though, it just depends on you do it.
  10. 64 bit Edition?

    I personally run x64 and it runs great... Fast and everything. For a while I nervous about switching due to drivers but eventually my printer/scanner drivers were updated so now I have no compatibility issues. FarCry is the only piece of software I personally use that had x64 issues but there's a workaround or patch for solving this issue, so it's not a huge deal. I personally use FantomDVD for mounting images (although it doesn't support mdf, it support most major images). Filedisk is another alternative, but I did originally have problems with it for whatever reason....
  11. CD Image stopped working

    I'd say that's a good bet. When renaming the boot to CDSH, make sure that you hex edited the correct CDShell file to reflect this (sorry, I don't even remember the file, heh.. I'm in class too ).
  12. MultiBoot Beginner needs help

    You probably just need to download the module for CDShell for BCDW. You get it here. Just open the zip file, go to /cdsh/ and extract the modules folder to your CDShell folder. The should do it, hopefully..
  13. MultiBoot Beginner needs help

    Ah, so I'm back home and found that I use BCDW to boot the 2.88MB image. if $lastKey == key[1]; then bcdw boot \IMAGES\PM8.IMG
  14. Newbie multiple ISO make one DVD

    From what I understand, you want to be able to boot 4 isos that are on a CD and not extract the isos. uuummm... I believe, booting from ISOs is really picky. Only a select few can be booted via CDShell/BCDW (I have one iso that boots, GAG, but that's it). I would extract the ISOs you want and just use the method described in the multiboot guide. Although not completely up to date, it does work. I've never used any other boot shell so I can't say that booting from ISOs isn't possible but I do have my doubts.
  15. MultiBoot Beginner needs help

    I think I got mine working using something similar to: if $lastKey == key[2]; then memdisk PM8.IMG (from the guide) But I don't recall. I'll double check when I get back to the 'ol apartment later tonight. Glad to hear WinXP is working for you though.