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  1. Hi there guys. I have a huge problem. I screwed up and forgot to check "leave messages on server" when I setup an executives yahoo mail to his Microsoft Outlook. At this point I have not been back there, but I need to get back there in the next few days and try to "undo" this. He checks his yahoo mail through his other computers (web based) and does not have those e-mails. I have told him I can manually send them back to his inbox but he wants to make sure that the day sent and everything stays the same. This presents a problem because if I remail them back, they will have new date and t
  2. Thanks so much for your input. I have been troubleshooting the problem and found that you seem to be correct. Master Roles were not transfered properly and this has lead to the AD issues I am having. At this oint, there were 2 DCs on the network that were simply taken down and never brought back up. Not sure what happend to the hardware or the OS. At this point, I will try and use ntdsutils to take ownership of these roles... if that does not work... I will have to rebuild. You have been very helpful. Qz
  3. ... ... Thanks guys, you are very kind. Here is my problem. I naturally tried to migrate, but had issues joining another DC to the domain. I could not use a 2000 DC because the hardware I got is not compatable with 2000, only 2003. I worked with the vendor on this one. So, I need to forest prep and domain prep. However, I cannot prep because of an LDAP error. Hence, I could not dcpromo it. It gave me the error on the attached jpg file. Please ignor the last line as i was trying to view it with the edit command and jsut typed in the filename. Tony P.s. I have a network with one doma
  4. Thanks so much for your response. It was more or less what I had in mind. I figured there will be many small problems, but I am looking ot avoid big issues. There is no GPOs or Profiles to the best of my knowledge on this network, so I think it will be faily easy. No Software lists either... most users administer their own machine. I am looking to change this. I just started here 3 weeks ago, I'm not sure what the hell the last admin was thinking. Tony
  5. Hi there. My domain is a mess, I'd like to build a new server, build a new domain (same name as my original) and rebuild all services on my network on the new domain controller. Now then, my question is... for my clients, do I just unjoin them to the old domain, and then rejoin the to the new one (with the same name as the original)? Is there anything that anyone can suggest or foresea as a problem? My goal is to start from scratch. This Domain has been upgrade, downgrade and bogged down to s***. Buggy all over the place and now is starting to give me GUI problems. At the end of the da
  6. Guys, won't anyone give me an idea of what might be wrong? ... thanks. Qz
  7. You must learn to make multi-boot dvds in general. No one here is really going to give you specific instructions on "just" what you are looking for. You need to figureo ut how multi-boot dvds work in general first, then you will be able to add whatever you want, one at a time. http://flyakite.msfnhosting.com/ Qz
  8. You are probably better off just booting from your windows CD and then "REPAIR" the install instead. If you try to boot from a partition that has the OS, but has no boot files... you are in for a world of problems trying to get it back up and running manually. Just do a repair, and not a CONSOLE REPAIR... the seoncd "repair" ... the automatic one. Hope this helps... Cheers.
  9. There is no way to do what you would like. The installer CD makes a new BOOT folder and setup folder on the primary hard disk of whatever computer you are trying to install it on. If you would do what you want, you'd have to find a way to modify the setup files on the CD to make a BOOT folder with your specific winnt.sif file. Thus far, I've never heard of that being done. Qz
  10. Yup. I got it working. 100%. I have noticed that with multi-boot DVD-DLs though... (mine is almost 8.2 Gigs)... you cannot fill them up past 7.5 gigs AND use Windows 2000 Professional or 2000 Server. Advanced server works fine, but for some reason the other two simply won't work with a file system that big. Doesn't seem to matter what files they are or what they are for. (I tried removing and installing Vista and some linux distros... and the **** thing just won't work if I fill my CD all the way up. Anyone have any ideas? Other than that... knoppix works fine. If you need any hel
  11. I am working on a huge DVD-DL. I have tons of utilities and at least 15 OSes. Everything has been working fine, up until I got to 5 Gigs or so. I added KNOPPIX to complete the 8.5 that I wanted for my DVD-DL and now Win2K Pro and Win2K Server won't work. Win2K Advanced Server still works though. Files are the same files... tested the files by extracting them and then making an ISO out of just the win2k os files, and they work fine. Same boot menu and everything. I just feel it's iso size issue. I'm not knowledgable enough to know for sure. Can anyone shed any light on this subject for
  12. Alright guys, got it to work alone, but when I use the -j1 attribute for cdimage.exe it kills my windows OSes. Is there a way to dual boot windows and knoppix? Has anyone done it succesfully?! Thanks. Qz
  13. Alright guys, got it to work alone, but when I use the -j1 attribute for cdimage.exe it kills my windows OSes. Is there a way to dual boot windows and knoppix? Has anyone done it succesfully?! Thanks. Qz
  14. Hi guys. I am trying to multi-boot knoppix and vista. I would like knoppix to boot from this exact command from my boot menu: if $lastKey == key[9]; then bcdw boot /boot/isolinux/isolinux.bin . From what I hear it works with CDSHELL, but I can't get it to work. CD shell says: Error: Unknown Command [Command:bcdw] [Line: 72.2] [File:cdshell.ini] . It says this after I compile my ISO image with this cdimage.exe. I am using VMWare to test as I can't afford to burn a DVD-DL every time. I've been using vmware for over 5 years, so I'm aware of it's problems and incompatabilities. Thanks guy
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