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  1. i have a similar issue, but not in a raid setup... all my hotfixes i have in my svcpack are nlited into my xp sp2 cd and i made the iso via cdimage.exe as i always done mu unatteanded cd's. but after the initial setup, the part where it finishes the file copying, it gets stuck in a setup is being restarted loop reboot after it restarts
  2. does the board bios see the hdd at all?... funny cause my my main has all sata drives and i never had 2 install the sata drivers at all... if the bios see's the hdd then windows install cd should see it too
  3. i nlited all my hotfixes into the source along with ie7, no errors found from that. i installed my nlited xpsp2 on a new pc and got 2 error's: 2 error was found unregmp2.exe ----- wmdrmsdk.dll was not found. reinstalling the application may fix the problem ( noticed around t13-14 stage ) another was nhelper error of some sort ( kept popping up repeatedly, but it went away eventually after i closed the box ) .... i dont know what could of caused those 2. both of them happened during the install.....
  4. when do you apply the inf? i assume at the end of the batch after all is installed [ ie7 & wmp11 ] from the oem folder where my batch file is located
  5. so all i have to do is wipde the partition out ( if it isnt already ) then initialze the disk and let it be? last provide my m/b sata drivers ---wait should vista have the sata built-in? i seen no vista drivers from intel on their download site
  6. i'm trying to get vista rc1 to install on my spare sata drive. the error message is that it cant install cause of it being dynamic disk. in my current system i have tried reformating it but no luck with that. i even wiped out the partition and tried to let vista create one and format but no luck. that drive is totaly blank and ready. with ide drives in xp i had no issues creating 2 primary volumes. is this a sata issue or what is their a way i can dual boot xp pro and vista rc1???
  7. looks like it worked ok, just gave a progress bar and thats it ECHO. ECHO Installing Injternet Explorer 7 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\NetTools\ie7setup.exe
  8. i have mine set as this in the F:\Image Drive\WXPVOL_EN\$OEM$\$1\Install\start.cmd file ECHO. ECHO Installing Injternet Explorer 7 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\NetTools\ie7setup.exe i got it from the link above and gonna give it a try this way and see what happens [ good to have a spare pc to try it on ]. since it is a switchless installer , i shouldn't need any switches at the end of the exe. he also said that it isnt silent. does that mean it's gonna have popups where i have to hit ok and such or just a progress bar at the end
  9. i got mine in around 2 hrs for both 32 & 64bit of vista
  10. Exactly! The ISO is about 835 MB and you just have to burn it to a 99 min CD. That's all. (The way I did it). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 99min cd? WTF.. i didnt think they exist at all. do the major retails have them like bestbuy or compusa
  11. re: "It downloads the correct Album Art and re-files the song under a folder with the new album name" wmp10 works fine for the above issue i have done it to all my cd's from my highschool dayz with no problem. i hate it when people blame ms for every stupid error the end-user makes. infact it is the end-user error 100% of the time. i have seen it at work
  12. true you can do that if you were going to put that on a cd, but to put it on dvd then use htc's way.
  13. htc is right, since 1st mce2005 is bootable, make an image of it with ultraiso extract the entire contents of cd2 to its own dir and in ultraiso open the mce2005 image [ witch is bootable ] and inject/slip the folders from the 2nd cd [ that is the cmpnents dir ] to the root dir of the first cd. save it thats all. this way it keeps the original bootable image intact. i didnt have the "cd2-marker" file in the root of the cd/dvd and tested this in virtualpc and it works with out a problem....
  14. ECHO. ECHO Installing Yahoo Messenger 6.0.1700 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\NetTools\ymsgrie.exe /s ECHO. ECHO Shutting Down Yahoo Messenger ECHO Please wait... PsKill YPager

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