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  1. hi, sometimes happen that the setdevicepath app doesn't "load" the specified folder is there a place in the registry for verify if the external driver folder is really added? i'm just now this problem .. the usb drive led doesnt' blink during the device installation.. (the path is true), infact no driver is found (an old wireless device)................................ hope that the question is clear
  2. there's no solution for the dp now, luckly the a8v has 2 sata controllers and so i can intall and boot, and after i can use the older driver provided by asus... give a look here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=68346 (and write yours needed feedback )
  3. ty a version for the w2k.. one for the home and one for the prof no prob at all with yours (great old bat's) script, i hate building the iso with the "gui"
  4. hi, after every dp integration i must create a bootable iso img for win+dp with nlite is there a trick to burn only a data cd (without building a bootable iso img) and boot from another cd? another little doubt i have a clean "os directory" and after i apply the dp: with a newer dp release i must use a new clean "os directory" o i can use the older one (with the dp already in it)?
  5. yes, if u give a look to the previous page (2) in this forum
  6. no same prob on a "real pc" too i hope that Bâshrat the Sneaky give a look to this error at the end of his examination period (and hope too ended in the better way)
  7. ty Bâshrat the Sneaky for the attention on the pc installed 2006/02/23, with the controller problem solved with the file reported previously i have: initially a working promise driver unpacked del mass storage 6021 package with 7zip in the system properties forced to use the driver located in D\M\P\2 rebooted: now i found a version but markerd with a yellow exclamation mark, and, obviosuly the hds connected there are lost i forgot to say that during the xp installation, isn't possible to use any hds connected to that controller (isn't showed in the avaible devices list) i hope that this explanation is clear and can help u to solve this issue no prob for any further test regards, and ty Edit: i forgot too to say that this mainboard has two different controllers: one via and one promise the via one (with the system hd) works flawlessy
  8. ty jaclaz and blub i have tryed with the fat32 on a huge 160gb ntfs hd after the fdisk execution.. first scan.. after this.. and the prompt for use or not all the disk (obv i say not) another scan of the whole disk.. after this.. i have turned off the pc: it was a bit slow isn't' there a chance to use.. for example a trick for the recovery console? (it starts but it doesn't execute the winnt.exe file ) i think that the command prompt is better versatile for a multiboot disc , but unhappy there's this issue the method reported in this forum seems to be pretty complicated and less versatile ty again for any further suggestion
  9. tryed just now with sp4 an up2date base and dp: mraid35x.sys error
  10. ty no is a ntfs problem seems to be impossible to install, from a dos shell, win, to a ntfs partition the better way i have founded is create and install win on a fat32 partition smaller than 32 gb any further suggestion?
  11. using a win98 boot file (tryed too another one found on the net, declared able to start an xp install), i receive this error: install internal error cannot create a swap file cannot continue, press return to exit HELP!
  12. u have understand my really bad english .. so can i use the old win98 "rescue" floppy, insert it like a boot file with a burnin program and.. from there launch the win2k/xp setup like like the old 98? thx! ps: the second link doesn't works (avevo il dubbio perche' leggevo in giro di hexeditor e affini per fare un multiboot, sistema un po incasinato a prima vista. ... Grazie! )

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