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  1. 5.0 Teasers!

    Yes, I know, but i ask because i don't have a good hand in graphic design to make my own wpi5.0 image. I think it should be designed like the default theme. it is okay if you only make the image it doesn't have to be integrated in the cdswitch.exe. this could be done through the cdswitch.ini i think. regards and thanx t-o-m-m-y
  2. 5.0 Teasers!

    I think that's a good so, because this tool is very stable and works fine. But is it possible that you will release a new background image for cdswitch with wpi5-style? regards t-o-m-m-y
  3. A New Cd-switching Utility

    Yes, you are right. It's my problem. I have a real drive and 2 virtual drives. The env.-variable 'cddrive' targets a virtual, but i inserted the disk in the real drive. This happens. LOL Thx to you, this is a real smart utility. regards t-o-m-m-y
  4. 6.05 teaser

    it looks awesome. great work congratulations!! can't wait for it keep up your good work regards t-o-m-m-y PS: you will get something by me hope you will keep up the development and updating for a long, long time
  5. A New Cd-switching Utility

    hi nanaki, a really nice tool but i have a problem: some of my disks contain a "&" in their label. now cdswitch does not recognise that the disk is inserted. here is my command: cdswitch.exe "Apps & Tools" "' & $drive & '" /d /l:"Applications" /s:"' & @SystemDir & '\cdswitch.wav" can you help me, please? thx t-o-m-m-y
  6. Manufacturer: AVM Website: http://www.avm.de/en/ Device: FRITZ! WLAN USB Stick Website: http://www.avm.de/de/Service/Service-Porta...hestartenneu=ok new version: 05.04.13 build 2006-04-06 - release date: 2006-04-21 version-Info: ftp://ftp.avm.de/cardware/fritzwlanusb.st...eutsch/info.txt Direct-Download: avm_fritz!wlan_usb_stick_build_060406.exe i am waiting for autoit version of driver packs you're rockin' t-o-m-m-y
  7. !!! Warning !!! This is an old version. Look here for a newer One. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=73571 Manufacturer: AVM Website: http://www.avm.de/en/ Device: FRITZ! WLAN USB Stick Website: http://www.avm.de/de/Service/Service-Porta...hestartenneu=ok old version: 05.04.11 build 2005-10-18 new version: 05.04.12 build 2006-02-23 - release date: 2006-03-27 version-Info: ftp://ftp.avm.de/cardware/fritzwlanusb.st...eutsch/info.txt Direct-Download: avm_fritz!wlan_usb_stick_build_060223.exe greez and keep up your good work t-o-m-m-y
  8. [Release] XPize MCE 4.3

    ohhhh yeahh, that's right hi XPero very good release "i'm loving it .... badabdabdaaa daaa" but i have a suggestion (very small error) in XPize Settings. i think XPize should check if in TaskSwitchXP is the option "Use seperate Settings for each User in the System" checked or not. if it is not checked taskswitch is in HKLM\...\run if each user has its own option then taskswitch is in HKCU\...\run could it be possible to select if the settings are for all users or for the current, so that the reloader runs for allusers at startup keep up the good work greetings t-o-m-m-y
  9. hi bashrat there are 2 small errors FILES/DriverPack_Chipset.htm -->History - the latest entries are date in 2005 FILES/Installation_Instructions.htm -->the link is wrong wrong url: http://www.uawiki.org/doku.php?id=wxp:ua:driversdriverpacks:tutorial corrected url: http://www.uawiki.org/doku.php?id=wxp:ua:drivers:driverpacks:tutorial regards t-o-m-m-y
  10. Manufacturer: AVM Homepage: http://www.avm.de/en/ Direct-Download: avm_fritz!wlan_usb_stick_build_051018.exe regards t-o-m-m-y
  11. Manufacturer: X-Micro Homepage: http://www.x-micro.com/ Homepage (Driver): http://www.x-micro.com/drv-wlan.htm Product Name: WLAN 11g Combo Finder Model Name: XWL-11GFZX Date: DIC/16/2005 Direct-Download: DRV-XWL-11gFZX-v4.7.zip Product Name: WLAN 11g PCMCIA Card (54Mbps) Model Name: XWL-11GPIG Date: JAN/11/2005 Direct-Download: DRV - XWL-11GPIG - 2.13.zip Product Name: WLAN 11g USB Adapter (54Mbps) Model Name: XWL-11GUZX Date: ABR/25/2005 Direct-Download: DRV - XWL-11GUZX - 2.11.0929.zip Product Name: WLAN 11g Turbo Mode PCI Card (108Mbps) Model Name: XWL-11GCAG Date: MAR/20/2003 Direct-Download: DRV - XWL-11GCAG - 1.0.rar Product Name: WLAN 11g PCMCIA Card Turbo Mode (108Mbps) Model Name: XWL-11GPAG Date: MAR/20/2003 Direct-Download: DRV - XWL-11GPAG - 1.28.82.zip Product Name: WLAN 11b Mini USB Adapter (11 Mbps) Model Name: XWL-11BUSX Date: NOV/13/2004 Direct-Download: XWL-11bUSX_Ver-104.zip Product Name: WLAN 11b PCMCIA Card Model Name: XWL-11BPRG Date: APR/25/2004 Direct-Download: DRV-XWL-11bPRG-1.63.zip Product Name: WLAN 11b USB Adapter Model Name: XWL-11BUZX Date: MAR/03/2006 Direct-Download: XWL11BUZX-408.RAR I hope it is okay that i wrote all in one topic. you did a great job regards t-o-m-m-y
  12. Bit defender 7.02

    if i execute the setup.exe it is german, but if i execute the msi or try to install silent it is english
  13. Bit defender 7.02

    hi do you know a switch for the german installation of bitdefender professional 7.20? thx t-o-m-m-y
  14. if command.0=* then discription is bold

    sorry i think i am too supid the problem isn't solved [Hardware] selected=1 hidden=0 collapsed=1 description.0=Grafikkarte selected.0=1 description.0.1=Catalyst ControlPanel [v4.8] command.0.1.0=cmd.exe /c copy "%WIHU%\hardware\ATI Control Panel\setup.iss" %systemdrive%\setup.iss command.0.1.1=inimod %systemdrive%\setup.iss {0BEDBD4E-2D34-47B5-9973-57E62B29307C}-SdAskDestPath-0 szDir "%programfiles%\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel" command.0.1.2=hardware\ATI Control Panel\Setup.exe -s -f1"%systemdrive%\setup.iss" selected.0.1=1 selected.0.1.0=1 selected.0.1.1=1 selected.0.1.2=1 hidden.0.1.0=1 hidden.0.1.1=1 hidden.0.1.2=1 description.1=Mainboard selected.1=1 description.1.0=nVidia NVMixer [v1.0 build444] description.1.1=nVidia System Utility [v1.08.5] command.1.0=hardware\nVidia NVMixer\setup.exe -s command.1.1.0=cmd.exe /c copy "%WIHU%\hardware\nVidia SystemUtility\setup.iss" %systemdrive%\setup.iss command.1.1.1=inimod %systemdrive%\setup.iss {15460260-0A67-4670-A155-08BEFFA70BFC}-SdAskDestPath-0 szDir "%programfiles%\NVIDIA Corporation\System Utility" command.1.1.2=hardware\nVidia SystemUtility\Setup.exe -s -f1"%systemdrive%\setup.iss" selected.1.0=1 selected.1.1=1 selected.1.1.0=1 selected.1.1.1=1 selected.1.1.2=1 hidden.1.1.0=1 hidden.1.1.1=1 hidden.1.1.2=1 description.2=sonstiges selected.2=1 description.2.0=AVM Fritz!DSL [v3.51] description.2.1=TerraTec CinergyTV [v3.51] selected.2.1=1 command.2.1.0=cmd.exe /c copy "%WIHU%\hardware\Cinergy600TV\setup.iss" %systemdrive%\setup.iss command.2.1.1=inimod %systemdrive%\setup.iss {91B79CFA-5662-11D4-8398-0800096F616B}-SdAskDestPath-0 szDir "%programfiles%\TerraTec\CinergyTV" command.2.1.2=hardware\Cinergy600TV\Setup.exe -s -f1"%systemdrive%\setup.iss" command.2.1.3=cmd.exe /c copy "%WIHU%\hardware\Cinergy600TV\TerraTV App.exe" "%programfiles%\TerraTec\CinergyTV\TerraTV App.exe" selected.2.1.0=1 selected.2.1.1=1 selected.2.1.2=1 selected.2.1.3=1 hidden.2.1.0=1 hidden.2.1.1=1 hidden.2.1.2=1 hidden.2.1.3=1 how can i enable Catalyst ControlPanel [v4.8], nVidia NVMixer [v1.0 build444], nVidia System Utility [v1.08.5], TerraTec CinergyTV [v3.51] i hope you know what i mean t-o-m-m-y
  15. if command.0=* then discription is bold

    yes i know, it's okay that it's always bold i want to make this btw, with this method the installshield setups are always installed to Programfiles, this is the ini instruction i was searching for. description.1=Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 command.1=* selected.1=1 command.1.0=cmd.exe /c copy "%WIHU%\software\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\setup.iss" %systemdrive%\setup.iss [COLOR=blue]command.1.1=inimod %systemdrive%\setup.iss SdAskDestPath-0 szDir "%programfiles%\Adobe\Photoshop Elements"[/COLOR] command.1.2=software\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\setup.exe -s -f1"%systemdrive%\setup.iss" selected.1.0=1 selected.1.1=1 selected.1.2=1 hidden.1.0=1 hidden.1.1=1 hidden.1.2=1 .: EDIT :. I have the answer of my question, LOL I only have to delete command.0, but in an older version this doesn't work. But now everythings seems to be perfect and works fine. thx for your help t-o-m-m-y