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  1. Hi, I've been trying out WUD and WinToolkit to build new a Windows 7 install disk, and after a few hiccups, I can get Windows7+SP1+Updates+Add-Ons+Silent Installers to install in a VM successfully. Thank you very much to everyone who works on these tools and lists. I'm also about to do full installation of WS2012e on my ex-WHS box after my Essentials evaluation version expired, and would be interested to know if anyone has an update list for Windows Server 2012 Essentials, or where I might be able to find or make one? Most of the integration guides I can find seem to be for Client versio
  2. I've installed the new Beta 2 of Windows Vista x64 to a spare partition on my Samsung Spinpoint 250Gb drive on a Nvidia SATA2 connection, and it seemed to go quite well. It took about an hour overall before I got into the desktop, but i was away for dinner for part of that time, so it may have been waiting for me at the user name section, and it gave my system a 3 rating at the end. Anyway, in poking around, I've found that there are a couple of unknown devices appearing in the Device Manager, and also that Vista tries to install drivers for at each reboot. But it doesn't seem to be able to lo
  3. Couldn't find how to do an attatchment at Bashrat's new forum, so I've borrowed some space on an old post of mine, relating to a different problem. Driver_Viewer_Reports.rar
  4. Thanks, I have on DVD+RW so I'll blank that and try to rebuild it. Avon
  5. Hi, I put together my second sliptreamed DVD, to bring the driverpacks and RVM fixes up to date, but although my first disk managed the installation without problems, if I remember correctly, this disc crashes during text mode setup with a stop error. Stop: 0x0000008e (0x0000005, 0xf97e2554, 0xf8b7c6a8, 0x00000000) setupdd.sys - Address f97e2554 base at f97c8000, Datestamp41107c8f. The last message I remember seeing at the bottom of the screen was Copying DriverPack_So, and then it changed to show another couple of things before this crash happened. Does anyone know what caused it?
  6. Thanks Bâshrat for letting me know that this is still on your radar.
  7. I had hoped that someone might have responded to my request for help in understanding why the Driverpacks don't seem to install the drivers that I expected on my laptop, and indeed regards the drivers from the laptop manufacturer as incompatible in a couple of cases, especially now that I've posted some HWID files. If there is any information on this that you need, which isn't at this thread http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=67661 please let me know.
  8. As a means of bumping this post, and apologies if I have twittered on for too long in the past, here are some HWID files from my laptop. Each one was run on a different installation, and FC says that there are differences between them, only one of which is obvious to me, where the same modem seems to be identified differently in file 3. Does this help determine why the driverpacks want to install different drivers for 3 of my devices, and why it considers the drivers from Samsung as incompatible? Laptop_HWID_files.rar
  9. OKay, I've now created another WinXP Pro Boot Disk, with SP2, RVM hotfixes up until January, along with all the Driverpacks, both officially supported by Bâshrat, plus all the other unofficial ones supported by third parties. Sorry that this has ended up going on for so long, but to summarise, I'm still having problems with 3 drivers (that I can find so far) that are not being detected correctly. As expected, the correctly downloaded Graphics Pack B solved the detection problem with my Video controller , and even gave me a version of the software that I'd not seen before, because I'd been re
  10. Actually, I've had a look back at the script in the RunMe.bat file, and it looks like the "Cannot file the file specified" message is from the RD command to remove the DPFiles folder, and presumably the error is caused by the previous RoboCopy command having successfully moved DPfiles to $OEM$\$1. Is that right?
  11. Hello Bâshrat, Further attempts at getting a new integrated and slipstreamed disk, this time using method 3 and incorporating the UnOfficial Driverpacks that you referred me to earlier. (Actually I've put all of them in there for the moment, and tested to make sure that each of the Driverpack files will decompress without error before starting). I've noticed the following output on the Slipstreamer output window, and wondered what the file was that the program reports as being missing? If it isn't obvous from the position of the error message alone, can you guide me towards what I should be
  12. Thanks Bâshrat for confirming that I'm heading in the right direction. All the drivers for this laptop are linked from this page, http://www.samsungpc.com/products/x05/x05_...rteddrivers.htm, and the audio Driver is at http://www.samsungpc.com/gb/support/x05/dr...nitialaudio.zip. What I don't know is whether or not there are more up to date drivers than these that will work with my laptop (and these are just the last ones that Samsung have tested and confirmed to work), or if I am going to be stuck with no driver updates from now on. I know it seems like a lot of work, but from what I can t
  13. Hello, I was going to post this under the chipset sub forum, but realised in working through it that it might not actually relate to the chipset after all, so I'm posting it here instead. It covers a few things that I've noticed on my experiments so far. I've just completed my first two attempts at slipstreaming an install disc, the first build just by integrating RVM's hotfix bundles, and now the second one by integrating the Driver Packs, and am really pleased with how easy it been, thanks to the instructions provided at various sources. However, although the installation seems to have gone
  14. Hi, I see from the supported devices list that the driverpacks work with the A8N-SLi Premium Motherboard, but there is no mention of the A8N-SLi Deluxe that I have. Furthermore, although the page says that the driver packs work with that board, they don't specify which version of the chipset drivers are included. I'm currently running my Mobo on the first BIOS version to support my CPU (1007), and want my integrated installation disk to include the latest v6.65 Chipset driver that is apparently required to run this motherboard with any BIOS from 1013. The idea is that I'll be able to update
  15. I have another question about slipstreaming an installation CD. As a home user, I don't have the situation of having to run installs to a large number of PCs, or even of having to run the installs very often. However, the idea of not having to go though all the driver updating and hotfix patching whenever I do an installation appeals to me. So instead of having to burn a new CD every time I want to do a new installation, to get all the latest drivers and patches, would it be possible to burn the CD in such a way that it pointed to a drive that is already on the system as its source for most o
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