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  1. *me going to bed* but first Jazz, exlude files from processing box is ment for you to put which files NOT to remove...that would be helpful when i didn't have the time to correct font issue so you could write the missing font names in the box and repeat the process. log is moved to nLite dir in the next version. Thanx
  2. edmoncu, i know you're half joking but i'm having much fun with this app so i will make profiles support as kalavera suggested and yes you will be able to save custom but it's not that important, that's more for fun. Good night
  3. iwod, some bad news, but thank you for the info...it's too expensive
  4. @gandalfgrey, ok adding files section will be added but only because some people don't know how to use $OEM$ and stuff, i will make it so you just drag and drop files in certain sections like System32, Windows root and so on. Log taken care of. Thanks for ideas. @ZuluDC, great, you know why, because i know where the problem is, now only thing i need to do is to correct encoding of hives @Alanoll, i'll do it only because of neat $OEM$ rutine Did some serious face lifting on next version, you are going to like it
  5. evilvoice, new hotfixes integration, another great idea today. That won't be a problem, going to implement it when pre-sp3 hotfixes starts to come out. For older hotfixes you have XPCreate and i wouldn't take it's functionality because it works just fine. About spaces within files...ok, no problem, i was just waiting to see if somebody will mind. KBD files, it will be all removable when i make Language support more configurable, for now leave it, it's not big at all edit:Famer, when i don't get any bug reports for a week or two
  6. @ZuluDC, don't worry, i'm always opened for good ideas, as you can see past few days i wasn't working on nLite anything seriusly because i didn't have the time but this sunday i had too much time I think that german problem is solved, but i can't guarantee it, i just corrected what you stated because it was different that the others in the code, my bad @Outer, yes, that's my wish too, maybe only progress bar @evilvoice, sorry evilvoice , i forgot to mention that beta 4 is out
  7. @kalavera, -thanx for the advice, i'll upcase them -sfc_os.dll, trust me, this one works, ask anyone. Point is to disable sfc, this version has the necessary file start and that's all we need for windows to figure out it's disabled. -uxtheme.dll, thought about it but it's too big and changes all the time, it's not universal like sfc and generic like oobe. Maybe one day ill make it generic but i doubt i could -winnt.sif is only copied if there is none, it will not overwrite yours It's needed because you can get some unsigned drivers questions if there is no line to ignore driver signature, and
  8. jondercik, redownload sp or at least recopy your windows installation on hdd without any tampering then try to slipstream it with nLite (this is a comercial ) If that doesn't work then your windows installation on the cd is not legitimate.
  9. You can view HIVESFT.INF file in i386 folder. Look for this line, it's on the top DriverVer=07/01/2001,5.1.2600.2126 last 4 numbers are sp version, if your's looks like this DriverVer=07/01/2001,5.1.2600.0 then sp is not installed. edit: yours may differ, 2126 is the latest sp2 beta, your may be 1106 (sp1)
  10. @CuBie, no it's not, it may be when i get bored with it in couple of years @evilvoice, why don't you try it on some kind of virtual pc and let us know, or if you can wait i'll test it in a few days @venim, wasn't ment to work on anything else than Xp, but 2k3 adaptation will be 1 days work so expect it soon. I may need to bend few laws to test all those Windows version
  11. edmoncu, that's only a patch, not a full version od MDAC. I thought about removing MDAC option, but if someone wan't to play how small it can get and still operational then it's ok to put something in Experimental. Making directx option too, but I won't use it, like I always skip Management Instrumentation and MDAC.
  12. Thanks guys, i'm glad it's working. @iwod, yes, i think i saw it too, going to check it later @edmoncu, Out of Box Experience under Experimental and maybe Tours and Help New version uploaded, beta 3, changelog: - fixed missing fonts - added exclude file list box, now you can add files which to keep - removed Force Driver Recompression, automated, thanks to RyanVM - added basic tooltips - adapted to sp2 2126, they changed something about ie requiring au.inf if autoupdate is removed - removed BITS service from Network Optional Components because new Windows Update site requires it - some cosmeti
  13. Here is a simple example of yes/no batch, if this is what you asked for @echo off :PLOOP SET Choice= SET /P Choice="Apply private settings? (Y/N)" IF NOT '%Choice%'=='' SET Choice=%Choice:~0,1% IF /I '%Choice%'=='Y' GOTO PRIVATE IF /I '%Choice%'=='N' GOTO SKIPP ECHO Yes or No! GOTO PLOOP :PRIVATE rem Here goes code if you choose YES echo YES pause exit :SKIPP rem Here goes code if you choose NO echo NO pause exit Of course you can change names like PRIVATE, SKIPP, PLOOP etc...
  14. @CuBie, grrr, ok but you could at least read through header thread, at the bottom under the bugs section. I'm currently working on a new version, this tips writing is time consuming so in couple of hours this font bug will be history
  15. @ZuluDC, don't worry, but i see that different Windows languages causes problems, that's because I never had a chance of testing those, I'll see what I can do @shadowfla, o that, well thank you for pointing it, give me few days Btw thank you all for compliments, I just see bugs listing and it carries me away from those nice words
  16. RyanVM is right, just delete it and install windows on Unpartitioned space, it will ask you for desired file system. Don't worry about corrupting other partitions, that won't happen.
  17. @FAKE_URL, ok, so that's an obvious bug, that shouldn't be hard to fix @RyanVM, yes, silly me, no problem. But this "I can always just use jdeboeck's batch files" is a blackmail He will release his sp2 version when final comes out, that will be something, competition is good. @Alanoll, thats great...ok, now I'm getting nervous About resolution, I'll see now what comes up, for now i'll try to stay on present hight. @shadowfla, I will, i see some of you want it, now don't expect it so soon, priority is that it works on xp for everyone @bonedaddy, it's no problem, i only thought that nobody uses
  18. nuhi

    XPdeploy 0.1b

    Excellent, I put all my fav apps in selfextracting rars, but i guess now i can replace rar execution completely with you X-suite + normal rar (easier to maintain/update) good work
  19. It's on my todo list for nLite, if you can find some more people who will be interested i would integrate it.
  20. @edmoncu. it should work, only try not to select same option again, to be safe @Bilou_Gateux, yep, that will be a priority after we solve some more bugs and requests @FAKE_URL, i'm going to make more detailed logging so i could see what went wront, come tomorrow and download new version @evilvoice, noted...i was wondering was it wise to delete it, now you answered it so the idea will be to put some sort of scanning directories and making new tree options of that dirs so you can delete and leave whatever you want About the tips, my idea also, but it seems that i'm running out of space, going to
  21. @RyanVM, that's all good, i'll think about it, because it's really frustrating to wait all that recompression if i didn't select any driver. About sfc, so far so good, nobody has any problems with it, the only problem is that it's disabled Tried on sp0,sp1,sp2 @GrimSage, tooltips are on todo list, thanx @shadowfla, can you send me your log file
  22. @edmoncu, you edited your post so here is the answer on second part. Service Pack Messages are safe to delete. MDAC i wouldn't recommend removing it until new full version is released to replace present one. @RyanVM, i think of it as an advantage because you can run nLite multiple times without needlesly recompressing drivers, but the idea stands...there is a new option, "Force Drivers Recompression". @R600, don't select any of the Language Support options and try again with new version. @Jedi82, same as for R600...next time look into nlite.log file, search for missing file and see for yoursel
  23. @RyanVM, I was wrong, it was long directory name issue. I fixed it, will be uploading after test installation. Try to put files in c:\xpcd for example, should work then. Thanks for compression tips, integration under way. @Test Zero, I hope we will eliminate every bug until then (Don't forget to download new version) edit: @edmoncu, well yes, i should make more extensive help, but you know how those things works, help last In essence component is a component, you can relate to jdeboeck's web page, it's excellent edit2: @RyanVM, and make sure to select at least one driver option, or else it wi
  24. @Jedi82, as edmoncu allready explained, just select what you want to remove and click Start. Slipstream is only if you downloaded service pack and want to integrate it into your installation before reduction. @RyanVM, it is merging those cabs allready because it was easier and more economic, why recompress 2 files when you can put all in one. About slipstream, you're right, i was changing atributes to suite both sp1 and sp2 but forgot to include sp2..thanx, will fix it together with multilanguage support. @dtmunir, thanx
  25. @hinet, I looked into your problem, and it's not in deleted file, it's in a way of reading files, it corrupts some Asian characters. I'm solving it right now, found myself a Chinese text and replicated problem. So, for the time being, nLite is not working with Asian languages, test only on English copies. Going to solve this one, don't worry.
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