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  1. @Milgathia, will do, both of them...i'm waiting sp1...i only got sp1a @AztecMystic, first i'm glad it was a false alarm (T-9 > T-1), never heard of it, probably something you added for unattended install...it's definatelly not nlite soo... About COM...have you removed Distributed Transaction Coordinator ?? I'm glad it's almost working flawless ... enjoy in tha' speed
  2. @bucketbuster, scrnsave.scr is just an example how can you save single file from component removal (and i like that "blank screen saver" ) About printers...it's hard to tell because they are all in one file, listen what you can try...edit ntprint.inf in your i386 folder and find section with your printer, copy file names used in that particular printer and put it to "File keep box", it may work. @AztecMystic, that's a serious problem, tell me, you experienced that only on virtual machines or in the real pc too ? Normaly virtual machines have their own emulated hardware, windows will not see i
  3. @Hamner...ok, i have made some kind of tooltip when you cross over Make ISO button, will be in next release...i still don't want all page for making iso, maybe later. Winnt.sif...well, as Milgathia stated you can put your own in data or overwrite before making iso...it's not crucial, you can put any winnt.sif, just it's good to have those sfc and driver signature entries. Winnt.sif maker tool exists, made by bored i think. Search for it. @Rudi1...yey...about empty folders, i'm still searching from where they get made, i'm affraid if it's syssetup or layout then there is no cure, they have sign
  4. @bonedaddy, what large spaces...you mean default txtsetup or nlited ? Nlite trims many unneded ones.See default and you'll notice a difference. Either way it doesn't affect speed. @Jazz, yes, there is an option, just for you I kept scsi disc support and scsi class...so there shouldn't be a problem installing your own drivers...if there is let me know and it will be fixed. I haven't experienced lesser reduction but it happened in the past, maybe i missed something again....will check it edit: try and see is your driver.cab bigger because of new compression routine @AztecMystic, you can spread t
  5. @evilvoice, you are probably right but i'll wait, i made my share of bugs Yes, descriptions are kinda shifted...thanx for the tip and you pointed one more bug...i forgot to put $oem$ to hidden directory list...will fix it later We don't want people to delete that edit: there, fixed i need to remake descriptions these days as for the post below
  6. @evilvoice, great link It's just i want to be sure it will work for default sp1, slipstreamed. I'm using ms java vm on sp2, made one click install folowing similiar instructions. Problem is i need infs to clean.
  7. @stinkywea, try beta9, i added some kind of fix, even it's not my problem @AztecMystic, it's driver.cab recompression issue, not iso. beta9 uploaded - updated inf parser, some extra driver files found - added component: Music Sample - added component: Drivers - SCSI (thanx to jdeboeck for tips) - separated component from IIS: Experimental - Message Queuing - separated mouse cursors from images - cleaned some removed services reg leftovers - changed driver recompression routine little bit (thanx GreenMachine for the tip) - fix for missing indeo files even this was not my fault (iac25_32.ax,ir41
  8. ...try that winnt.sif entries, it may be enough, it will leave better part of wmp but that's better, so that you don't need to install codecs
  9. @BeenThereB4, yes, he just sent me a message with that solution, it's just i didn't connect those two...can you beleive it @kalavera & Jazz...my apologies, apparently you have found a bug
  10. dcromwell, i don't get it, what do you mean by "there has to be a way"...have you even tried nLite
  11. It's good...relaxing just the stars are weird...maybe little brighter would be better, i don't know, try to make it just spots, not distorted somewhere, if you know what i mean.
  12. @Jazz, why don't you just remove modem drivers, i never experienced such a problem and to be honest i don't see how is that possible...but it's ok, keep me updated @bonedaddy, ooo yeah, great...i just hope that guys at litepc won't hate me @Milgathia, hehe, actually there will be some new stuff in beta9 later tonight. edit: it seems that sp2 rc1 build 2135 beta is leaked
  13. @kalavera, weeeird, mine installation is way faster...try it on real pc, i don't know I'm using vmware and it's faster there too. Both sorted out...see the changelog on the first page.
  14. @Markymoo, hehe, good one...have you seen one with a vacuum cleaner or what Just to let you know i sorted half of the bug...whell the more important half. There is no need of copying smss.exe anymore...it was usetup.exe error...it gets renamed to smss.exe during setup...grrr i missed that now only thing you need to do is to change msdosinitiated="1" to msdosinitiated="0" if needed. beta 8.5 uploaded, nothing new except that big issue I think now the bugs are reduced to good number...maybe it's time to continue REDUCING
  15. @Markymoo, thanks to your help it's little simpler. You are right, only copy smss.exe to BOOT\SYSTEM32\SMSS.EXE (or PRO1) but....that winnt sif you mentioned, it's not nlite generated, it's windows.. only error is msdosinitiated="1" needs to be changed to msdosinitiated="0" and it works...no temporary files error Test it and if i'm mistaken correct me, i'm going now to find a source of the problem.
  16. @Markymoo, thank you, thank you I just tried your fix and it works, but i needed to copy smss.exe from original i386\System32\smss.exe to BOOT\system32\smss.exe and i386\system32\smss.exe Winnt.sif i used from nlite... edit: @AztecMystic, @Markymoo, yes, you are right, only in BOOT\SYSTEM32\smss.exe
  17. @bonedaddy, i still haven't got time to look into 16-bit problem, i will put it in changelog if it becomes fixed
  18. beta 8.4 is out. - fixed manual installation (temporary fix by Markymoo) - fixed missing txtsetup entry for help and tour (home edition bug and maybe some others) - moved Distributed Transaction Coordinator to Experimental edit: o yes, and big thanx to Markymoo for his manual install help If you are building AIO cd then after gosh slim you got session_3 error see below.
  19. @Milgathia, gladdyxxx just sent me instructions so that i can integrate it faster, thanx goes to him and you know that will be effective only on windows xp and windows xp with sp1. Sp1a and sp2 don't have jvm in them. @ZuluDC, OO YEAH...finally good news, now just to fix home edition problem and i'm on the road again.
  20. Just received Rudi1's email, he has Home Edition, so maybe that was a problem. Now i got his infs and will check that later. If you have some other language then english on a Pro version please try 8.3 from my previous post and let me know is it working...on email will be better.
  21. I think these are [Components] mplay = Off wmaccess = Off wmpocm = Off but it won't remove it completely, if you want that and you are using english windows, try this
  22. @Milgathia, nice...so even if mplayer is removed i may keep drm component, i'll see if it can be clensed from others @ZuluDC, yahoo!...but that's weird, hoTy3k had error with beta8 and he has german windows too @rudi1, i still haven't got your original, pre-nlite infs, so you could experience same problem. @evilvoice, i don't know if you are aware of it but now it's all selectable, docs, valueadd, they will apear if detected @hoTy3k please test this version and let me know. If it hangs there again, try without selecting any driver. Do you have the same problem with beta7 ? I just reinstalled t
  23. @ZuluDC, What, i always keep ie and it never failed...hmm, it's beta8 bug, ignore beta8, i hope you'll forgive me What, coding issue for you is gone ? That's because i used your infs in testing, now when i test those two and make modifications it should work. @Milgathia, thanx, as soon as language bug is solved there will be multiple components added (ok, in the future i'll try to see why ie can't be reinstalled, maybe because of registry leftovers, i haven't delete them yet) @hoTy3k, appreciated
  24. @hoTy3k and rudi1, thank you, that was fast, but both of you sent me post-nLite version, and both have different errors...weird Now i'll need original versions of those files after the slipstream...please so that i can fix this annoying problem. @ZuluDC, **** you, **** you to hell For now on, everybody, don't report any errors until multilanguage bug is fixed, thank you.
  25. @Jazz , ok, i'll see (you can extract from you full version of windows *.cu_ files in windows\cursors folder) @hoTy3k, o no, can you please send me compressed your original hivecls.inf hivesft.inf hivesys.inf hivedef.inf intl.inf txtsetup.sif dosnet.infAnd you too rudi1.
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