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  1. @SolidasRock, don't click on Make ISO in Options, just Next until Next turns to Start.
  2. @MCT, well...open the nLite @Jazz...0.94 is still under development, fixing system restore bug, it is there and kicking my patience. Presets...well...open component tree and it's in the upper right corner. @BeenThereB4, ok, thanx that's useful if someone don't choose to disable sfc. Main problem is where to and what instructions to put in infs to delete folders on first boot or maybe even sooner.
  3. @Datalore, 130MB...it seems that Com+ component which is added to 0.94 if removed around 50mb is less installed...going to see can all that be removed from the cd also or it was just good compressed. @CBC, super @MCT, me too...it's just weird, with Opus OS 1.5 i don't get such anomalies, but many other themes does. I'll see when it seems fixed i'll send it to you. Add/Remove...oh, you mean you removed Desktop Wallpers but i forgot to remove them from there...noted, thanx About Online Services...ok, i'll put it to the list, no problem, it's just i still haven't worked on the way of deleting emp
  4. @Alanoll, right, right...going to see it these days even though i'll have to downgrade my install. @LeoKesler, going to check it out, someone else reported bugs with system restore. Fix will be available tomorrow. @Nemesis300, ok great, and let us know the outcome of the recommended test. @Markymoo, you removed all...cool...try without msagent and services if you are willing, it's not easy for me to reinstall windows, then i need to pause nlite upgrades but these days i'll too join you on the hotfixes adventure. edit: I just tested the new version with all the options selected just to see will
  5. @ZuluDC, i think it could even provide last moment changes @Milgathia, i'll see about ie, maybe leaving few reg entries. Dx, it's half done, wasn't a priority because it's needed in most pcs but one day it will be gone too. @Alanoll, well, yes...GreenMachine warned me that i need to be careful with some txtsetup entries xpcreate generates...if removed there could be a problem.
  6. @Nemesis300, yes...i mean if you have problems try without xpcreate and tell me did that fixed it...if it did i need to fix that, nlite must be compatible with xpcreate because many of you are using it. @CBC, where is your "win51ip.sp1" file ? And try not to run nLite from cd root...install it somewhere else...program files\nlite for example.
  7. @Milgathia, yes...i just fixed that...few more mbs removed but now you won't be able to run mmc snapins, they report that at least ie 5.5 is needed...but that's what you want....remove ie completely Just one problem, debugging it now, i lost |file|edit|.. toolbar in normal explorer if ie is removed edit: @Nemesis300, be shure to test it on clean installation, then if everything is ok test away.
  8. @bOrg, as MCT asked you did you removed Terminal services...and Distributed Transaction Coordinator too ?
  9. @MCT, if you remove all drivers (like i do always) then for every component which you remove windows drivers you need to have your own, no matter what pc. Meaning if you remove display driver then it won't recognize your video card until you install your drivers. But crucial elements like motherboard drivers and stuff needed to run windows are never removed. And what about that theme...i get things like that with some themes...not only in nlite, everywhere...am i doing something wrong...maybe bigger button will help ? @MORGiON, welcome to the forum and thanx @LeoKesler, setuperr.log has those
  10. @Hanschke, boot works on standard xp installations, who knows what happened to yours About winnf.sif problem...it's kinda tricky when you use manual install...if you get some blue screen saying something about temporary files. Start install with "winnt32 /noreboot" from i386 command line. When it's done, before you restart go and find winnt.sif in one of those two new "weird" directories and overwrite it with the one from nLite\data\ directory. Then reboot and temp problem is gone.
  11. @Hanschke...that's not booting, that's manual install. Don't select manual install support and be shure to check winnt.sif for msdosinitiated=0 entry before testing (after reduction) @Twilight, i'll be cruel and clear Browse Next (Select what to remove) Next (Setup your options) Next (Setup custom files (if any)) Next (Read instruction...says Click on Start to begin reduction) Start Wait... (Start becomes Make ISO) Make ISO
  12. @Hanschke, even if you select everything it will work (well i don't know for german, be carefull with language support option) but when you say that it won't boot, it's obvious that it's something trivial. You are the first one claiming it won't boot, maybe you don't know that in VMWare you need to press F2 and setup "bios" to boot from cd. Or you tampered with CDImage attributes and removed bootsector.
  13. @Unaimed, yes...and the most annoying one is that i haven't made grey checkbox...half selected..priority boost @Jazz, if you are using english windows there shoulnd't be any problem and i asure you that 9.2 and 9.3 are the same in the core...but i had similiar reports before...that next version is working and stuff. I'm glad you are not angry anymore. @Alanoll....oooh...so you all are testing it only on XPCreate...do you believe me that i haven't, yet (because of sp2 beta). Going to do it later...maybe there is a problem, who knows.
  14. Ok, i will revise gui once more, it will be simpler. @gareththegod, it's the same attributes...what version of nLite have you tested and encounter unoptimized iso ? See changelog when new attributes were implemented. @Rudi1, will do, the thing is i always keep ie so i didn't noticed those files before. People...i'm now writing this post from nLited Windows Pro English (with sp2 2126) on the REAL pc. There was no problem during installation or otherwise. Installed all my usual programs, all drivers installed unattendently, no problem. I have chosen nLite preset + language support (except centra
  15. @sandman_qc, try first using nLite then tamper with installation...it may help @MCT, almost nothing, it will only prevent it from installation and maybe deletes 2mb, fixing it today @cb3dsl i don't get it, do you put your installation to 'c:\' or 'c:\somedir' If it's in at least one dir you shouldn't have any problems. You can send me a list of missing files, i only found 2 help files from speech component. @Nemesis300, IE and OE problem...select Recommended and no Experimental stuff, it must work About missing updates, search few previous pages. @Jazz -ie stuff...that's how ms sees not instal
  16. @CBC, you could tried it few seconds and see for yourself...it's leaving that file, don't worry. edit: actually it leaves too much ie files because they are in corelist.inf...going to see about that, hmm further reduction
  17. @Jazz, I tested it too, and Defragmenter is ok, my cd is 143mb, so you get the picture I'm going to add more stuff to reduce, i don't care about those puny icon bugs. @ZuluDC, it's ok, you've done a great job, rest now About those weird bugs, they'll probably go away in a version or two, it's something trivial and i'm changing methods all the time. @Milgathia, yey @ZuluDC, as Milgathia allready warned me i should separate DRM component from media player (but they are related). Fixed few help files entries, new version probably tomorrow if i add something with weight more than few mb.
  18. @jmbattle & Imperial, thanx It is possible to put instructions in infs to delete folders later...will do some day @gmx...it shouldn't miss them...i'll try later selecting only those options and see which infs are pulling those requests @Jazz, excellente @MCT, eventually, will do @CuBie, going to check your bug, it's very interesting but haven't experienced it yet (going to reinstall windows now, i'm selecting nLite profile). Windows built in Defragmenter was your trigger...you surprise me. (and i bet you selected some experimental stuff) @ZuluDC, "long" time no see Well...please send me
  19. @evilvoice, those 1394 must be there...they are empty, edit and see for yourself Codepage files are needed or you won't be able to browse sites on that language...tried before to remove...catastrophic results @CuBie, i'll see about defragmenter...sndvol icon is in old multimedia apps (cdplayer and mplayer), who needs icon when it's in the taskbar for starters but good noticing Hidden folder, don't know...probably some experimental option you chosen. Keep box...images...ok...going to check that, that option hasn't been fully tested. Shortcuts not working...first time i hear that...did you remov
  20. @sen, i wish i could help you but once i had similiar problem when i deleted few directories in windows and ran my regtweaks...weird @bucketbuster, probably, because i hate those too. (tried webfolders before but it's integrated in ie so it will take some ie tweaking, it may be doable without removing ie...i hope) @Jazz, i was busy with studing and win2k reduction (stupid me, want too much in short time) soo i'll look into it these days I tested compression (i think i did) and there was no difference...but to be sure i'll put option to copress more...on expence on some extraction speed (but do
  21. Well if someone converts those regtweaks in inf format i can add them without problem. But don't expect me to convert it until winxp can fit on a floppy p.s. lets get back on the topic
  22. @MCT, about components...every single one will be removed eventually. uxtheme nope...going to put that note on the first page...it was brought up 3 times, find the explanation. edit: @bonedaddy, yes, send me sleep.exe...but i'm affraid that your 16bit problem is due to registry tweaks, not nlite...if you are willing and did not tried it already, you can test nlited version but don't apply your tweaks.
  23. @punk, it should support every language...don't select ANY language support or experimental option and try it then. Make sure you are using latest version (9.1) and WindowsXP Proffesional...if it's a home version nlite may fail.
  24. Ok, then i'll make proper installer for next issue...until then try installing winrar and extract it...if that doesn't work, then try fixing your file system... start run cmd chkdsk /f yes restart
  25. @mrmx, next time first take a look at known bugs, you can save yourself trouble @bob_russia!, home edition is not fully tested...i need to get a copy (or at least infs) @RyanVM, omg, who did that, it wasn't ready, now i had to release with half additions paused just to fix cursors...and change link to stop leaching Hmm...ok, there is not much people complaining...yet @GreenMachine, hehe, you are right, but i won't crack under presure, let them complain, only known bugs section will grow, i'll keep my usual pace @MuD, when i get home edition, it's only problem now @Alanoll, There is beta 9.1
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