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  1. beta8 uploaded, multilanguage problem fixed ? @ZuluDC, i'm all positive just can't wait to solve multilanguage bug so that i can continue shrinking, it's what i like the most. I tested beta8 and to me "1" seems solved if the '3' is the weird 'n'. About "2", have you unselected Distributed Transaction Coordinator service ? Going to bed now, see ya tomorrow, i hope for good news.
  2. Yeah, i made a big mistake in this one, but the main thing is that multilanguage problem will be history and i will take a vacation...i think there will be a fix in a 30 minutes, stay tuned.
  3. edit: Thanx, well...about that...there is a problem, it would work only on german windows, use beta 7, tommorow i'll upload beta 8
  4. Thanks for compliments again, i needed that after all those bugs @bonedaddy, in a day or two @seapagan, thanks for answering @Rudi1, oo...don't worry, i'll test it later...it works on principle of detecting is there win51ip.SP2 file being created, going to change that in next ver sooo after 5 installs i got german bug sorted out..and maybe every other language as well. Please test it as soon as possible if you had language bugs and i don't wan't to hear bad news Now if it works you can try selecting more language releated stuff like service pack messages, lang dir ... Others, there is nothing
  5. @ZuluDC, ok, i'll try something else later @bonedaddy, ok, do you have command.com, config.nt and autoexec.nt in system32 ?
  6. @GrimSage, it's on mine, redownload, fixed, thanx edit: fixed another thing, when selecting new dir or after slipstream there could be an error due to new directory tree, fixed, also silent update, redownload if you had such a problem.
  7. @ZuluDC, And i even googled for "nlite" before releasing it and haven't found anything similiar @GrimSage, try beta 7 without selecting Terminal Services and any experimental See if you are still getting the same problem so i can list it as known bugs. @Sgt_Strider, since i haven't tried it with nLite because of full schedule and i'm using newest beta of windows so no need, Jazz seems to know something, listen to Jazz beta 7 uploaded with some delay, but it still has some known bugs, still better that beta 6, but to be sure i'll leave beta 6 in download too. - tree of scanned directories (
  8. @serialzs, you mean from installation ? It's just deleting, no undo, you have original cd and do it again, i don't see a problem. @GrimSage, i have that problem since...ever, don't worry about it, the hotfixes are installed, if we ever find out what it is i'll let you know. @RyanVM, oh i didn't know that, then it's alright
  9. @Sgt_Strider, if you remove media player then on windows update they will prompt you with full version of player and it's hotfixes MDAC no, OOBE only if you don't need to activate windows (corporate version) @Jazz, I think it will be best that you first run nLite and then XPCreate without unneeded hotfixes @RyanVM, yes, so then it's ok to keep that option ? No legal issues ? @ladybird, hip hip huray @Markymoo, interesting sollution, but i don't see why a working nLite stripped windows will pose any problem I mean if you test one installation and it works, there is no way that nLite can cause
  10. @gandalfgrey, I think it's true, can't even test it now, started to work on new version and planned not to release it until 2k reduction support works properly but i see now i'll have to fix this first. Ok, tomorrow may be a next version, fixed, i hope. @Alanoll, , silly me, I knew what winPE is, but i thought that the public versions are all made with batch like bartPE, or is the bart's the only public version available ? And one more thing...is it advisable to remove OOBE from components, jodeboeck just warned me that it can be a legal issue ? @ZuluDC, will fix it, thanx again @Mohammed,
  11. @ZuluDC, of course, i'm not implying that you are the only one , it's just you see all those hard traceable little thingies @bonedaddy, weird, that file is a part of Media Player...at first glance i can't find the problem, gonna try to reproduce it later. So i will check only MSAgent and test it.
  12. @ZuluDC, you are my best beta tester, seriously @Jazz, sorry pal, I never use Fast Switching so never had a chance of eliminating the bug, that's why this is still in beta phase...now wait till all the known bugs are eradicated or else you will get frustrated @gareththegod, hmm, not a bad idea about bartPE/WinPE generator support, but that's up to bart (for WinPE i don't know who is author) if he gives me permission...I'll keep that in mind About multi-menu, I think it will be best that you make it manually, somehow I don't see it in nLite. @AztecMystic, thanx Weird problem, we will wait to s
  13. @bonedaddy, i will slow down, it is still in beta and i'm acting like it's 1.0 and the world depends on it About the other stuff, hush, hush, yes it is, off for some candy @ZuluDC, (me writes down, terminal services, offline files, character bugs, fast user switch) Probably all due to Terminal Services (except characters, which are unicode bug)
  14. @Jazz, going to check that FastUser switch bug @mrmx, ok, so that and "German" bug are the same, stay put for updates tomorrow, today i'm kinda busy I'm steps away from removing Language Support, it's not reducing much but causes most problems @ZuluDC, so it's related to Fast User switching bug ? It's ok, that component needs ordering, it's one of those made with least love, there is nothing that you people don't see edit: The component i'm refering to is Remote Desktop, don't select it, and user switching problem will probably go away
  15. And try this [Unattended] UnattendMode = DefaultHide
  16. @Nemesis300, I'm going slightly mad @SibTiger, thank you, Russian version works...Slowly conquering all Languages, now there is a German bug If you read few posts before, nLite almost became bloatware, it's hard to resist the dark side
  17. @ZuluDC, i can verify it, even under xp Fixed, will be uploading when test install finishes Receiving mail...that will be fixed tommorow, i'm done for today. edit: beta 6 uploaded - fixed readonly bug (building file list bug) - slightly faster file processing - reduced another 3-4MB no matter what you select - msconfig.exe moved to CustomKeepFiles box
  18. @Datalore, thanx, will change it @ZuluDC, many thanx, so i need to remove read only attribute, probably that was the main problem all the way, finally pinned down, until it's fixed, everybody, remove read only from your files and folders I sent you PM to send me your hives, so i'm asking you again, rar, send, me fix it
  19. beta 5 uploaded - new gui - cleaner layout of processed files - removed DRM directory, thanks datalore (and jdeboeck) - removed images and schemes registry leftovers, thanx ZuluDC - remembers last selected components - new component: Error Reporting Service - moved services to their own group - works under win2k (still only winxp reduction!) - added abillity to make iso without reduction (under options, make iso button) - added custom file list section, now you can add additional files to remove or some to prevent nLite from removing Tested to run from win2k on original and with sp4, no hangin
  20. @RyanVM, that's nice to hear, now i'm remembering it too, it's not infra red, it's some kind of intel codecs ! @bonedaddy, oo i see, it seems like in the near future there is going to be automatic tree with every installed option in inf automatically generated That won't be so hard, maybe a week or so
  21. Today i installed win2k after a long time and i can say they are fast, even without slimming, can't imagine what they will look like in a few days
  22. @ZuluDC, with what i said to you about staying on the topic i meant that you don't need to compliment me just to say hi to a friend, just say hi Now about your idea, yes, i need to cleanup the reg, that's for sure, thanks for noting it, not boring at all, to me it's just putting "Control Panel\Patterns" and "Control Panel\Screen Saver" to a filter and they are all gone
  23. @RyanVM, no, i'm not, actually I may fail some exams but i can do them on the summer Reason why I can respond to this forum so often is because on my college we have computers all over the place and I just log on now and then. Do you believe me that I'm controlling myself, workaholic @bonedaddy, great ! @homiebrah, hmm, it should work, try reinstalling Framework or something Or wait and try new version tomorrow @ZuluDC, staying on topic just in case, aren't we @Stinger12348, well, maybe i would if there is no sp2 which have all these integrated, maybe you're waiting for final, that's ok...g
  24. 1. Remove the line containing agentanm.dll in those two files: DOSNET.INF and TXTSETUP.SIF in i386 dir until you find out why 2. Look here 3. Depends, what's your root of a cd, C:\WINXP\ or C:\WINXP\XPCD\ ? I keep mine in $OEM$\$$\Temp\Updates\updates.cmd And winnt.sif line looks like this [GuiRunOnce] %SystemRoot%\Temp\Updates\updates.cmd edit: RyanVM takes the first place
  25. @GrimSage, was going to but drivers are compressed and there was no easy way of autodetecting size (like for apps) @shadowfla, just got them...installing in a few hours, will be fixed @homiebrah, win2k, enough space on hdd, clean windows copy ? @kalavera, hehe, step-like gui is allready done, just waiting to add more functionality to call it a new version. The other suggestion would have to wait, as i stated above it's the drivers, can't scan them unless extracted, but thats not economic
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