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  1. I have three usbs: Kingston, cruzer, and corsair, and none work with that lexmar removable bit flipped. So I'm forced to use RMPrepUSB and firausb. Since RMPrepUSB doesn't need the iso to be extracted, doesn't this mean that the iso will get extract at the time of installation? so more work loads for the usb if i do a lot of installation? on the other hand, winsetupfromusb puts the iso's extracted files onto the usb so when it install windows, the only thing it does is read the files?
  2. I'm in the right place. I'm trying to install windows from my usb. I'm just not sure if it is possible to put three of the OS's on the same usb.
  3. I understand that I have to place each vista source on a different primary partition so I have partitioned my usb to three primary partitions. I plan to have windows 7 vista and xp each on it own partition. However, in windows, it can only see one of the threes partition, but not all three. So I couldn't install anything else. Is there a way around this? If not, my usb is 16G, how can I install windows vista and 7 from the same usb without having it overriding each other?
  4. I got black screen through the whole installation process when intel 945gm graphic card driver is put to integrate. Additionally I also got those driver sign issues. It wasn't a good experience at all.
  5. Well, this is like the second times i encountered this. The first one was on 1.4.5 when it was supported to be fixed. I was running windows vista premium sp1 x86 as a host customizing windows xp home SP2. That time it didn't bothered me much since I had windows xp running. Yesterday, I uninstalled nlite version 1.4.5 completely on my vista and installed the 1.4.7 version and it still rejected my keys. Yes, the cd i was windows xp home with SP2 already integrated. Another weird thing is that i didn't allow me to put my keys later either: when I click NO to have the key in later it doesn't go to the next screen but stay at the same one. Note: I did the same thing on XP when I still had it and it worked perfectly with my keys.
  6. I thought that Last Session.ini tells you what integrated. You want me to post that list ? Edit: Ohhh Crappp, I think I know what cause this problem, surprised nobody here use XP SP3 Update Pack from Redxii Thank Nuhi, and sorry for the confusion I made . You got a free quote from me" Nlite is Bugs Free"
  7. Here they are TXTSETUP Last Session
  8. Burned to CD three times, and encountered this" value in the .sif file is corrupted, value o on the line in section windiretories" something like that three times in a roll. Very frustrated. Don't be confused if you see my sig says Vista Home Premium, it happened on NLite customized Windows XP Home Edition. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance
  9. Hello, I am new here. I have one basic question need to be answered. I have searched this forum and found out that there are many ways to intergate my drivers for windows vista. I am confused and I would like to ask you guys which program will help me get the job done best. I have heard of VLite, but I am not sure because it will only able to intergate .info drivers, what about other type of drivers, like exe? all I have to do is to extract it using 7 zip and it will work ?

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