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  1. There's more about this here - http://www.msfn.org/board/KDW-FCWIN2K-t120936.html This is a message from the guy in Japan who developed KDW. I was getting that "broken backup" message too, but only after I did the EZ Install, not the full setup, which seemed to work OK. I think that the third path down at the top of the program's window, which starts off blank, is where you put the path for it to put stuff when using the EZ Install mode. If you don't put anything in there it seems to put extra files into the folder which KDLLINST.EXE is being run from. Certainly I never got rid of the error message until I manually deleted those files. I'd try deleting all the files in the folder that you unzipped KDW to, and then start again. The thread mentioned above says that you have to check "EZ KD Registry" before you run the install if you're using that mode. I'm afraid that I couldn't work out what that does! I do hope that this gets better English documentation soon......... To run the thing in full mode, you have to uncheck "EZ KD Registry" and select all the system DLLs until they all say "standby". Then hit "Start Setup". It should then show you what it's doing, replacing the files, and prompt for a reboot. At this point, cross your fingers and do it! Good luck........
  2. Welcome! You could try using the "full" mode on KDA, and if it's successful try the hacked installer again. I would strongly advise backing up your system first though, as some systems will not start if the system files are replaced. I won't take any responsibility for this! I have a dual boot system, so I just made a backup of my Windows 2000 (WINNT) folder using Windows 98. Fortunately I didn't have to use it. Mine did restart OK in fact, but there were a couple of other annoyances that made me go back again (see "the KernelEx for 2000?" thread for the details.) If it reboots OK after the KDA install, but you want to roll back anyway, the uninstall mode seems to do a good job of restoring the old system DLLs correctly. Good luck!
  3. I did install on Windows 2000 successfully after modifying the installer, but the full screen function didn't work properly. The on-screen controls refused to go away after the preset delay as they're supposed to. The only workaround was to switch them off altogether! So I went back to 7.1.4. The KDA utility you need is FCWIN2K.EXE, which is included in the package. There's a link to download it earlier in this thread.
  4. AFAIK you will still need to hack the installer file, as I don't think that installing an API extender will fool the installer's OS version check. I extracted the Quicktime msi file from the installer exe package using uniextract, and then modified the msi using the KDA utility. Unfortunately, it still didn't work! I also tried with Orca (another msi editor) with the same result. It would go through the motions of installing, with no error messages about the OS version, but then stopped with an unspecified error. I may try again sometime, but too busy with other things at the moment! Does Quicktime 7.5 have any great advantages over 7.1.4, which was the last version officially compatible with Windows 2000? I have the "pro" version of 7.1.4, so the main new advantage on the 7.5 free version, full screen playback, I have available anyway.
  5. Never much love for Mr. Norton is there! It's true that a lot of Norton Utilities are of questionable benefit, and some of the things that they recommend that you run all the time are like hanging an enormous millstone round the neck of your computer! Those that are good are good though, and the Protected Recycle Bin has saved me on many occasions when I've deleted something and then emptied the Recycle Bin, and then changed my mind (we've all done it!) Also it saves overwritten copies of documents which are being modified by applications, and image files. For instance, if I'm editing an image, sometimes I'll press save and close it, then realise that I want an earlier version back. If I'm in luck, Norton will have saved it, and I can use Norton Unerase to retrieve it. So, I would miss it! Anyway I've now restored the system to normal. I looked into running KDW in "Ez mode", which doesn't actually replace the system files in the System32 folder, but appears to use the same method as the "Windows 2000 to Windows XP API Wrapper Pack" previously mentioned. Haven't got very far with it as yet though.
  6. That doesn't sound too bad actually, and quite a clever idea. Almost makes me think of going to Vista. (I did say almost!)
  7. Well, tried it tonight, and in fact it seemed to work fine. Replaced all the system files with the new versions, and the system rebooted fine, with no BSOD. How it got round the System File Protection is anyone's guess! I did have two consequential problems though. Firstly, I was immediately nagged by Windows Update to install the last cumulative security update for Internet Explorer. KDW had replaced some files such as SHLWAPI.DLL which are part of those IE updates. As it was seen as an earlier version the update was flagged again. Also, I have Norton Utilities (2002) installed, which includes a utility called "Norton Protected Recycle Bin". I started getting error messages on boot-up that the Norton Protection service couldn't start because it couldn't determine the operating system version. Another consequence of the system files replacement I assume. The only reason I wanted this really was to install Quicktime 7.5. In fact even with the new system files, and hacking the MSI file using the KDW utility (or indeed with Orca) it still wouldn't install, with an unspecified error. I've decided to leave things as they are. I was pleased to find that the KDW uninstall routine did seem to do its job, and restored all the system files so my system seems to be back to as it was before.
  8. Thanks for that. Sounds like I'm wasting my time even investigating this, which is good to know! I won't bother taking it any further. Interesting about the Vista "suspend-to-RAM" recommendation. If that really is what MS recommend instead of shutting down properly, that doesn't sound very environmentally friendly. So much for Microsoft's "green" credentials!
  9. I'm very interested in this too, and I'm going to try it out over the weekend. I'll let you know if I hit similar problems! I'm going to completely back up my Windows 2000 folder first.................
  10. Indeed it is, but I do remember reading somewhere that MS had changed the startup routine in XP to make it start up faster, which is why the ntldr from XP could be used on 2000 to get at least some of the benefits of this. This is something I've never been able to try out, for the reasons given in my OP, so I've no idea if it works, and how much effect it actually has if it does work!
  11. Shockwave 11 in my experience doesn't even work on Windows 2000, let alone Windows 98!
  12. Just tried that, extracting with Universal Extractor. Exactly the same result. an "internal error" message when dxsetup.exe scans for items to update. Very strange, whether it's necessary or not, I still don't understand why this package won't install on an operating system that it says that it's compatible with!
  13. I have .NET Framework 1.1 installed, and the update still won't work for me. I did have 2.0 installed as well, but I removed it to clear the registry a bit. I doubt if that has caused the problem though.
  14. Indeed not, Windows 98FE is the earliest OS quoted on the MS download page.
  15. Thanks very much, let me know how it goes. I still don't understand why we are having problems with this upgrade, when MS clearly state on their download page for it that it is compatible with Windows 98! I could understand it if one of the unofficial upgrade patches had broken compatibility, but if it won't install on a clean new vanilla install of Windows 98 that is really puzzling.
  16. Thank again RetroOS! I found a copy of ADVAPI32.DLL version and put it in my windows\system folder. Unfortunately, still no difference! I'm still getting exactly the same error message when I run dxsetup.exe. I tried the version from my Windows 2000 installation too, which is 5.0.2195.7038. Windows 98 wouldn't even start with that installed, just BSOD........... Incidentally, the 98SE2ME pack doesn't actually seem to include the ADVAPI32.DLL file, it seems to assume that you have a Windows ME installation disk, which I haven't! Any more ideas.................?
  17. Soporific, does AP June 2008 contain the June 2008 Update to DirectX 9.0c Runtime? The reason I ask is because I've been having trouble installing it (see here) This hasn't been resolved as yet, and I was hoping that AP might succeed where the normal install routine is failing! Thanks, Dave.
  18. I have dual booted Windows 98 and Windows 2000 for years now. I've never had any problem with keeping FAT32 drives. Being able to repair one operating system using the other has always been one of the main advantages IMO.
  19. Thanks RetroOS. My Windows 98 version of cabinet.dll is 5.0.2147.1, which looks like a Windows 2000 file to me! I tried the version of cabinet.dll from my Windows 2000 installation, which is 5.0.2195.7000. That didn't work! I then tried version 5.1.2600.2180, which I downloaded. The version in 98MP10 seems to be the same. That didn't work either! Exactly the same error message. Even with my original cabinet.dll file, all of the cabinets in the Windows\Temp folder after extraction seem to open OK if I double click on them, with no error messages. Any more ideas?
  20. This is the autoexec.bat file that I had to use to get Autopatcher to run. @ECHO OFF CLS PATH C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND;C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM MODE CON CODEPAGE PREPARE=((850) C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\EGA.CPI) >nul MODE CON CODEPAGE SELECT=850 >nul KEYB UK,,C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\KEYBOARD.SYS Rename your autoexec.bat to autoexec.old, copy and paste the above into notepad and save it as autoexec.bat in c:\ Reboot and try Autopatcher again and see if it now works. It will set up things for the UK, as that's where I am! No harm in giving it a try, and if it fixes the problem you can then modify your own autoexec.bat accordingly so AP works with your USA settings. If this doesn't work by itself, you may need to do the same with your config.sys file. Here's mine - SHELL=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM /E:768 /P DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\ANSI.SYS COUNTRY=044,850,C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\COUNTRY.SYS DOS=HIGH,UMB,AUTO Good luck!
  21. I had a lot of trouble getting Autopatcher to run the last time I used it too. It didn't actually crash, it just wouldn't run at all! This was due to a lack of environment space, caused by me having too much rubbish in my autoexec.bat file. It needs to be a "bare bones" one. Unfortunately I'm not in front of the machine in question at the moment, so I can't tell you what I ended up with, but I'll let you know if you like so you can try it.
  22. Thanks RetroOS, that's good to know. As I said, my error log files gave no clue at all, and didn't appear to have even been written to! If you can isolate the dll(s) that needs to be updated for this to work that would be great.
  23. Just tried downloading and installing this. Did have the August 2007 version installed already. Won't install. It extracts OK, but when I run DXSETUP.EXE and say OK to the legal stuff, I then get an error message - "An internal system error has occurred, see the files dxerror.log and directx.log in your Windows folder for more details" Needless to say, those files tell me nothing, because neither of them have been updated since 2006! Tried installing on Windows 2000 (dual boot machine) and needless to say it worked fine. Tried reinstalling the August 2007 version on Windows 98, also worked fine. Anyone any ideas? The MS download page says quite clearly that this update still supports Windows 98. I am using the offline installer package.
  24. I'm a great fan of Opera, and have used version 9.xx ever since it came out, with 9.27 the latest version of course. My only problem is that it is very slow to start up and close down on Windows 98. It's much better on Windows 2000 (dual boot machine.) Apart from that it works very well, and does everything I want it too in a way that I'm very happy with. Unfortunately, IMO 9.50 was rushed out much too quickly, with a lot of serious, and known, bugs still in it. For me the killer was that it doesn't work properly with Quicktime plugins, a serious issue for me as I regularly use several Quicktime sites. I tried 9.50 and backed off back to 9.27 pretty quickly!
  25. From personal experience I would definitely recommend the dual boot option. I never want to lose Windows 98 either, but now that disk space isn't an issue, I see no harm, and many advantages, in having a more up-to-date NT-based OS as well, in my case Windows 2000. I have no inclination to go to Vista, or even XP! Do be aware that a modern motherboard may have problems with Windows 98 due to lack of suitable drivers. My motherboard is a server board from 2003, and that was never tested on or claimed to support Windows 98. I was lucky though, it does work fine.
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