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  1. file version, date created, date modified, can be decieving. even on microsoft www for slipstreaming they recommend appling hotfixs in order they came out, and NOT by KB number, file version, date created, date modified. wonder if nlite has built in database of hotfixs vs filename?
  2. for a in b do ( either -1 or + 1 or >< something in the last loop is causing it to hang. you could be trying to run past the array. perhaps not starting at 0 in array. instead the for loop is starting at one in arrary and when it attempts to read last part of array its not there because you didn't start at 0. it could be last %dir% that you have set ealier is feeding a directory name that is to long in amount of characters or directory name is long name format and not 8.3 format.
  3. boggen

    Start Menu Broken

    right click on start, goto properties, start menu, customize, make sure you are amount is set above one.
  4. been awhile i do believe the pro version or site version of "bullet proof FTP" has a set of commands / scripting language for websites / ftp programs etc.... windows has built in sync "keep local and website as single copy" * scratchs chin, *only used windows built in maybe once*
  5. ARP command http://www.windowsitlibrary.com/Content/386/08/2.html
  6. lol... ughs. thx for tip for aviators, i looked at the page about 4 to 5 different times. each time i just read right over it. feeling more like a nobbier here for forum use. heh. the google search across top of page, and then when going through my-assistant for search, is what through me off on the "search" top right hand corner. figure with site dealing with scripting. that the top right hand corner also did searchs by google as well. call it a brain fart or what not. thx for the help.
  7. damen tools.... awe love it. don't remeber www site right off hand. or nero image drive as well
  8. use to other forums, were i can hover mouse over a given thread to see first 5 lines or so of what is in the first post of any given thread. ---more of a persnoal wim. ---better explationation, when you move mouse over text editor to find out what the buttons are. but you move mouse over a given thread to see first 5 lines or so of first post in any given thread. searching abilty, i realize updated forum just within past week. but search abitiles are lacking and currently hard to siff through given searchs using currently searching abilites... following would be helpfull... find posts started by given user find all threads by given user find threads by ((1,2,30,60,90,year)) time stamps. abilty to turn off avators / signatures --i realize you have low fi vesrion templet, but, being able to go into my controls, and disable / enable would be nice.
  9. either thumb, right handed. 7 button mouse left or right handed. depends on how i am setting. either kicked back or setting up right.
  10. nice details nologic. it took me a couple days. downloading / installing / configuring the varying apps you stated. plus just finding them. on my own. with what i gather on my own given about a week here at msfn. id say you are on the mark. from this newbie look of it all. thx
  11. double check voltage requirements. and it should auto slow down to given speed. (may need bios update)
  12. choice (forgot command reference) check ryanrvm bts.....cmd file it has a couple choice commands sets in it.
  13. not sure about registery enteries. old way of putting in restrictions with with lmhosts file located in windows\system32 directory see lmhosts.sam for sample file and info. to put in restrticted sites. instead of putting actuall IP to name put in loopback IP aka nono.com forgetit.com etc... when folks attempt to goto site they get url not found.
  14. besides files being driver files. what files / drivers are you adding within nlite? and what are you attempting to remove?
  15. on same workgroup name? can you see computers listed under network neighborhood in windows explorer? do you have any drives being shared? or printers being shared? what happens when you disable the firewalls on both machines? are you logged in as an administrator?

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