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  1. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    No, no Aero for me, just small padding for borders and same background color as wallpaper
  2. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Hey Tihiy, please keep on with this great job! Some notes about 1.3RC: - I can't remove highlited items from recent programs list. Not highlighted items work ok. - Sometimes I get a crash when closing StartIsBack configurator. I still can't reproduce it whenever I want to. Please check attached screenshot with some info about the crash. Filippo
  3. vlite 1.2 final - missing wer.dll

    Hi everybody! I'm experiencing the following problem using Vlite 1.2 final on SP1 source (and also SP2 beta): applying the attached preset, Vlite removes also wer.dll, breaking compatibility TAB (while I can still find faultrep.dll). I remember that a similar error existed some versions ago and was connected to Error reporting. Maybe it appeared once again? I solved the issue copying manually wer.dll but I just wanted to point that out so that, if that's a bug, Nuhi can fix it Filippo Last_Session.ini
  4. Vlite 0.95 iso creation issue

    Hi everybody, i'm having some issues trying to create an iso image with the latest ver. 0.95. Is it possible to use another iso engine (like mkisofs) to build the iso? If not, which command line should i use? Thanx a lot, Filippo
  5. Error in Nlite 1.3 final

    Perfectly working, Nuhi!
  6. Error in Nlite 1.3 final

    ...and here is the addon which causes trobles to me www.silceagruppointesa.org/filo_addons_part2_v1.cab Filippo
  7. Error in Nlite 1.3 final

    I'm getting this error trying to integrate an addon pack which contains an updated version of calc.exe (cab compressed as calc.ex_): Error! H-C:\alfa\ftemp\calc.exe Please report ... Looking at that location, i can't find any directory named "ftemp" while i can see that all the files inside the addon have gone to "rvmtmp" (also calc.exe). Probably nlite is pointing to the wrong directory. I'm using latest 1.3 version and with rc2 i can complete the operation without any error, using the same addon. Nuhi, if you need some help trying to fix it, contact me Filippo
  8. Disable standby tweak

    Thanx a lot, sam, that's really what i needed! Filippo
  9. Disable standby tweak

    Hi everyone, i need your help I've disabled standby using tweaks on my latest iso and now i need to reenable it again (no, i'm not mad... just i need to install it to a laptop pc ). I'm sure there's a registry key to do that without burning another iso. Anyone knows it? Thanx a lot, Filippo
  10. Change order hotfix are applied

    And what about addons such as ryanvm or custom made? Is there a policy about them? I would suggest executing first ryanvm addon and then other ones, so that newer files (or even newer hotfixes) are kept. But it seems to me that now, nlite just runs then randomly. Filippo
  11. Change order hotfix are applied

    I think it would be usefull to be able to choose which update run for first... For example: i would run ryanvm update pack and LATER other updates, the same way Siginet integrator works. Filippo
  12. Change order hotfix are applied

    Hi everyone, i was wondering if there's a way to change order nlite applies hotfix selected in hotfix page. I tried choosing them in desired order but it seems that nlite applies then in random order. Any ideas? Thanx, Filippo