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  1. This page discusses how cd keys can be auto-input by the installer, for Windows XP, via a winnt.sif file. Is there something similar that can be done with Office 2003?
  2. I currently test unattended CDs by running them in Virtual PC. Unfortunately, this can be a rather slow process, at times. Are there any better ways to test?
  3. I tried to use an unattended Windows XP CD to reformat a computers hard drive and to, ultimately, reinstall Windows XP from scratch, but wasn't able to. It ended up installing Windows XP to another partition. I then tried with an "attended" CD and was, after a while, presented a prompt, asking me if I wanted to, iirc, format or repair among other things (iirc, there was one other option, but I can't recall, off hand, what it was). Is it possible to make an unattended CD give you this same prompt? The reason I ask is because I don't mind hitting keys a minute or two after I've inserted the CD. Having to do a bunch of lengthy keystrokes 10-30 minutes after I've inserted the CD is what I don't want.

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