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  1. The best way to do it is to donwload Ryan's VM Driver Pack and integrate them with nLite, they are compatible. Start nLite, choose "Integrate Drivers", Select the Ryan's VM Driver Pack and your good to go. All drivers installed, no matter on what system the Windows is installed to André Casal
  2. Hi there! First of all you really have to learn how to write properlly... Missed quite a few things in there. It's not possible to unpack (unzip or extract) files ON the CD and then copy them to the hd, because it's impossible to write to the CD. What it is possible is to have all files unpacked previouslly on the CD, so there's no need for extraction, then the only thing that must be done is to copy the files to the hd, thus speeding up the instalation. What you really would want to know is how to do that, right? Honestly i don't know, just think that it's possible and maybe someone can help you out with that Anyway there's the "Unattended Secret: Reducing Size Of Source" by gosh. It speeds up the instalation process as well.
  3. Thanks kof96. I've read Flyakite's tutorial but none of that information was there. I realized that one solution for my problem was having two WINNT.SIF files. One running a RunOnce.CMD file that installed the needed software and other that doesn't. The thing is that i need RunOnce.CMD to be copied over to the %SystemRoot%. Anyway can someone tell me an option on how to copy a file from i386 to %SystemRoot% without using the $OEM$ folders? Or can someone tell me how to install software in the T-13 (or 12) minute part of the installation? EDIT: I changed the 1st post to meet my new need André Casal
  4. This was the starting point to this thread: [How To] Install software directly from the CD/DVD., One universal Install.cmd. Cya!
  5. Bless you! (You saved me) Could you just put a link to the original M$ page please?
  6. Well, Iain Stott, it's very good to hear that! I've done the other way around and start with unattended installs first, now i'm moving to multi-boot DVD's, wish me luck too! The best luck for you, and you'll see that unattended installs aren't that hard André Casal
  7. Ok, here is the case: One Multi boot DVD with not enough space to integrate Bâshrat the Sneaky's Driver Packs to all OS's. Question: In a multi boot DVD with several OS's, is it possible to have just one copy of all the drivers we want to integrate, but still integrate them with all the OS's? Does Bâshrat the Sneaky's Driver Packs do that? Or is there any tool that does that? André Casal
  8. Honestly i don't know much about Linux but I always hear that Kubuntu has a better graphical user interface that Ubuntu. Oh and it's free too, so fell free to check both sites and choose your destiny http://www.ubuntu.com/ http://www.kubuntu.org/
  9. Well, it seems i made a little mistake (due to beeing portuguese) and confused the task bar with the start menu. Anyway, if anyone knows something about costumizing the task bar (like the position on screen) let us know. André G. Casal
  10. Dels, compress it using command line and "makecab" command. For example, if the file is in C:\shell32.dll <C:\>makecab shell32.dll If it says something like "Flushing Folder" then it's ok and your compressed version should appear in C:\ Cya André Casal
  11. After a little search here on MSFN it seems no one knows much about costumizing the task bar. I found some registry hacks for setting the XP look on Task Bar but nothing happens, it keeps the classic look, don't know why... All my Theme files where made using the XP Task Bar look, so it isn't the Theme file that control the task bar behavior. If anyone could help us out, i'll be gratefull.
  12. Hi slimzky, OK, i'm Portuguese, but i'll try to explain the best i can All you have to do is a *.theme file that points to the OSX cursor files and put both inside you CD. For example, imagine you have the Tiger style and the OSX Cursors (from FlyakiteOSX or other) and want to use it as the default Theme with the OSX cursors already ON. First you have two options: 1st - Install FlyakiteOSX Cursor files or 2nd - Put your Cursor files inside your Windows folder in "Windows\Cursors\OSX" then go to Control Panel->Mouse->"pointings things" (hope you understand by the image ) choose the "pointing things" one by one (they must be 15) and click "Save As...", then apply that Scheme. Go to the desktop properties and "Save As..." the Tiger theme selecting all the options as you want it to be in your unattended CD, such as the Background image (don't forget to put the image you selected inside your unattended CD too, so that Tiger.theme points to a valid image when the install is complete), Screen-saver (same as the background image), color scheme and a few more options. Now put your Tiger.theme and the respective Tiger folder inside your unattended CD in $OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes so they copy themselfs to Windows\Resources\Themes. And finally edit your WINNT.SIF file inside your i386 folder of you unattended CD like this: [Shell] CustomDefaultThemeFile="%SystemRoot%\Resources\Themes\Tiger.theme" Hope you like this guide
  13. Hi TeamO! I have the same problem trying to create a ISO from a 350MB XP, so it's not because of the size... I was hoping someone could help us both Greetings André Casal
  14. Hi all! If you could find out what's causing it, it could just be another visual tweak for Windows XP! Cool
  15. Hi there! I'm trying to troubleshoot some problems in my current instalation, some software just doesn't install, don't know why. I use SFX archives, called from RunOnce.cmd (lanched from [GuiRunOnce] in WinNt.sif), that automaticly install all the software. Th problem is i've been trying to use Logs to determine what's causing some software not to be installed. How do you do to make the CMD files log errors and sucesses? Or maybe they just don't have time to install, could it be? Greetings André Casal
  16. Hi there! I would like to know the Crystal Player silent install switch, i've been in Crystal Player Foruns but no one could give me an answer. Thank's in advance André Casal
  17. Thanks Gunsmokingman, but as i sayed before, all i need to solve my problem is a simple command (that i can't seem to find... This is if it exists, i'm starting to have my doubts...) to put between SFX commands so it understands the next command is independent of the first one. If anyone know's how to extract and execute multiple files, just using a SFX archive, please share that, i'd really apreciate it.
  18. CMD files are an option, but not the best one for me, as i would have to include many files in the windows instalation. It would be easyer to have a SFX file executing multiple EXE files within. But thanks anyway! My question still holds on. If someone know how to make a SFX file execute multiple EXE files upon extraction, please advise
  19. Hi all! Could someone tell how to execute multiple files, from and SFX archive, using WinRAR? For example: Can't find the command to make SFX run 2 files upon extraction, like: "setup.exe /silent (something here) fix_setup.exe /silent" - where (something here) should be some command to make SFX understand that the "fix_setup.exe /silent" is refered the fix_setup.exe file and not an extension of the setup.exe command.
  20. Windows XP Professional SP2 Extreme Flyakite Edition Hi all! I'm making an unattended version of Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 2 integration, FlyakiteOSX integration and many many modifications! This idea came up to put together the two best modifications on Windows: Windows XP Pro SP2 Extreme Edition 3 by Phoenyx and FlyakiteOSX from Chris Kite. As i'm developing i'll post the modifications and i was hopping i could get your help with some problems too. Hope you'll like it! Original modifications on Windows XP Pro SP2 Extreme Edition 3: This is a long list, so it's better to put it in a TXT file. You can view it in the "File Attachments" section, clicking "Save As...". Modifications with FlyakiteOSX v3.0: Further modifications: [sOME SCREENS] Screen 01 I need help on these one's - Can't find the command to make SFX run 2 files, like "setup.exe /silent ? fix.exe /silent", where ? should be switched with some command to make SFX understand that the next command is referenced to another file - How to fix the Boot Screen to show text normally (See Screen 01) - What's the "CountryCode" and "TimeZone" for portuguese country - How to set "Start" menu to non classic P.S.: I'm sorry for forgeting the [HELP] tag in the topic name. Moderator, please change this topic name to include the [HELP] tag. Thank you WXPPSP2EE3mod.txt

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