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  1. Hi, well, there's been no more updates in this post because the fórum stoped warning me of new messages (why oh why?!)... But worry not, i'm here now and i'm hopping to get this post further developed, deleting more files from the XP source.
  2. Thanks m8! Gonna try it You can't find the ASMS Compression option in nLite? Is that it?
  3. Hum, very insteresting Camarade_Tux. I'll add your precious tips to the 1st post. Could you provide your sfcfiles.dll replacement please? For want i understand you're saying nLite doesn't really use ASMS compression even though it is selected?All my DLL's inside ASMS are compressed when ASMS Compression is selected in nLite. nLite doesn't have a "zero-byte files" options, does it? We are almost breaking the 50MB barrier
  4. Thanks alot Camarade_Tux! 100 more KB we don't need plus the SP1.CAT=0.5MB MAPIMIG.CAT and IASNT4.CAT are deleted by nLite.
  5. So, there comes 10 more files to be tested.
  6. So what do we really need to do to get rid of the OEMBIOS files and still have a error-free installation of XP?
  7. ok :SSo next time I can remove the driver from my windows xp source and everything will work? Exactly I removed all the imapi related files and i still was able to erase and burn a CD-RW absolutely normally. I used the free CDBurner XP.Hi Clint. Indeed there are several posts that talk about removing addicional files from the I386, the thing is, i can't find one that talks about removing ALL the components possible AFTER nLite. So i'll try and list the reasons i think this post is worth it: - The only one that talks about removing ALL the possible files from your installation source AFTER nLite; - I'll post a CMD file, so newbies (and pro's too) can remove all the files listed. - Maybe give a hand to nLite on removing addicional files, who knows Or am i wrong? Because if there actually is a post with this goal i'll just delete mine Thanks for your input, André Casal
  8. First 10 entries tested, with a total of 14 files that can be deleted from the Windows source, saving 274 KB of precious space. Now i'm going to do a break. Maybe tomorrow i test 10 more. If someone is interested in slimming down your source, feel free to test and report back to us See you around, André Casal
  9. Hi hulkviper. Yeah, but we are talking about windows sources, not windows installations, so that doesn't apply here.
  10. When we remove LogonUI.exe and reboot to Windows, it asks for an Administrator password, which is blank. Does anyone know how to bypass this so Windows log's on directly to the desktop?
  11. IMAPI.sys = IMAPI Kernel Driver, see http://www.dynamiclink.nl/htmfiles/rframes...s/info_i/40.htm . It looks like it is only used with IMAPI burning. I'll try burning a CD without this file asap.EDIT: Test successfully completed. imapi.sys CAN be deleted and it won't be needed for burning software.
  12. Hum, very nice For the aim of this post and as i understand: If you disable Simple File Checker, SP1.CAT can be deleted and a dummy file created in it's place. One question, this file is present in SP1? Because if it is, removing all components with nLite deletes the SVCPACK folder. Didn't quite understood this line. What is the -o switch?NTPRINT.CAT intl.inf dbghelp.dll imagehelp.dll exts.dll regedit.exe Just curious, these files can be compressed to save how much space?
  13. its along time since i did it but... a hex edit to winlogon.exe can fix that Maybe minigun have the answer
  14. People, please don't post comments without material and post OEMBIOS related material in the right post, this is not the right post to discuss OEMBIOS: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=33591
  15. andregcasal

    Lite Windows

    Ok, people, the purpose of this post is to provide a way to shrink your source to the absolute maximum. In this post is provided a "Last Session.ini", that you can use with nLite, that removes ALL the possible components and files. Also included is a little tutorial on how to zero-byte some files that are impossible to remove but don't necessarily need to have information on them. I'll ask you guys to keep it simple, just post links to tutorials on how to slim down Windows installation sources further that nLite, post tutorials, or just post the files you deleted or "zero-byte'd". Please don't post unrelated material as i would like to keep this thread as clean as possible. Statistics: ISO file size: 69.4MB Saved space: 30.6 MB (this is only the beginning!) RAM consumed: 17.5MB (with no programs running) Installation time: 5min. (on a fast computer) changelog Out, 30 Added How to zero-byte files instruction Added "Last Session.ini" attachment Out, 28 Creation of this topic How to use the Last Session.ini file nLite alone you can shrink a CD-size source into roughly 100MB, with the "Last Session.ini" provided in this post you can have a source with about 70MB, that means faster installations and 30 precious extra Megabytes (at least, for now) are taken away from the source. I will describe a very simple way to use the "Last Session.ini": With nLite aimed to your source, select "Import" in the Presets screen and select the "Last Session.ini" you downloaded from here In the Remove Components window select "Advanced" and delete the files from the list that you are absolutely sure you need (use the list below) Do the same with the boxes For this post we will suppose ALL the boxes where selected so the source is the smallest possible Use this list to check if you will need a certain file (step 2) Green files CAN be deleted. Red files CANNOT be deleted. Next to be tested: How to zero-byte files:If the file is cabbed, decompress it with WinRAR and delete the cabbed file. When replacing with 0-bit equivalents, you should rather have a .CAT extension (not .CA_) Open with Notepad Select all (Ctrl+A) and delete Save file List of files that can be zero-byte'd: I could use a hand testing the txtsetup.txt files Last_Session.ini
  16. Hi everyone, i find this post very very interesting and i was thinking in doing kinda of a centered post where we could have all the information needed to make these transformations. Personally i find a bit... shall we say... time-consuming to read through all these posts and get to the end more confused that in the begining So here it is: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...mp;#entry578701 See you around, André Casal
  17. 1 - Include modifyPE 2 - Auto-close when finished compressing 3 - Option to add a shortcut to SendTo 4 - Make it look better It would be perfect like this
  18. Wow, awesome chon_! That's really great, i'll update the guide first thing tomorrow
  19. Since Flyakite's multi boot guide is offline i've made a clone site, hope you like it Guide
  20. Hi guys! Since Flyakite's multi boot guide webpage is offline due to maintenance and migration issues, i made a clone website For now the website is pretty much just a clone but in time i hope to update it, at least until the Flyakite's guide is online. GlobalGrooves Multi Boot DVD Guide Hope you like it, the Multi boot DVD Guide is back!
  21. Try to translate. There are plenty of translation sites out there, try them. Because 99.99% of the people here understand english, but not french... Greetings!
  22. Updated! Fixed some offline links, since Flyakite's Multi Boot Guide's offline. Fixes some spacing and added color for easier reading. I've been on vacation and had little time to try out some new things i want to add to the guide. Any time soon i'll be adding some more cool features that make the work easier
  23. Hum, don't know about that, this guide is actually about multi booting Windows, however maybe someone here can help you with that...

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