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  1. Well, I am running a Windows "GOLD" installation from DVD now and have, albeit unsuccessfully thus far, been trying to get it to run from a SanDisk Cruizer. I'll list what all I have tried thus far and see if someone can help me out in attempting to get it to work this way, my perferred method. First though I have a few questions about the WinPE way: 1. How does this WinPE way work exactly, from what I understand of WinPE, WinPE is basically a stripped down operating system based off of your WinXP disk. So how exactly does that allow me to install a fully working version of it? 2. Besides
  2. IF you're still looking for these files, head over to [url="http://ryanvm.net/msfn"]http://ryanvm.net/msfn[/url] and check out his forums, they are all there, all zipped up and compressed ready to install straight into i386 no more needing this pack.
  3. I have a question, why not just use ISOBuster and copy the XP CD to the USB key? There are at least two ways of doing this, First method is just open ISO Buster and copy XP to the USB key and be done with it. Make sure you just copy the files and not create an ISO on the drive, this will give you basically a CD on the drive and it will be seen as a USB CDROM drive. Second method: requirements: NOTE: These instructions are going to assume you're trying to create the Windows XP Profesional x32 SP2 cd from the Windows XP Professional x32 GOLD (Original CD.) SP1/1a and other flavors will be sli
  4. sorry, I'm not all up on using GP, when would I call this and where would I put that cmd line?
  5. I'm needing to find out how to do this with x64 edition, the cmdlines.txt doesn't work with x64 edition. If anyone knows how to do this please tell... TIA
  6. I wonder if you ever thought of using a 4-bay SATA drive firewire device to house 4-500GB HDD's to do you're backups via Acronis True Image with? This way you have a full backup of your 9-250GB HDD's data if it should go "kaplooey". Also Seagate drives come with 5 year warranties for their equipment, you may want to reconsider your drive choices as most companies can't say their drives will hold up beyond 1-3 years at most, Seagate stands behind theirs for 5.
  7. I wouldn't say "You are not supposed to "try a version of XP" that you haven't bought" as there are trial versions of Windows on Microsoft's own site, so yes you can "try" a version of XP that you haven't bought.
  8. I've personally never had any luck with nLite it's never worked correctly for me, and I've tried every version nuhi's made of it since he released it. The only things I've found to work correctly with it is the integrator and it will patch the files for you to get past the SFC but afterwards when I've installed my operating system when using it, it's always given me some problems, so I would rather not use it and just do everything manually as I have been since I started doing uacd/dvd's. It's a good software for those who have luck with it and/or don't want to be bothered by doing it all ma
  9. I have to say that the TERMSRV file worked for me but you have to modify the HiveSFT and HiveSYS files for it and the SFC hacked files to work. Also note I haven't updated them to correct for the latest versions as of yet, but will in short order as I'm currently redoing my x64 drive once again. As soon as I am sure that they work I'll post them somewhere and put up a link to them. I'm also going to make a striped down version of Kamil's Addons Pack to remove all the unnessary stuff that's in it and place the TweakUIx64 edition in the control panel where it should be. It will include the f
  10. I haven't yet tested them on a non-nLited source no, I will sometime today though, as far as they needing anything else, they shouldn't from what I have been told by Nuhi, who is the one who created and maintains nLite. All you need is in the download I provide, the only two files I took from the nLited source was those two files, you just put them into your AMD64 folder and add the line in the HIVESFT.INF with the line I provide in the copy I provide just above the SFCQUOTA line in it. That's all you should need. Now I have used this method forever when doing my XPx32 installations and it
  11. Sorry about that try it again, I was editing the post there and it all of a sudden dissapeared on me, I reposted it again and posted a new link to it. If it happens again, I'll give WindowsX a shout and see what's going on with it. I'm still trying to get RapidUpload to work or these forums so I can post it here as soon as I can I'll do that instead.
  12. I decided to go ahead and do the nLite deal on one of my copies of x64 that I was messing with and I have compressed them into a .7z file and decided I would share them, in the Hivesft.inf file is a single line, you'll have to find the "SFCQUOTA" line in that file and modify it with the line I provide, DO NOT USE THE PROVIDED INF FILE TO REPLACE THE ONE IN YOUR AMD64 FOLDER OR YOU'LL HOSE YOUR INSTALL!!! Can't seem to get the stupid uploader to work as soon as it does, I'll update this post with the uploaded files... Anyways in the mean time I've already uploaded it to WindowsX's forums at Tec
  13. The only thing I've found is the WinNT.sif command to disable it, not sure yet if just adding it to the Hive file will work or not yet as I've not yet tried it, but I'd still rather have the file, apparently Nuhi's nLite will hack the SFC_OS.DLL file directly and you can just copy over that file but I'd really like to have to not use nLite to get it, if I can do without it. He did tell me though that when you use his hacked file you still need to change the registry setting too, I'm checking to make sure it's the same setting as you use with x32.
  14. I too am still looking for either SFC hack or a resource tuner for x64 so that I can try to patch my own, but I've not had any luck either and my searches haven't turned up anything either. Has anyone found this yet? DONT TELL ME TO USE nLITE I DON'T WANT TO, ALL I NEED IS THE SFC FILE, NOT TO SCREW UP MY INSTALL!
  15. Go to ImgBurn's website and get ImgBurn, put your DVD/CD in your burner and point it to the ISO file you downloaded from M$, (redownload a new copy to make sure you're not using a corrupted file.) Click on the |> arrow and then wait for it to get done burning your DVD/CD. Leave that DVD/CD in your optical drive and reboot, it should then start up and install just fine. If you need the F6 Drivers, then make sure that floppy is in your floppy drive prior to rebooting. I reccomend taking your two HDD's and seperating them making each one it's own raid-0 drive, if your going to dual boot, eve
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