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  1. I believe you are looking for this: Resources For Multi-boot Fans, sharing what's done....
  2. Hum, you could end up having to add like... 10 or more *.nls files... Which means that you have to do 10 (or more) compilations of Windows and 10 (or more) tests Hope not Good luck!
  3. Maybe some are needed and some don't... What you have to say about this Antonio_King? Could you sucessfully boot to Windows without those files? As for the project name... I like simple things, so nothing simpler than "Lite Windows"
  4. Hi people! Just to make sure there aren't obsolete files in the installation source: Does anyone know a easy-to-use program that can compare 2 (or more) text files, creating a new text file with the intersection of them? And a program that can archive in a text file all the file names and extensions of a directory?
  5. Keep in mind that the the RyanVM update pack is the first thing you should do to your source. Use before anything else. If that's not the case, then it seems you have some bad reference to a drive that isn't there. Don't know exactly what it is, but I'd say some of you CMD files (if you have some) has a reference to something other than C:\ (or the drive you'r installing to). Not exactly sure, but take a look at your CMD files and check for errors. Hope it helps
  6. Absolutely In fact i was thinking of adding that method to the guide. It doesn't have directly to do with multi boot, but it sure should help.
  7. Very nice idea It seems there's a problem with the links. Could you fix them please?
  8. Yes of course, almost all files would have a description, letting users know if they are needed for something
  9. Lol, your not stupid Your question is already answered in the Multi-boot DVD guide Good luck!
  10. Actually amazing, with "for" cycles and everything It could be very useful Although RyanVM has that covered
  11. .ASP files contain ASP language (ASP is a programing language) and are files needed for a webserver. Look for ASP on Google and you should understand what i'm talking about. .WMZ files, im supposing Windows Media Zsomething "Can I add *.hlp into the delete box?" Good question... Anyone?
  12. As the list of files is very extensive i thought about creating a very simple web page where we could track the deletable, the undeletable and the untested files, so the post doesn't gets too big to read. What you think guys? Thank you antonio_king Keep in mind that the files being tested here are only the files remaining from the most complete shrinking possible by nLite. Files that don't appear in txtsetup.sif after that, don't mater
  13. Hi travisowens, I think I'll be following alphabetical order, but thanks anyway, it might be useful for other stuff toxin, micro xp is a cool name, but if you guys don't mind i would like to mane it myself, since i started the project I'll be thinking about it and report back a nice project name in a few hours or so
  14. Well, i would appreciate if you could post this to us And i would post it in the guide too Glad to help Black Wolf
  15. Welcome What you mean by all updates? Service packs or hotfixes? Does your .cmd file checks the installations source to determine which updates it needs?
  16. Oh yes, i believe i understand your question now. If you change CatalogSubDir="\i386\svcpack" to CatalogSubDir="\i386" just edit your svcpack.inf from [SetupData] CatalogSubDir="\I386\svcpack" [ProductCatalogsToInstall] KB873339.cat to [SetupData] CatalogSubDir="\I386" [ProductCatalogsToInstall] svcpack\KB873339.cat For example
  17. Happy to see there's interested people on this I'm currently finishing a installation source, so when i finish i'll come back here and report some new files that can be deleted
  18. TheExterminator let me explain All extensions that end in *.in_ are compressed files. These files can be uncompressed with WinRar and the *.inf file within is the one you want You can open *.inf files are simple text files, so you can open them with Notepad. Now there may or may not be *.in_ files in your installation source. If there's only *.inf files, then you don't have to uncompress anything, easyer I hope I answered your question Pliek, i'll be here if you need me
  19. Yes, i see i did the same, since most installs end up in C:\ anyway Thank you urie
  20. I'm sorry for not replying... MSFN stoped sending me emails for new posts (why oooh why?!). Well, i'm here now I don't have any experience with AutoIt but it seems pretty simple I'll try it and report back to you in a few minutes EDIT: Hum, after a few minutes of search i still don't have the answer for this: How to use AutoIt Scripts in an unattended installation? I mean, do i have to install AutoIt first so i can use AutoIt scripts during Windows installation? Or is there a way to somehow execute AutoIt scripts using a stand-alone exe? EDIT2: Hum, I see you have been banned muiz, so I'm really talking to no one Well, could anyone answer my question please?
  21. Wow, excelent. Very great support indeed Thank you Malarky Just one thing, the install maker asks to select a destination folder. I have 3 drives, and I would install K-Lite on the F:\ drive. If I've chosen to install in the C:\Programs\K-Lite folder would it install properly or would it really install on the C:\ drive?
  22. Hi all! It seems this post has been outdated for a while now... That's because MSFN stoped sending me emails for new posts :/ Well, now i'm here, and will be continuing writing on this thread. TheExterminator you only have to right-click and choose "Open With..." and then choose WinRar. Easy

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