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  1. Hi all! Since Flyakite's Guide is offline for quite some time now, i'll try to add the missing files to one of those upload sites. Hi Drago, if i understood right you're asking if it's possible to add Server 2003 Release 2 to a multi boot DVD. As far as i now theres absolutely no problem I believe you can add the entire Server 2003 R2 CD or just integrate the R2 component, like if it where a sleapstreamed update. The second option lets you choose from Server 2003 and Server 2003 R2. But in my opinion who ever has the chance to install R2 would never need the non-R2 version By the way, can someone give me a realistic reason for using Windows 2000 instead of Server 2003 R2?
  2. Hi all! I'm glad this guide was usefull to you I'll give a try at Qemu and will try to solve the link problems. It seems Flyakite's Multi Boot DVD Guide site is offline for now. Cya
  3. Yes, or you could do this too, I am using this method in the Multi boot DVD guide that I mentioned above: and
  4. Thanks Siginet! I'll give it a try and then i'll see what i can do , thanks
  5. All your answer in the [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide, Updated and with cool features: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=74862 Regards!
  6. Thank you all! It's you feedback that keeps me going About Windows 98 maybe later. I have so much more to add to this guide that Windows 98 will have to wait, but thanks for the suggestion! Regards!
  7. I want to test the drivers too, actually i've been wanting to integrate the drivers into my multi boot DVD for quite some time now... Hum, since ever
  8. Come on ppl, this is the last thing we need to complete the multi-boot dvd guide
  9. Exactly and you can still have a look at this updated guide: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=74862 Cya
  10. Thanks Maelstorm! Nice guide, will be helpfull to some newbies in here
  11. Oh I think i've figured out! I'll test and report back in a moment. EDIT: Hum, nop... That's a negative. I was hoping that editing layout.inf would make any diference but it doesn't.
  12. Hey Marthax, I have the same problem, I'll try to remove the winnt.sif file just to see if the installations runs better. I'll report soon. EDIT: Here are the error pictures, so people can actually see what we are talking about: Could you post your winnt.sif file please, so we can compare with ours? Here's what's in my winnt.sif:
  13. Hi Sonic! You mean the txtsetup.sif created in C:\, the one inside the $WIN_NT$.~BT folder or the one inside the $WIN_NT$.~LS folder? I guess they're all the same... But i'll test to see, thanks! Well, they really are all the same but are "cut down" from the original in DVD\ROOT\XPP1\I386. But anyway that's not the problem, i've allways used the txtsetup.sif created by the reduced source. It's not that either...
  14. Yes, I have thought of that, but no way, I used a original, complete, untouched Windows CD. Something is making the installation look for files in the DVD source, just can't figure out what...And has you may imagine, if i move the the reduced i386 folder into the DVD root, the installation runs with no problem, but of course i can only use one OS with a reduced source.
  15. Thanks guys but I edited SetupSourcePath value in all txtsetup.sif correctly and got the correct identifier files at root (WIN51, ...) too... Problem persists... The only diference from this multi boot DVD and the Reduce Size Of Source method is the localion of the source folders, that doesn't seem to work like this. As anyone sucessfully made such a DVD? Any guesses?
  16. No offence taken Why shouldn't a VLK be a legal copy? I've searched the internet and found that the problem comes from XPize. It seems XPize changes the SHELL32.DLL size above 10MB and that's what's causing the problem. Reducing the size of the SHELL32.DLL under 10MB, by erasing some icons (with Resorce Tuner) solved it, but now some icons disappear and others appear instead of the right ones. I've asked XPize if he will be releasing some fix any time soon, but got no answer. I'll try and email him, later today. If someone could resolve this problem without editing SHELL32.DLL, please share that info; or if someone could post the original version of SHELL32.DLL to substitute i would be much appreciated. Thanks for any help.
  17. Hi there, as it turns out, i've found lots of people in the internet with this problem unsolved... Could you be more specific in wich icons could/should be deleted? Which program did you used for deleting them? What size should the shell32.dll be so the error goes away? Xpize, great work by the way, (when) will you release a fix for this?
  18. Well, can't install SP1 either: "update.exe - Illegal System DLL Relocation The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The application will not run properly. The relocation occured because the DLL C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHELL32.dll occupied an address range reserved for Windows system DLLs. The vendor supplying the DLL should be contacted for a new DLL." So... can't install SP1, can't even run calc.exe... Same problem with SHELL32.DLL, can someone help me please?
  19. Hum, interesting, ill try to install SP1 then, have right here
  20. Hi all! I have 2 monitors, and i've tried to install DirectX for both of them, happened i could only install DirectX for the primary monitor (connected to the secondary connector on my graphics card). Now i want to enable DirectX on the second monitor but i'm unable, when i try to install DirectX9b again gives this error: "redist.exe - Illegal System DLL Relocation The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The application will not run properly. The relocation accured because the DLL C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHELL32.dll occupied an address range reserved for Windows system DLLs. The vendor supplying the DLL should be contacted for a new DLL." Can someone help me with this problem please?
  21. Hi all! I've made my multi boot DVD successfully but i was hoping i could install OS's faster, using the Reduced Size of Source method from Gosh. So i changed the installation folders with the one's created in Gosh's method. It all works well until the GUI-mode setup asks for files inside DVD\I386 folder instead of DVD\ROOT\XP\PRO\i386. Here's my setup: I found the layout.inf that contained all files the setup was asking for.So I changed some lines to this: ...and changed a few more lines too.The result was the same, the setup keeps asking for files in DVD\i386. Until now I figured out that some file inside DVD\ROOT\XP\PRO\i386 is making the setup point to DVD\i386, just can't find which file is doing that. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  22. Hi there! Is there any way to use this method for multi boot DVDs? I've tryed but didn't worked. I've changed both txtsetup.sif (boot and install folder) to reflect the new location of the installation files, but it doesn't seem to work. It seems some file(s) inside the I386 folder try to access I386 as if it where in the DVD root. My setup: DVD\ DVD\XPP1\ - boot folder DVD\ROOT\XPP1\I386\ - install files folder As you can see I386 isn't in the root of the DVD. Is there a way around this? Both my txtsetup.sif have this: Any help would be great! Thanks
  23. And i do agree that is it a pain to copy the project to the root of the DVD...

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