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  1. Hi eevox! Well, in lack of better option, you can try to download the *.IMA file from those 2 programs. The integration with CDShell is pretty easy. Windows 98 also boots from a *.IMA file, so if you go to the guide made by chon_ you would find this as the code to boot the *.IMA: print "2) Windows 98 \n" ... if $lastKey == key[2]; THEN DISKEMU /Setup/BootSect/Win98.IMA Good Luck, André Casal
  2. Main idea is this: When you copy and renamed like PRO2 and PRO2.DAT, PRO2.DAT don't see "PRO2", it still see "PRO1". So that, if you want to create a UNATTENDED version, you have to do same things like doing in PRO1. I mean you have to use Create_boot_folders.cmd for PRO2 too. Sorry for the late reply, i am on vacations and i am using someone's wireless network with my laptop (ssshhh) Major mistake by me, forgot to update that section of the guide when i implemented the Create_boot_folders.cmd, many thanks for your input ysfozy! There are two ways to go around that problem, reusing the Create_boot_folders.cmd or by manually editing setupldr.bin in the PRO2 folder so that all references to PRO1 now point to PRO2, and hex-edit PRO2.DAT so that it points to PRO2 as well (wich is kinda easy). I will update the guide as soon as i can, thanks again ysfozy
  3. Hi all, iceangel89, you have all the info you need in geitonaki's post. ysfozy, incentivation like yours keep me working harder, i'm glad to help See you, André Casal
  4. I believe you can use CDShell for bootup just about anything, just read the official site for more info. About winnt32.exe, yes, if you remove "manual install & upgrade" the file get's removed. You must redo your install. Greetings, André Casal
  5. Hi calpha, thank you for the complements, really appreciated So the major question is: "What is the most correct approach for the $OEM$ folder? One per setup source underneath the /Setup directory, or is there a better method?". Well, this guide was build with easy maintenance and performance in mind, avoiding the use of a $OEM$ folder, so we don't have to wait it's DVD-HD copy time, installing everything directly from DVD. Anyway, as far as i can remember, there is no way to access a $OEM$ folder outside the source itself, so we would have to stick with a $OEM$ folder for each source. However, if you really need a $OEM$ folder, you can simulate one, by just having a command to copy-paste a specified folder (what $OEM$ does) to the HD. But then again if you want to copy something from the DVD to the HD, just use the Install.cmd and you can use just one folder to keep your files in See you soon André Casal
  6. Hi tknaught Well, i suppose you have the original Windows Source, so you just need use the SFX geitonaki built (Automatically create multi-boot folders and files (thanks to geitonaki)) and extract the needed files from original source. You have another option though, create a copy of your files on the hard drive, press Start -> Run -> Browse to Winnt32.exe and add the "/noreboot" command, somethinglike this: "C:\source\Winnt32.exe /noreboot". Use what suits you better, good luck André Casal
  7. Well, it depends of the point of view I haven't done much, been too busy with university works, but that doesn't mean good work isn't beeing developed, when i get some time (probably when school is over) i'll finish this guide with the help of some friends that have been developing some great guides. I think by then all Windows files will be covered and the guide will need no more updates Until then, pacience my friends
  8. Hi dreadlord! Well, if i understood right, your plan is to have 4 choices to install from: XP Pro SP2 without hotfixes XP Pro SP2 without hotfixes with software XP Pro SP2 with hotfixes XP Pro SP2 with hotfixes and software You can do this by having 2 separate sources on your DVD, one with hotfixes, one without. In each source you can have 2 diferent boot folders, one that installs sofware, one that doesn't. So the final DVD layout for those 4 separate choices would be something like this: C:\DVD\ - Multi boot DVD Source C:\DVD\BOOT\ - CDShell folder C:\DVD\PRO1\ - Boot folder 1 for XP Pro SP2 with hotfixes C:\DVD\PRO2\ - Boot folder 2 for XP Pro SP2 with hotfixes and software C:\DVD\PRO3\ - Boot folder 3 for XP Pro SP2 without hotfixes C:\DVD\PRO4\ - Boot folder 4 for XP Pro SP2 without hotfixes, with software C:\DVD\SOFTWARE\SOFTWARE\ - Folder where software is placed C:\DVD\SOFTWARE\Install.cmd - CMD file that takes care of the software installation C:\DVD\SOFTWARE\SOFTWARE_ALL\ - Folder where software for all OSs is placed C:\DVD\SETUP\XP\ProWithHotfixes\ C:\DVD\SETUP\XP\ProWithoutHotfixes\ So, yes you need 2 separate source folders because you want one OS with hotfixes, one without, but don't need 2 more to install software, the guide is written exactly to avoid that situation. Hope it helped, André Casal
  9. Hi Wuschmaster, from those images it looks like you mixed up some files from sources with diferent languages, ence the "Invalid character" error. I would say the problem resides on the winntbbu.(can´t remember extension) file. But you may have also mixed up some other files as well. Check for that and report back please Good luck!
  10. Well, it seems CDShell has a preference for *.dat files, i've never actually tried with the *.bin extension, it was a too-easy-to-bother detail If you've tried it, please report back so i can simplify a little bit more the tutorial Good luck
  11. Hum, i didn't realized the example file has "???" on it, sorry about that You should change those ??? with PRO1.DAT according to my tutorial. Of course you can name the boot file, what ever you what
  12. Hum... I did not know that thanks!
  13. Inno setup password for K-Lite Mega Codec Pack? I don't even know what you're talking about lol
  14. Hi, about the WPI, go to the WPI webpage and take a look at the tutorial provided. I believe it's explained there
  15. Yep, that's another simple way to do it I'll had it to the guide, thanks EDIT: The only problem is RunOnceEx runs at first logon, so it requires a reboot after first logon. If the applications installed don't need reboot, then it's actually a nice method Without RunOnceEx, all aplications, are installed at the T-13, so the first logon already has everything installed "rebootless" lol
  16. Hum... Not sure, but it seems CDShell has a new version and the scripting language may have changed. Try to search for that error at the CHShell site and fórum. If you find anything, please report back The tests i've been conducting on XP are almost over, i'll have a complete guide in 2 or 3 months
  17. Hi Hum... It didn't worked? Maybe you deleted cmd.exe with nLite... Try again, but in the "remove components" option, go to "Advanced" and in the "[Keep Box]" of nLite add "cmd.exe" so it doesn't get deleted. This is assuming you have used nLite, if you didn't, after installing that source, try looking for the cmd.exe file, maybe it's missing anyway.
  18. Hi all I want to let you guys know that I'm working on 2 projects right now, a XP CD and this Multi Boot DVD Guide. The XP CD will help me test some features I want to add to this guide, but I'm not sure if they work, so... testing is needed. The main goal is to make this an ultimate guide, covering the best methods, tools, and automations. I'm a fan of simplicity so I'll try to make the guide so making DVDs is as simple and fast as possible. My future updates will be: nLite, PowerPacker, XPize, WPI (and maybe others), Drivers (BTS's or not), and a FAQ. Hope you guys like it Anything, just ask
  19. Hi all I want to let you guys know that I'm working on 2 projects right now, a XP CD and the Multi Boot DVD Guide on my signature, and as so, this project will be on pause for me, for now. Nonetheless I'll be watching this topic closely and answer to all the questions you may have. You can still test for new files that can be deleted and I'll update the 1st post with them See you
  20. Hello dunkie12 The problem is very simple... You have DetachedProgram="cmd.exe /c @ECHO something>%SystemDrive%\DTPR.TAG" instead of DetachedProgram="%SystemRoot%\System32\cmd.exe /c @ECHO something>%SystemDrive%\XPPRO.TAG". Hope it helps
  21. Hello suta Maybe you have the wrong license key in winnt.sif?
  22. Hi both of you and welcome to MSFN First off, what you mean is multiple Operating Systems (OSs), not computers. You seem to want to make a multi boot Pen? Well, as far as i know, it's exactly the same as making a multi boot DVD but instead of recording a DVD, just transfer your source files to the Pen. You probably have to do some trick after that so the Pen files become bootable, you have to search that part for yourself. But i hope i gave you a pretty good start Good luck!

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