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  1. What I meant is that the variables can't have spaces, I wasn't talking about the content of the variables.

    The variable NAME can't have spaces in it (that's what I meant)


    And yep, new flash and new script needed.

    BTW, mimo, why does the script want rvkroots.exe in hfsvcpack? I slipstreamed with it in the HF folder and MU is happy, it doesn't ask for it.


  2. No, what i was saying is why don't you add the value directly from the reg file, something like this:

    Windows Registry Editor 5.00


    @="%systemroot%\system32\packager.exe /f"

    and just merge the reg file.

    Or this doesn't work either?

  3. @Mim0

    This reg file can be used instead of KB2603381 (HFSVCPACK_SW1):


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    "KB2603381"="cmd.exe /c \"reg.exe ADD HKCR\\Package\\protocol\\StdFileEditing\\server /ve /d %systemroot%\\system32\\packager.exe /f\""

    Why are you calling reg.exe from inside a reg file??? why not just add the registry value directly?

  4. @rulman:it works, already tried it.

    Made my updated CD, installed on a VM and MU only wanted the genuine notification crap, which I leave out intentionally.

    try again!


    PS: i'm talking with 2719985 in the HF folder.

  5. New flash player (yes, again!).

    This time it's version 11.3.300.262, please, mimo, be sure to update the script!


    Wait, for some reason, only the mozilla plugin was updated to 11.3.300.262, the AX version is still .257, maybe it'll be updated soon.

  6. Thx, Mimo. I must report a bug in the latest ver., though.

    I have 2681116 and the FC tells me it's obsolete, replaced by 2698707. That's OK. The problem is that the FC is ALSO asking for 2633952. This is wrong, 'cause this one is replaced by 2681116, which I DO HAVE.

    The fc should only ask for 2698707. If neither 2681116, nor 2698707 are present, only then the FC should ask for 2633952.

    Get my point?


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