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  1. of course, just edit the script and put that missing dot before "exe" and after "TRK"

    I found another typo. The script expects version 4.5.6000 of MRT instead of 4.6.6000...

    BTW, it is also flagging my WindowsXP-KB2681116-X86-ESN.exe as unknown

  2. Thx, Maxfutur for the explanation.

    Now we wait for mimo to get better and release an update to the FC.


    PD: I did not have 2282612 on my HF folder, only 975562, this needs to be specified, like "2631813 replaces 975562 AND/OR 2282612, depending on wich one you were using". I mean, for the ones that had 975562, it is replaced by 2631813, but for the ones using 2282612, but NOT 975562, it is also replaced by 2631813...

  3. there are some things that need clarification, like what is replaced by 2631813. According to MS bulletin, it replaces 975562, but according to dziubek, it replaces 2282612.

    And KB2585542, according to MS bulletin, it replaces 980436, but according to dziubek, it replaces KB971737 & KB2541763 .

    So, what is the final word on these ones?

    Plus, 2632503 is listed as optional...


  4. Mimo, the link on your site points to the version from dec 7, not to the one from dec 9.

    And so does the link on the post immediatelyt before this one.

    (I'm talking about the winxp version)


    PD: thx!

    PD2: the link for the 2k version points to the version from dec 5, not from dec 7.

  5. Mimo, I see you released a "silent" update on 16/11, I must tell you this version fails miserably. It closes immediately with an error of ") wasn't expected at this time". There's nothing on your site about this new version, no changelog, nothing.

    Please, fix it.


  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    What threw me off is that half the name was in english and the other half in turkish (Although I knew it was WUA). I think we shouldn't do partial translations of windows components, as it might lead to confussion...

    c ya around!

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