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  1. Mimo, got a question for ya...In one article, it says that 956803 is replaced by 2503665, but we've already replaced 956803 with a newer advisor, what should we do?

    does 2503665 also replace the one used to replace 956803? I believe it also updatd other files (not only the ones in 956803).

    Just a thought...


  2. Btw, thx for the links to the bulletins, Maxfutur, although several of 'em are wrong (I mean the description you put doesn't match the actual contents of the bulletins), sometimes they don't even apply to winXP. I guess M$ changed bulletin numbers at some point.

    (example: bulletin 5)

  3. Ok, done.

    Cab created and uploaded to my dropbox. Link is the same as before.

    PD: For some reason, my cabs are slightly bigger than the ones created by others...not sure why. Don't know how to make them smaller.

    in case someone is interested, I also made a package for HFSLIP64.

    link is here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7065652/HFSLIP64_PRE_SWFlash10.zip

    and, if you forgot, the link for hfslip package is this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7065652/SWFLASH.CAB

  4. ****! new version of flash player again!

    this time is

    I'll try to make a package for hfslip and up it to my dropbox ASAP.

    c ya!

    Oh, BTW, There's something that's been bothering me for ages, but I haven't said anything (until now)...

    The phrase "They need the installed and enabled KBxxxxx" really makes no sense in english...

    It should be something more like "They require (or need) KBxxxxxx installed and enabled" or "they require that KBxxxxxx is installed and enabled"

    or "they require KBxxxx to be installed and enabled"...


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