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  1. This stuff is really starting to p*** me off!!!

    After I ran the script succesfully for the third time, I changed the windows xp ed (pro to home) in SOURCE and ran the script again, only to get those **** "access denied" errors again!

    I stopped the process, removed all temp files and folders used by HFSLIP and ran the script again and this time, no errors. WTF?

    Then I changed editions again (home to pro OEM), ran the script, no problem.

    This is just more than I can handle. There's absolutely NO rational explanation for this!!

  2. Ok, did it. It was difficult, with that much info on the screen I had a hard time spotting the "access denied" messages, had to run it like 3 times.

    I finally got it. It seems there are several commands being "denied" for some reason, look at the attached image.

    c ya!


  3. Ok. Did it. Didn't work. Same problem. I even ran it with right click-->run as administrator.

    See attached

    Plus, when the error happens, the temporary folders used by the HFs are left behind in c:\ (with long names consisting of random letters and numbers).


  4. Yep, I read your edit after i replied. Sorry 'bout that.

    Why my documents? Wouldn't a folder created by me in c:\ have more privileges than any other?

    Like I said, it works sometimes. Sometimes it doesn't. And the failing updates are not always the same. It's ultra weird.

    I will try moving my hfslip folder to my docs (though I don't like having it inside another folder with spaces in its name).

    c ya!

  5. No, you didn't understand. I said RUN hflslip under win7. Not slipstream win7 updates...

    I use a folder on c:\ (c:\hfslip), away from all UAC crap. Plus, UAC is disabled. And it' s very weird, because it might work one time and fail the next. And not the same updates fail every time.

    Strange "acces denied" and "0 files processed/extracted" Errors appear. Running under XP/XP64 works perfectly.

    Those access denied errors probably happen while trying to de-compress the updates, but no idea why. Access denied to what? Create a folder? delete a folder? There's nothing in the log.

    c ya!

  6. it integrates fine for me. He probably has some other obsolete update messing things up.

    Oh, and BTW, I HIGHLY recommend running HFSLIP on an XP-based machine (or XP64). For me, it does NOT work correctly under Win7, several updates not slipstreamed due to mysterious "access denied" errors while processing them.

    And even more weird is that it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Plus, the updates with "access denied" errors are not always the same, sometime one update is correctly processed, but it will fail the next. It's really strange.

    It works perfectly on xp (32 or 64 bit).


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