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  1. Thanx, mimo. I still think the Ax killbits thingie is not right. Why on earth would the script ask for TWO updates, when one superseeds the other? It should only ask for the latest. It's just wrong.

    Your logic is wrong: IF 2736233 is not present, then it asks for both, BUT if BOTH are present, then one is flagged as unneeded??? That makes absolutely no sense at all! You can't have it both ways...

    thanx, anyway!

  2. thx, mimo!!!

    I already found a bug, though. When 2736233 is missing, the script asks for BOTH 2618451 AND 2726233 (both are Ax killbits). This is not right. It should only ask for the latest, which is 2736233.

    Oh, another bug, the script expects MRT v 4.11.6601 instead of v4.12.6601


  3. Ok, for some reason, it seems that rvkroots is not properly slipstreamed, even if MU/WU doesn't want it after installation.

    Patch tuesday and new flash.

    Get the cab here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/7065652/SWFLASH.CAB

    new HFs:

    IE8 272 2913, replaces previous cumm update.

    MRT 4.11 replaces 4.10

    271 2808

    270 5219

    273 1847

    the ones above replace 2718523, 961501 and 958644

    272 3135 this doesn't replace ay previous HF.

    Waiting for tyhe new version...

  4. Hi -X-

    It's a high-priority update.

    Where do you found this info?

    WU/MU lists 2728973 in the "important" list. It is also requested by automatic updates, it is definitely NOT optional.

    It needs a /2Q switch to install silently.

    It also installs silently when just running it w/o params. The problem is that the cmd-params doesn't fit for HFSVCPACK_SW1 and HFSVCPACK_SW2. So, for HFSLIP you have to put it to HFSVCPACK!

    I believe you're wrong, mimo, placing rvkroots in HF works perfectly. Please test it (I did). After installation, it's not requested by neither auto updates nor by visiting windowsupdate.com and neither as important, nor as optional.

    Please test it!!!

    CU, Mimo

  5. Mimo, I'm not talking about auto updates, I'm talking about entering windowsupdate.com. There, it's not required, neither as HP, nor as op. That's why I insist on this.

    Please test.

    btw, it's the same as with rootsupd.exe, same switches and works perfectly in HF.


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