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  1. What I've figured:

    MRT 5.2 Replaces 5.1

    IE8 2846071 replaces prev. cum. updt.

    2834886 supposedly replaces 2659262 (although the MS bulletin says it doesn't replace anything and after installing it, WU still wants 2659262)

    2845187 (according to explorer, it replaces 969395 which I didn't have)

    2850851 replaces 2829361

    and then

    2834904 wmp11

    Sorry, the new layout sucks. I wrote each update in a separate line, but this F#$%@%#^#% bb screwed it up.

  2. Weird, worked fine for me...

    Yes, because you don't have both missing at the same time, because you (probably) have KB2794119 since Jan 2013 in your HF-folder.

    I believe it's 'cause I only have ONE TZ update and it's always the latest (KB2829069 in this case)

  3. Hi!

    Hey, Mimo, I saw you updated the FC. Sadly, I have several bugs to report:

    First, FC is asking for 2618451, which is a really old update, already replaced by 2736233, which in turn was replaced by 2820197.

    Second, the FC doesn't seem to know about the latest root certifcates update (may 2013) and it asks for the previous version.

    other than that, thx and bye!

  4. Thx, Mimo.

    OBS: The checker should NOT ask for 2813347 if RDC7 is not used (just in case)

    Oh, another thing. The FC is asking for 2797052 (Ie8). this one is NOT NEEDED. it is replaced (along with the previous cum. update) by the latest cum. update.


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