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  1. Mimo, there's an inconsistency in the file checker that really needs checking.

    If I have KB2616310, it says that is not needed, because AD is not part of an standard xp install. So, I remove it and re-add 982000, but now it says that 982000 is obsolote, replaced by kb2616310...

    So, which is it????? You can't have it both ways. Like I said in a previous post, we were including 982000 for a reason, so If 2616310 replaces it, then 2616310 is required. Else WU will ask for 982000. Get the problem?

    We must know why 982000 was included in the firtst place. If it's required, then replacing it with 2616310 is ok. But if 982000 is not required, then both should be removed.

    I hope you can sort this out.

  2. Mimo, about 2616310. It replaces 982000, which -for some reason- we were including in the mix. So, I wouldn't rush into removing it just yet. If it replaces an already used update, we should first check the need for 982000 and then decide if 2616310 is needed or not.

    At least you should re-add 982000 to the list (since 2616310 replaced it).

    We really need to know if 982000 is really needed or not.

    just my $2 cents.

    Oh, and thx for the new ver.

  3. thx mimo!

    BTW, 888111 is NOT intended for XPSP3. It will refuse to install if running XPSP3. The KB article specifically mentions SP1 and SP2, but NOT SP3.

    Where did you get 2616310? MU is not asking for it. Only 2544893 and MRT (which you seem to have forgotten all about)

  4. First off thanks for the new version.

    On the other hand, when using the new version, it "updates" to an older version, from oct 6. Had to rename wget.exe to get the latest version working, otherwise, everytime I run it, it gets downgraded to the older ver.


  5. Mimo, that new control panel icon was already present on previous versions...I don't know if hfslip was able to handle the installation, but it was there when installing FP via the installer.

    Oh, and thx for the latest version!

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