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  1. Yeah, that seems passable.

    I think it should be tagged "optional", the script shouldn't flag it as "missing" when it's not present in HF and IF it is present, then it should display a warning about it and a tip that it needs to be activated via the registry...

    I also think this one should be handled separately to other advisories. This is a special one.

    IF advisories=0, then other useful advisories might be left out...

    just my $2c


  2. Thx, mimo!

    BTW, I see you still haven't done anything about KB2264107.

    This update should be moved to the "optional" list.

    MU/WU DOES NOT ASK FOR IT. IT IS NOT HIGH PRIORITY. It causes more problems than the one it supposedly fixes.

    What more do you need to change its status to optional?

  3. Well, as always, thanks, Mimo!

    BTW, I think you should do something about kb2264107 (the library loading thingie). I have NEVER seen a PC in which WU/MU Asks for it.

    It should be optional. Plus, as you probably know, this causes more problems than the one it supposedly solves....


  4. Mimo, the XML6 update should be removed. It is not part of a standard XP install. It is only needed when XML6 was installed by some third-party application.

    WU DOES NOT ask for it on a standard windows installation.


    EDIT. I just found out you made a silent update and now the FC is asking for 2779562. Didn't we JUST agree that it is replaced by 2794119???

    And, like I said, the XML6 update should be OPTIONAL, the FC shouldn't ask for it as a high-priority update.


    There's another bug in the FC:

    It says:

    "found 2728973, ...REPLACED BY 2798897..."


    And immediately after that:

    "Found 2798897..."


    this doesn't make ANY sense. The first one is absolutely unnecessary.

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