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  1. I dont have my Dart image handy,lost my usb drive with it, so i could be wrong, but two things pop into my minds, after what Tripredacus said about it not seeing the hard drive 1) the tools are specific to version and bit ness of windows, ie you can only use Dart 8.0 32-bit on Windows 8 32-bit, but that will not work on win7 64-bit 2) I believe you have to log into the version of windows that is loaded for it to see the restore points. I remember it props for a login of windows.
  2. Integrate MDOP DART Tools with Custom PE3 boot disk

    I have done something similar in which I took all four of the .wim files and put them on one media(in my case as usb key) one i copied then and renamed them I edited the bcd menu and added each so it will present a menu that I can select either 32 or 64 bit version of dart for either win7 or vista
  3. the only way to do if the internal drive is dead is to get an external drive to install it from.
  4. Multi Bood Cd/DVD

    thanks for the answers. RecCons or repair install: yeah, was not going to plan to add the winnt.sif, so ok at least this will work. SFC: Crud. that was the biggest reason why I wanted to do this. May just have to build a cd and try it out to see what happens. Cause I got to thinking that if i did an install or repair install, it would modify there the source path is for windows and then wouldn't be able to use the regular xp cds
  5. Multi Bood Cd/DVD

    Now I understand how the mutliboot cd/dvd work in principle for install windows, but do have a few questions 1) how would they work for doing a repair install of windows, ie during the setup it fine windows and you select "R" for repair? 2) how do they work / would they work for when you need to run the system file checker (sfc /scannow) The reason why im askings, is because right now we have 5 cds at work when we works on customers machines, home, home sp1, home sp2, pro sp1, pro sp2 and would like to condence this down to 1 or 2 cds, only if they 2 questions above work fine thanks
  6. Running VirtualPC

    There is an option in the in the unattened/winnt.sif file that controls if you want to partition it or not. If you want to partition set the AutoFormat = 1 which will use the first available partition or set it to =0 to select.
  7. Loading Erd Commander 2003 Into Ram...

    as far as any differances is, instead of having to load allthe programs off the cd, it will load it all into ram, making it faster to open up the program. disadvantages is that you need alot of system ram on the machine to beable to do it effectively. I remember reading that 512MB or more is recommended.
  8. SATA driver needed or not?

    Yeah, Sata drivers can get confusing. But i'll try to clear it up. There are 3 scenarios that they come into play 1)sata intergated in your chipset (in your case PX865PE Pro (82801EB ICH5)) and you have a single, or 2 drives hooked up (no raid), you dont need to load any additinal drivers.(other than the intel chipset drivers) 2)sata RAID intergrated in you chipset (ich5 has raid0 option) which you will have to either intergrate the raid drivers onto the cd for text mode setup or load from a floppy (usually there is a floppy creator on the cd) 3)3rd party sata/sata raid controller intergrated on the board but not in the chipset which you will have to either intergrate the raid drivers onto the cd for text mode setup or load from a floppy. Dahak
  9. Update Rollup 1

    Hi, im new to these forums, found out about them through looking for a good unattend install guide, which you guys have a good one. The main question I have is, for the Update Rollup 1, after downloading and install the 9mb install file it doesnt seem to have updated anything for me. I have a slipstreamed SP1 Install cd done(fresh install), and before and after install the Update Rollup 1, the number of critical/recommended updates has not changed at all. I haven tried intergrating it into the unattened install and still really no difference in it.