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  1. All links to boooggy slipstreamer are broken! What happened guys?
  2. Hi all! I am running IIS5.1 (Win XP pro). My domain currently point to my ip port 8080. (Port 80 is not avaible because of being used for other purpose). What should I do to get that domain to point to my FTP server (port 21)? For examples: Nomarlly if http:// server uses default port (80), I can reach my ftp folder by just changing protocol to ftp://mydomain for link to my ftp server. (Serv-U). But in this case: My http:// server can be reached from internet only through http://mydomain:8080. Then I currently can not reach my ftp folder through ftp://mydomain. Thanks for any direction.
  3. I failed integration of XP SP2 because of this error: Failed to copy some or all of the files necessary for integrated install . Please check that : a) No network or copy errors occurred during the integration process b) The format of the destination directory is correct . The files to be integrated must reside in an i 386 and /or ia64 or nec 98 directory .e .for an 386 share , if you typed "update /s:c :\cdshare ", the files must be in the :\cdshare \386 directory ). (I Ctrl + A to select all files within my CD and copy it as instruction. I followed step by step) I only succeeded after getting nLite do it for me. Anyone tell me what is the problem. Thanks
  4. Ahaa . Thank you all for very good ideas. I will try like this: 1. Follow either Raiden or Swampy to make a folder or archive file containing my favorites. 2. Creat a executable file to do copy (extract) my favorites to replace default favorites in windows account. (Prompt for replacement may be good for me) 3. Follow Astalavista to creat a winnt.sif file to call above exe file once when first login. Does it sound ok? I will try to see if it works.
  5. Hi all! I have some experience using windows but I find a lot of interesting tips here. Let's share and make using of windows less... painful
  6. Hello everyone! I didn't find out any information about "how to put my customized IE favorites in to windows setup CD". The point is that I have my own collection of links in Internet Explorer' Favorites, I want to put it in windows setup CD to get in automatically added everytime I reinstall Windows. Does it sound good? Help me please!

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