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  1. Modify Profile File and Generate a New Checksum

    I agree its been rather unreliable for me also. Thanks Johan
  2. Does anyone know how to generate a new checksum for the WINPE_PROFILE file that is created with wpeutil SaveProfile. WINPE_PROFILE V1.0 x86 07/25/2012:22:18:32 6.1.9200 3CB257D9 I would appreciate any help you could provide.
  3. Winpe 3.1 networking issue

    A 169.xxx.xxx.xxx network address means your adapter is configured for DHCP and cannot connect to a DHCP server. 1. What type of network do you have? 2. Do you have a DHCP server and if so what are you using ie router, Windows Server 2012 etc.?
  4. Winpe 3.1 networking issue

    I have listed some tips for you that will hopefully be helpful. 1. You need to build the network drivers into WinPE with DISM Dism /image:R:\mountdir /Add-Driver /Driver:K:\driverdirectory\driver.inf 2. 'winpeinit' initializes WinPE and then 'wpeutil InitializeNetwork' initilizes the network. startup.cmd example @echo off wpeinit wpeutil WaitForRemovableStorage wpeutil InitializeNetwork ipconfig /all 3. 'but then PE automatically gives a 169 addres, says that it is an unknown network and wont show me the prompt to choose what type of network.' This is a common symptom of Windows machines which have been configured for DHCP but for whatever reason are unable to contact a DHCP server.
  5. Portable Windows 7 build from Winpe 3.0

    Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) fully supports WinPE x86 as you will see when you download the package. I'm excited to follow your progress.
  6. The Windows 8 Developer Preview provides some interesting insite into the next version of WinPE. The system32 directory file versions are 6.2.8102.0 dated 8/23/2011. If you use VMWare Workstation to test you will need version 8 which was released today. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps/br229516