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  1. Do MSFNers use Windows 10 with updates enabled?

    1. Win10-Hater


      Hello again sir.

      I used to use Windows 10 with updates enabled from 2018 until last year. Back then, I was not very knowledgeable about how Windows 10 updates were bad and useless and was fooled by Microsoft's announcements on "new features and security fixes". And, oh boy, the way it restarted every time without the user's consent to install crappy updates was horrible!! I can vividly remember the day when it restarted to install version 1809 during an online exam and when it deleted personal stuff from my HDD after installing that update. Luckily I had that stuff backed up to an external HDD and also to the cloud, so a disaster was averted! You can never trust Windows 10 and the MS of today, don't you think?

    2. xpclient


      Yes I disable all updates. If I feel to need to go to a recent/supported version, I do manual upgrade then disable updates again. This strategy has worked so far to keep my system very stable.

    3. UCyborg


      They're disabled, I prefer updating manually when noting else is being done on the machine. I run what was supposed to be the last version of Win10 1809 before EOS at work laptop and my personal laptop. They were on older builds for months and I figured few bug fixes there and there won't hurt, in the odd chance that I run into them.

      Main desktop is still on November 2019 build of Win 1909. Maybe I'll update to the later cumulative update at some point.

      Not sure about later builds. MS just keeps messing with Explorer and there hasn't been any under the hood change that I'd take along with Explorer's giant search bar.

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