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  1. I will keep using it for a long time ahah
  2. Cff explorer and hex editor, simply them.
  3. Yes, I can add them to the new ntoskrnl, but before to start it, I need to hear your user's opinions, because there are users who want to keep the original nt4's ntoskrnl (and it is right,ahah), so I wait to see more comments on what do and then I will decide.
  4. Yes, I notied that ahah... I will keep using the nt4's one. It will take more time tough.
  5. Ok, I will keep working with the original one It will takes some time. BTW, frankly speaking, I'm working using the last sp6a, I haven't applied the latest security updates, so the reply is no for now... I don't exclude to get it work with them in the future.
  6. Yes, I was very busy with work last months. From next week, I will return to work at the project :)
  7. It starts also on nt 4.0 with my kernelex, even if the graphic is buggy.
  8. Yes, it is. Sorry to be late, I have not worked much at this project in these few months because of busy life, but from next week I will work on it again. Here is a screenshot of working basilisk from roytam (released yesterday). The graphic is really buggy as you can see, I need to work on it... But at least, it starts... I'm trying to get also chrome to work. I'm evaluating to use user32 and gdi32 and win32k from the first betas of nt5.0 because they have all the updated functions to display text, styles correctly, but it seems that we need to use also the ntoskrnl from that beta because the the old ntoskrnl from nt 4.0 is too old, and here is a question for you users... Do you mind if we use the new ntoskrnl.exe from a earlier beta of nt 5.0? I ask you this because I want your opinion about this. If you say no, I will keep working with the nt 4.0's ones, but it will takes some more time.
  9. Dibya, is it in your plan to support pure uefi on windows xp? I have a surface pro and some bay-trail tablets and I want to install xp on them... The problem is that they haven't legacy boot :/
  10. Yeah, it will take a while. I don't give you a release date since I don't know, I will update this topic when it is ready.
  11. No, you can still install NT 4.0 by creating a small partition in the installation setup and then once you have installed the system, you install the sp6 and you create a new partition with disk administrator. https://support.toshiba.com/support/viewContentDetail?contentId=108432
  12. Sorry, you have to wait a bit longer, probably for August.. I'm in vacation now and I don''t have time to work on it. BTW, I'm running it on a Pentium 4 with ACPI disabled.
  13. Ahah I know, just a bit of patience.. I'm waiting also for your kernel for xp ahah. I have some news, I have backported several functions from the ntoskrnl of a beta and now we can use new user32 and gdi32 that can display without glitches new softwares, the old ones had a lot of old functions and it was impossible to operate. The first release, as I said before, is scheduled for the first term of July (between 7 and 10 of july ) ^_^
  14. I finally managed to get also new versions of Basilisk work on windows NT 4.0 with my kernelex, now they work new versions of firefox too (up to 52.0 for now). The first release of my kernelex will be on the first term of July. Be patient, I'm working hard to get newer software and drivers working on it :)

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