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  1. Why won't my 3D flip not working?

    Well how do I get the glass effect back, I kinda changed it. Thank-you to everyone who helped I got it to work.
  2. Which OS are you?

    Woot XP
  3. Why Longhorn? Some facts behind the codename

    Lol, Microsoft have really stupid names for their software or OS's.
  4. I have looked all over the internet with lot's of different solutions I have tried all but there is this one that I am sure that it will work but I keep getting a error. I will give you all a link. http://help.live.com/EN_US/HelpWindow_msg....&v4=DH_FREE That is the the link but when you go to the last one, Reregister the SSL security libraries the REGSVR32 softpub.dll will work with a success and the second one REGSVR32 wintrust.dll doesn't. I have ran RegCure a few times and CCleaner (the registry part) and it still hasn't fixed it. My current version is 8.5 beta 2, it is not the version I am using because I have tried previous ones and it still doesn't work. Any other solutions?
  5. Why won't my 3D flip not working?

    It says I am using Windows Vista theme, so when I search it I find the aero in the theme files and use it. It still says Windows Vista, so can anyone give me their download to their aero theme?
  6. Looking at doing up a computer

    Ok thanks, links work for me and that is pretty cheap on what I want thanks guys. Any more ideas?
  7. Why won't my 3D flip not working?

    Ok thanks people but yes I am not id*** and am using the windows logo on the screen, that's why. Jokes on the keyboard, also how can I see if Windows Aero is running?
  8. Universal Extractor

    Thanks man. Testing now. I been looking for a universal extractor.
  9. Well I understand that the way to open your 3D flip view is start button(windows logo) and tab, I do that and it don't work. My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium so is it for certain bits, like 32x,64x or 86x?
  10. what's your computer's performance?

    I only got a one, but it says it hasn't been rated yet. It kinda sucks so I am gonna do up another one.
  11. Sorry about my old topic (http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=103581) please delete if you have to. Well I am looking at doing up a desktop computer and I want the really up to date stuff. Well not the latest but a little bit below it. So I occasionally play games so a medium video and graphics card, a really good processor, a really good motherboard, I am looking at about a few gig ram, case I really don't care so really most other things up to date. I am willing to pay not to much but still keep up to date, here's the website. http://www.thediscshop.com.au/ EDIT: I forgot to tell you all that all those prices are in AUD, Australian Dollars and I am looking at getting Windows Vista (either home premium or ultimate, ultimate more likely) or Windows XP.
  12. What should I get?

    Well I got a old 346 out the back and at this very moment I actually got a Toshiba Notepad but now I want a Desktop Computer to do up for whatever needs. So I am getting a new case for that and a new monitor since it will be cheaper the going out and buying a whole new computer with all the stuff I want in it. So I am mainly looking for a new Processor and a new Motherboard really. I am Australian so I would like to mostly here from Australians so yer these are the ones my brother suggested to me. MOTHERBOARDS Gigabyte GSM5754-54 Asus P5b-MX-Wifi Foxconn P9657AA-8K52H Asus M2N4-54 Asus M2N-54 Deluxe MSI K9N-54-Platinum PROCESSORS AMD Sempron 3200 AMD Athlon x2 5200 I am not to sure yet but I might get a graphics card so here are some my brother also recommended. Manli 7300GT PCI-E 256 CRT Manli 8500GT PCI-E 256 DUI Manli 7600GT Yer so I am kinda like to Intel Processors more than the AMD so I was wondering what you guys think. Also If you can, can you try to find some reviews on them, I found one on the Intel Processors and all so don't worry about them and also if you find a price can you tell me if it's like AUD or USD and so on thanks guy's in advance. EDIT: Also I am looking for some good 320 Gig hard drives if not about 160 Gig. I'm out
  13. I like the first one They are madness! So I gonna download them all and put them across my computer!
  14. How do I find out if I have 64x or 86x

    Yer I found it thanks, and thanks Shark and DL.
  15. G'day from Aussie!

    WOW! If bebygirl is member number 151 878 and I am 151 856 that means over 20 people have joined overnight for me! Fast growing forums and welcome bebygirl and thanks for welcoming me.