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  1. I want my username to be changed to sevenalive Same username just remove the space and make it all lower case.
  2. I need to remove aim from my contact info, I looked everywhere in edit profile, I see msn, yahoo, gtalk, etc, but no AIM option. Yet on my profile under contact info, it shows aim. I am getting tons of IM spam, so I am going through all the sites I'm registered at and removing it.
  3. I only have 1 issue and that's with windows media center. I only removed the sample music, video and photo components and the issue I have is mcupdate crashes so I cannot get guide updates or internet tv/netflix. It also wont connect to my xbox 360 extender. Anyone have this issue. I just ran my untouched Win7SP1 technet iso in a v, and media center is fine. I am pretty sure it has to do with the sample media components.
  4. New Topic button on mouse over image is broken. Overall this theme makes it look cluttered and strains the eyes reading content.
  5. I have a file that can't be downloaded, it throws a 404 error, even though the permissions are correct and the file exists. Seems to be an issue with '.pl' in the name. http://sevenupdate.com/apps/MPCHCx64/mpcresources.pl.dll - does not work http://sevenupdate.com/apps/MPCHCx64/mpcresources.nl.dll - works fine Anybody have an idea why .pl won't work?
  6. You could just ignore the version completely and just use SHA1 or CRC32 hashes instead to compare the main exe file. Seems like it would solve your issue.
  7. +1 for True Image, wouldn't trust anything else. MS Own backup utlity is fine for backing up data weekly, but for entire images, your better off with True Image.
  8. Yes there is: go to %appdata% Now copy the Apple Computer folder to a backup location. Now go to %localappdata% and copy Apple Computer to another backup folder (make sure you copy it to another folder and if you get any overwrite prompts you did it wrong) Now go to c:\programdata, backup the apple and apple computer folders, make sure you backup the folder in a different location than the other 2. Now when you reformat just copy the folder over before or after you install iTunes. What you should do the next time you reformat, make 2 partitions, one for system and programs and another for data. Then you can move all of your personal folders (my music, my pictures, my videos, downloads etc) onto the 2nd partition (usually d:). Then you can hold the SHIFT key down and start iTunes. iTunes will then prompt you to pick a location to store the library files. I picked D:\iTunes. Then I moved all of my music and such there. That is better because the default would be your my music folder, but iTunes store videos, iPhone apps and other junk in your music folder, which just should be for music. That is why I suggest d:\ iTunes, because iTunes will then create d:\ iTunes\music, d:\ iTunes\movies, etc. Then you add go to your my music folder and add d:\ iTunes\music as a default location. I know that's a lot to handle, but I think you will be fine. Also another suggestion, When you reformat again, get acronis true image or even use windows backup and create an image of the system. I did this. I installed my essential apps and configured settings and imaged my machine. So now instead of formatting I restore the image, update programs and any changes i need to make and immediately update the image. Way faster and easier than reformatting all the time. PLus if you keep your data on a separate partition you won't lose anything when you reformat
  9. Look at your D Partition security if the folders have locks on them, you need to edit the security so the Users group and read/write/execute/modify access. By default users only have read/execute. Your getting that error because iTunes cannot create or edit files in your music location. You need the correct the security of the whole D partition. I have the same setup. I all of the personal folders (music, videos, documents, favorites, links, etc) to the D partition. If that does not work, hold the shift key and open iTunes, keep it open. iTunes will now allow you to pick the location where your library file is or create a new one in your music folder.
  10. I am getting a weird error with the Windows Experience Index. It says i Multimedia is not supported. I removed ringtone/music files in the package. Removed Windows Anytime Upgrade. Removed Tablet PC components. My guess it's the ringtone/music files. I didn't remove the entire media feature. Anyone else run into this problem. Confirmed: Removal of Library files, music and ringtone files cause WEI to state no multimedia components installed and it cannot be run. Those packages might actually have something else releated.
  11. Great work, probably couldn't of done it better myself.
  12. Thanks guys for your interest. Ya i switched over to the beta of VS, which is really nice to develop in. I am in the process of converting over the UI from WinForms to WPF and ill see which direction i want to take, stick with WinForms, or move to WPF, which is what MS is planning to do. With RC2, translation support is there in the SUI format, however the SDK and Seven Update have to be updated still to use it. Once i decide if i want to stick with WinForms, or go with WPF, ill finish up the translation support. @Yonah What you can do is grab the SDK and make SUI files for the programs you want to maintain. Then create a SUA file for your SUI. After Seven Update is installed, run the SUA file and it will add the SUI to the list for that machine (make sense)? What you will need though is webspace to host the files. Seven Update determines if a file needs updated by the SHA 1 Hash. So basically yes, Seven Update will be able to do what you need. However Firefox will keep asking for the user to update unless you turn off it's built in update checking method. Right now i am working on bringing Seven Update and the SDK to a 1.0 release. I need to finish the translation support and fix any remaining bugs before that happens. Seven Update does support automatic updating without user interaction, so a system administrator can have systems updated without physically visiting machines.
  13. I made a script to remove the entries for Adobe Drive CS4 and adobe acrobat reader, aka Combine files in Adobe PDF. I also added the ability to remove the Microsoft Office Addins aka PDF Maker Toolbars. The addins are not stable for Office 07 and cause the Macro security popup in word. Update: 5/18 Removed the Combine files in adobe PDF for folders also! Run the bat file and it does the rest. It does not harm or modify Adobe CS4 at all. Works for both x86 and x64 systems Download here: Remove_CS4_Spam.zip
  14. Can you add in nerocmd.exe so programs can use the nero burning engine. I am using dvdfab and i don't want to use VSO since it installs drivers and it screws up my system. I rather use nero, but it needs the nerocmd.exe file. i really don't want to install the bloat.
  15. The only thing you can do is submit to the av companies the infected file. That's why i don't use the anti programs, they are only good if they rules are in their database. You could be infected right now and not even know it, as long as there isn't mass distribution how will anyone know? For example, I can create a virus and embed it into any file i want and send it to ya. You run the program or whatever, you know nothing. Since i didn't wide release and and as long as it's not noticable, you would never know. Here is what you could do in the future: DeepFreeze or other solution Format, reinstall, set it up then create an image, so in the future if this happens, restore the image, update, and update the image (best solution). Don't get infected. Virus Total is a good tool, i run untrusted software through there all the time, but i still run it in a VM.
  16. Beta 2 and SDK is released!!!
  17. You can't. The filesystem must be NTFS for it to have that function. Phones have FAT or even FAT32. Did you try Large icon view instead of thumbnail view?
  18. Well i know you don't want to change, but TrueCrypt is free and is the leading open source encryption program. I love it, i use a keyfile on a usb stick instead of a password. So when i leave my laptop, i take out the USB - which also doubles as readyboost in vista, so nobody can access my files if my laptop is stolen.
  19. There was a way, but not CS3, however on photofiles, you can right click and press edit with photoshop and it will open it. Or you can right click, open with, select photoshop, and check that default box. Do that for each pic file type. Honestly to preview photos or open them for viewing, just use Windows photo gallery, or the vista equivalent.
  20. OK honestly thats wrong. Do run CCLeaner, but no need to reboot or go into safemode. You don't need that other crap. Go ahead and uninstall WLM, and also grab the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller, run that, check add/remove and remove adobe flash from their also. Run CCleaner again, running reg and drive cleaning, do reg a few times until no more issues. Then reinstall see if that works. My bet is a plugin with the browser or setting conflicting. So removal of WLM, and reinstall should clear it up.
  21. I own It Takes Time.org (http://ittakestime.org) It started out as an anti ITT Tech site, but then members wanted a place for other for-profit schools, so i expanded the site to include the Top 3, the rest of them and also Community Colleges and State Universities. Students can post their experiences with various aspects of the school they are attending. This will soon be the best resource on helping students pick a college thats right for them. They can share experiences, photos, videos, and write articles. I also have dedicated articles section for the For-profit schools (ITT Tech, Devry, UoP.....). The for-profit sections are mostly negative. I believe they are a scam and people should think twice and do the research before attending any school. Anyway, come and visit us at http://ittakestime.org
  22. Get hosting. Get phpbb 3, 2 sucks! If not hosting, at least get a domain.
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