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  1. Vista SP1 Checksum Boot Fail

    SOLVED: It appears to have been a faulty stick of ram. Have changed out the ram and it works.
  2. Doing a fresh install on a laptop. Install Windows Vista Home Premium. Install SP1 from standalone installer. It installs and restarts, then does the boot updates. Then it restarts again and before I get any sign of Windows I get this error "The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum." I ran a startup repair and it found nothing. I did a system restore to before SP1 and it did nothing. I ran a full chkdsk on the drive and it found nothing. I re-installed Vista serveral more times after that and tried different downloads of SP1 and each time the same error appears after installing SP1. Any ideas? Need more info then please ask!
  3. Vista 64bit Crashing

    Thank will look into those Whilst he was trying to back-up his files he got this BSOD
  4. Vista 64bit Crashing

    My brothers PC has start to BSOD and so i tried to load the System Repair by placing the Vista disc and restarting the PC but when I did this it first froze, the i hit reset and tried again and this time i got a BSOD with STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error} The initial session process or system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000000 (0xc0000221 0x00100390). The system has been shut down. Any clues on a simple(ish) fix.... or what's cuasing it??.... I will of cause try to provide all the Info you need Thanks in Advanced for any help
  5. Sorry if in wrong section, please move if needed! After watching a video or listening to Music on WMP, I then try to cut and paste the file somewhere else or delete it but I can't because WMP hasn't closed (it's waiting in background) and released the file.... I have to keep going into Task Manager and close WMP there....... Any clues on how to solve this???
  6. Locking Window Preview

    Ahh ok then, if it was only a Beta thing then They should really put that back into it!
  7. iTunes Library file cannot be saved.

    I am currently having to resort to remaking my "Music" Folder after trying the other options..... should only take a few hours hopefully.......... Will report back with results
  8. Locking Window Preview

    I seem to remember in Windows 7 Beta there was this feature of when you hover over an icon in the taskbar a preview window would open.... like it does in the current version.... but there was the ablilty to lock or pin the preview so it didn't vanish after moving your mouse off it..... This was useful for watching movies whilst on the net or writing a document......... Is there a way to do it in the retail version?? Or was it something i imagined????? Any more info you need i'll provide the best i can! Thanks in advance for any help
  9. After installing iTunes on Windows7 everytime i use it this message pops up [see Below] I have checked out many of the ideas on the web already..... My music is saved on my D:\ Partition.... Any ideas that might help......
  10. No Display Output

    The problem seems to resolved itself..... and now it appears a fualt stick of RAM was to blame......... altough it did do the same with working RAM from another system....... weird..... anyway this can now be closed and thanks for the help
  11. No Display Output

    I've recently built myself a new machine and sold the old bits to my dad I take his graphics card and his RAM and transplant into my old machine..... i also bought him a new PSU Put it all together and wire it up correctly and get no output for the moniter, it stays in standby...... I take back the graphics and RAM and try his machine again.... works fine.... I asume that the MB has died somehow as it's over 3yrs old and never really been shut off and i've been storing it for him for about a month and it might have gotten knocked around So we buy a new MB and Processor and fitt it all back together, just booted it up and........ nothing a blank screen.... I know that the Graphics work, RAM works, MB and Processor not the issue as they are brand new, and the PSU is also new, never been used..... Any Ideas???? Any help would be great, happy to give more details if needed aswell Cheers
  12. This file does not seem to exist

    The file is a generic file.... (From my dad's Family Tree Program) I says it has a mass of 4.71mb but at the same time 0.00kb Have tried all those suggestions before....... with no sucess
  13. Ok so i'm trying to tidy up my External HDD and i come across an old Backup and i delete it all apart from one file that won't Delete........ I have tried using CMD Commands, Killbox and FileASSASSIN....... When trying to delete in Killbox i get File Error 'This file does not seem to exist', I've looked around the net and found nothing.......... I would prefer not to Format if possible Any ideas? Any help would be nice! Need more info? then just ask
  14. The Default Gateway is not available

    I'm suprised that people are still getting this problem as i had it with an early Beta and when all Network Drivers we very early betas aswell I would have thought by now that between nVidia and Microsoft they would have sorted this.....
  15. The Default Gateway is not available

    I have since gone back to vista but i did manage to fix it.......... but i used the Beta Drivers.......... but if you say you have tried them then ok Only other thing is to Get the beta driver and fully uninstall the current drivers then install it fresh hope this helps