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    logon help

    That is weird because the logon screen should not affect that. I created it by the way. anyway here is how 2 fix it. if u got tweakui for xp sp1+ then go 2 users and select auto login, then type in ur username. if u dont then go 2 control panel, user accounts. make sure u r the only user, no guest user or asp.net user if u have a asp.net user then delete the account, it is useless 2 u and it wont harm anything hope that helps, tweakui is cool, hise thee shortcut arrow, hide drives from my computer, hise control panel iscons u dont use and more! TWEAKUI
  2. me and xpero are working out a way to do it. LordWarlock, check ur pm
  3. Work together? I have already made a program that installs all the logons, and a program that you can use over and over to switch them instanlty, it even provides screenshots. The only problem is i used Realbasic 2005 update 5 trial. so when anyone runs the program it displays "this was made with a demo of realbasic 2005, this program will expire in X days and also in 5 minutes. I need a serial/key of RealBasic 2005 so it wont have this problem. I am currently thinking of building it in VB6. Realbasic and VB6 do not require any programs since VB6 runtimes are already on XP. What that file sounds like is a virus or trojan. I did not authorze this eblue.exe and there is no way he could do what he claims it can. I encrypt and protect my files, no reverese or resourse hacking.
  4. ok, what the hell??????????? For one thing, there is no possible way for anyone to take my logons, take the resources out and use them to patch the logonui in windows. 1. it is encrypted and protected 2. i made my own script, if u can get the images, it doesnt matter, it wont look or work right. it sounds like you took my logons, took a screeenshot and duplicted the images and tried to make it work. for anyone who wants different languages/colors. you can get them all here, languages colors specified in descripton. its an rar file (u need winrar). Shortly xpero will host this rar file along with registry scripts for easy changing. Please remove your download
  5. how do i take a long number ex. 40.344644 and make it to 40.3 basically round it. any ideas
  6. @XPero How come you use the offical royale/ I am not taalking about the one Microsoft release for tablet pc users. (That one has the wrong shell styles0 Instead have the original luna (dont modify luna at all) amd put in the offical royale found from microsoft new zealand. (its offical, no bugs, and its a zip file for all xp OS's) Combining Luna + Royale has no benifit at all,. it actually slows performance down a bit. When you have luna on its a 4mb file add roylae its 5 or 6. If you are just gonna use royale. Have the 1-2mb file. Faster and easier.
  7. Well I just updated the package at my site. . I updated the icons and the installer, i got the full version now!!!! SO most of the "nag screens" are gone. You will still get the nag screens when you start up the logon changer. I need the professional version of real basic 2005 release 3. IF someone could buy me one or give me one, it would be appreciated. That way there would be no more nag screens. I could use visual basic 2005 express, but it required .net framework 2.0 beta 2. ZVisual studio is in beta so it is not the ideal platform yet. At least the installer does not bug you anymore, thanks for that full version!!! When you uninstall, it will bug you, it is not the uninstaller but the realbasic program i made for the uninstaller. - uninstall2.exe is a legitmate program, i made it, it reset the logon screen back to windows defualt. anyway, what do you guys think, i tried to make it as user friendly as i could
  8. this is an old topic, please do not read admin, please delete thread the energy logons installer can be found here http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/24324914/
  9. I have released the new final versions of energy blue, green and silver. they all can be found at sevenalive.deviantart.com you can also find my other work. anyway that is the final version, xpize will be released shortly with the final version, but if you cannot wait, then you can get it now. Also i will be releasing/adding/updating the tranlation version within a few days, i have 2 go 2 my college class now. See you guys later!!!
  10. Ok i have updated and addes the tranlsations you can get them at my website sevenalive.deviantart.com go down to energy logons multi-language INSTRUCTIONS: Put Logonui.exe in a rar archive and email it to me at sevenalive@gmail.com I can't allow zip files becuase of gmail blocks zip files with exe's in them.
  11. sevenalive

    Logon screen

    not sure what you mean by that. I created the logon screen. I am thinking about changing the black and just keeping the frame green. But then the user pic frame would change when it is normal or mouse over. so it would be harder for people to distinguise between account selection except by name
  12. sevenalive

    Logon screen

    I used black for non mouse over features, and white for mouse over. The user picture background the green and black. That is internal is the script. The black is normal and green is mouse over, in the next release of xpize ( i assume xpize 4.0 final as the current version is 4.0 rc1) i thinned the black lines.
  13. Not true, system restore recovers any files that were changed/deleted since the restore point was created, lets say you create a restore point and that time you have an essay calle essay.doc, a few days later it gets deleted for w/e reason. IF you use system restore it recover that essay. Lets not get confused with word's recovery feature. system file checker yes will restore system files, thus undoing xpize changes.
  14. FIRST off THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!! Anyway i still havent decided on a wmp skin, green n silver visual styles or the boot screen. the WMP skin would be the hardest, the design part is hard. I was thinking, royale style play, pause, stop, etc buttons. Kind of like the button scheme used for shutdown, > and ? in my logon screens. I could do a blue version of my sig and use that for visualization effects but, i like wmp skins 2 be slim but useful. Boot screens are limited in colors and design, however i think i can make a sweet looking 1. Visual styles would be the easiest. I know you guys love my radio/checkboxes/userpicframe. Now there are 2 ways i can go about this, either make green and silver the sme as the logons, or lighter. So what do ya guys think. ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I have started my own message board, because i need one and msfn prolly doesnt want me taking up everything. ANyway my message board is the official place to talk about my work, it has download links, you guys can request stuff, and comment their. I would appreciate you guys going there, it woud be better their than here both for me and msfn. my message boards so thanks guys and keep on supporting me, for now on please use my message board. HMM Maybe MSFN would Give me my own Board
  15. Official Translation Request Thread Updated:I have done German and Italian and danish The download is a zip file containing folders which aee grouped by language. i will continue to update as i add more languages energy Logons Multi-Language Here is what you do. First put your original SP2 Logonui.exe in a zip file and email it to me. assuming you have the language version of which you are requesting. the logonui is located in c:\windows\system32. my email is sevenalive@hotmail.com When i am done with it, i will notify you and post a download link In order for me to translate i need the original logonui. Thanks for all of your support! i will update my progress here and post donwload links for all completed translations. hmm i could charge people but i am not that way!
  16. Ya i took it off, becuase i didn't think it was wanted. OK to anyone who wants to request a translation please do the folllowing Locate your original logonui.exe in c:\windows\system32\ put it a zip file and email it to me, in the email tell me what color scheme and what is the language. Once i am done with it, i will notify you and send you the download link. Thanks for the support of everyone. Please note, my logonui's are built on service pack 2. If you do not have SP2, Then my logonui's will not work correctly
  17. I was thinking of it but i have noticed that in XPize 4.0 beta 2 and Xpize 3.2 they both have Royale Mods and they have the green and silver color schemes. But they dont have my modifications to the checkboxes, radios, and pic frames If i get enough requests and support, than i will do it. I thank you for your support. I was thinking about making a boot screen - boot screens however are limited in design and colors. also I was thinking of doing a WMP Skin in the "energy" theme. Even tho Microsoft made one, it is too big and it is for tablet edition. I used it on a xp pro machine and it does not work correctly. So What Do ya Guys think.
  18. My logon screen is only used in xpize 4 beta 2. it will be in all later releases of 4 and beyond too. It sounds like a 3.2 problem. So download xpize 4.0 beta 2 at xpero.msfn.org I havent had any problems with xpize 4.0 beta 2. i would unintsall xpize 3.2 then install 4.0 beta 2. also if you wish not to do so here is what you can do to restore your system but you must have your windows xp cd and the full install file of sp2 extracted on your harddrive anyway go to start>run> type in exactly sfc /scannow make note of the space between the "/" and "sfc" this will scan for modifed system files and replace them with the originals this will not undo any hotfixes or service packs. Hope this helps. The xpize 4.0 beta 2 and beyond have my logon screen. which is totally different than xpize 3.2.
  19. hello, i created the logon screen, for xpize 4 beta 2 and above The logon screen is not the problem, logon screens are named logonui.exe login.exe is another program probably for the doain login type. Are you installing it on an admin account, what xp version are you using?
  20. XPize Beta 2 Has my logon screen My logon screen is resolution independent, has scrollbars (when needed) and works in safe mode. I have made 2 other colors to go with royale silver and royale green - found in xpize - check them out at myGallery - i know i am advertising my logon screens - oh well! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am currently not using xpize 4 beat 2 , awaiting for final release If someone does have xpize beta 2 and the logon screen here is a way to tell if you have the final version, Compare your version to the most updated version. Energy Blue Final Since beta 2 was released the day before i released the final, i think it is outdated. However, Xpero will update my logonui to the final version for the next xpize 4 release. If you want to make sure you got the latest, download the logonui above. rename to XPize_logon.exe and put it in the windows/system32 folder. it should ask for a file overwrite if you did it correctly.
  21. basically i am building a treeview and i already have my nodes i have textboxes and i set the visable property to false well when i click on a node i want a certian textbox to appear. i tried the following: Private Sub TreeView1_NodeMouseClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.TreeNodeMouseClickEventArgs) Handles TreeView1.NodeMouseClick textbox1.show but that doesnt work, as soo as i click on any node it shows the same one, i want to assiagn a textbox 2 a node.
  22. i really need to know quickly how do i Displaya Text File (on the net) by Using a Text Box. I have been looking everywhere, SOMEONE HELP
  23. @ Martin. Dude your the man, thanks. Now is their a way for my application to read a text file off the net and put the contents into a textbox. can i get code for single line and multiple line please. also, i have addes an about box and put the aboutbox1.show but i get an error that i have to set form visablitly to false. iwhats with that? THANX Guys
  24. i have visual basic 2005 express and i want to: when i click on my button, i want it to open upp the defualt browser and go to my web site also can anyone give me code or tell me how to do the follwoing 2: i want a multiple line textbx then cannot b user edited and it gets the text from a txt document on the web. i really would appreicate the help!!!
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