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  1. Thank you for the reply but Autopatcher is only for Microsoft updates. I'm looking for a program that updates all my software like firefox, imgburn, chrome, etc...
  2. In ubuntu, you have the software center to easily install and upgrade software. On iOS/Mac OSX you have the app store and cydia. Is there anything like this for windows operating system? As of now I know of no easy way to update all your software or install new software. It must all be done manually. Thanks in Advance
  3. I've been happily using Windows 7 (32bit) ever since the public beta was released. Today, I decided I should go ahead and upgrade to 64bit to take full advantage of my processor and RAM capabilities. After installing, and creating an Administrative account, I have had many issues with permissions and installing applications. Never before (in windows 7) have I had to right click > run as administrator. It has always just worked since I was an administrator. Additonally, I've had issues writing to and modifying files on external drives. Is there anything I can do that will just give me FULL access to my computer WITHOUT logging in as administrator, or is that my only option? Also, are these issues caused by running a 64bit OS? Thanks in Advance
  4. I have created the following batch file to use ffmpeg to convert flac/wav files to /m4a files that can be played on my ipod... I will later use this script as a template to convert files to flac, wav, mp3, etc. Anyways, when I run this script, and i drag 2 files onto the batch file (example 1.flac and 2.flac) they both output a filename of 1.m4a instead of 1.m4a and 2.m4a. Thus, I can only convert one file at a time. Is there anyway to fix this so that the output filename will be the same as the input for seperate files? for %%A in (%*) DO (ffmpeg -i %1 -acodec alac "%~dpn1".m4a) pause
  5. Thank you so much for this information. I will try this in about 2 weeks and let you know if I did it right. I have been considering creating an image like you described, but I have just recently updated to Windows 7 and am getting used to all the new unattended/administrative install features. Again, thank you very much for your help.
  6. Here's exactly what you need... http://www.windowsvalley.com/blog/create-w...-in-single-dvd/ Same instructions for Windows 7 and Windows Vista... If you have dual layer, you could put x64 and x86 of all editions of vista and 7... or, you can pick and choose which ones you want...
  7. I usually format my computer every 3-6 months. After formatting, I always have to reformat my ipod before iTunes allows me to put music on it, so I have to take off all 5,000 songs, then load all 5,000 songs back on, just to get 1 or 2 new songs. Is there a way around this? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thank you very much for your help... Hopefully I can manage to get my files compressed as much as microsoft compresses theirs. Thanks again.
  9. How does Microsoft compress their operating system to fit onto a DVD? What compression do they use, and is it available to the public?
  10. Does anyone know how to silently install this application? I want to be able to just install the Virtual drive utility... http://arainia.com/software/gizmo/download.html thanks in advance
  11. I think I might see your problem... Are you using an AVG8 x64 addon? I don't use x64, but it may not be able to emulate x86 during the install... you might want to wait for someone with x64 unattended knowledge, but it might be that avg is for x86... AND also BE SURE that your drivers are for x64 and not x86...
  12. did you make the addons yourself?
  13. That is the time when Windows Installs your addons... It will stop there for awhile, then continue... Moist likely it is Office and AVG that slow it down the most, as they are big programs... If the install doesn't continue, it means something is wrong with one of your addons... You do not have to add any files, Nlite should do it for you...
  14. If you choose to disable OOBE because it is annoying or just takes too long to configure, you might want to try this... It's just a simple batch file I made... It allows you to make users and enable/disable auto updates, since that's really all that the WinXP OOBE does... Just add this to your RunOnce commands so that it will start on the first logon... Download Mini OOBE
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