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  1. why no update?? Nuhi died or he stopped making nlite and work on new win7lite tool?
  2. it has already been asked for a long time but that would be a lot of work for nuhi
  3. Thanks for this new 1.3 nlite now we can test during xmas holidays ^_^ btw use rvm integrator + updatepack then nlite to remove
  4. So using ASMS compression is safe with nlite when using an updated SP2 ?
  5. you must enable the cryptographic servce (active it + set on automatic) because windows needs it to apply patches and you must also have Mapi Service and Tools still on your system
  6. Yeah I have a usb keyboard because the ps2 jeyboards arent sold anymore, at least here in my region and even if I use a ps2 adaptaor it doesnt help I needed to grab some 8 year old keyboard to make it work lol
  7. well, like he said, to know what compability hides which components useful to some people, like me, so thank you ^_^
  8. I want to do a German translation but what do I have to translate?
  9. thanks for 4.4.2 worked very well with switches on my unattended setup Keep up the good work
  10. doesnt work for me... or wait do I also have to disable the option in the bios : Boot from other devices (it's set on Enabled here)
  11. Lol, XPize has its own integrate function built-in... That's what you should use, not nLite. nono I mean that rc6 introduced some kind of bug with my setup and cannot create a new nlited cd atm so no use for xpize
  12. Thanks for this new version Xpero Gonna wait until a newer version of nlite is released until I will use it
  13. ouch, my cousin has the same and after 1 year now it s not fully healed he told me that doing some exercises helps, but do it only once a week and not too often, and getting a lot of massages (from his gf oO), avoid martial arts or sports where you have to run a lot as this will only damage it more and more well anyway, your problem might be different form his^^ and I wonder how that xp will run gdogg, I guess you will only be limited to do some things or is there really that much junk/uneeded entries in the registry oO?
  14. superleiw

    XPize 4.0 MCE RC

    64 bit not supported for now. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> hmmm, how is that? do the icons in 64bit files use different offsets?
  15. So, if you give yourself a static ip, is it safe to completly remove DHCP & related files ? I mean I have a static ip and disabled DHCP in services, but do some specific games or programs need it ? I havent encountered any problems when doing my everyday stuff on my computer though
  16. waiting patiently for Beta 3 ^^ or will it be a RC1 or even final oO ?
  17. How did you remove those OEMBIOS files??? I want to remove those without using minlogon I tried manually removing them on my computer with the corporate edition at work but now it cant go into windows . It is giving me the following message : windows failed to check the itegrity (or validity) of blabla... Error Code xxxxx I thought that would only happen to the Home version ?????
  18. @ Famer Well I would keep those : adsldp.dll adsnds.dll adsnw.dll ipxrtmgr.dll ipxwan.dll net1.exe although for dial up, maybe some of these files are needed ??? rasauto.dll rasauto.exe raschap.dll rasdial.exe rasmans.dll rasmontr.dll rasphone.exe rasppp.dll rasrad.dll rastapi.dll rastls.dll @gdogg I'm bored, waiting for b6 + rvm updatepack 1.3.1 ^^
  19. can we somehow apply that to winxp? or do the registry entries differ that much?
  20. thats some crazy s*** dude well i guess you reached your goal
  21. If you want to stop services, not just disabling them using the Registry method create a new command file and use this : net stop "Automatic Updates" net stop "Computer Browser" net stop "Distributed Link Tracking Client" net stop "Help and Support" net stop "Server"" net stop "System Event Notification" net stop "System Restore Service" net stop "Task Scheduler" net stop "TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper" net stop "Themes" net stop "Upload Manager" net stop "WebClient" net stop "Windows Time" net stop "Workstation" net stop "System Event Notification" net stop "COM+ Event System" net stop "Network Location Awareness (NLA)" net stop "Remote Access Auto Connection Manager" net stop "SSDP Discovery Service" etc that way you can remove files related to those services without rebooting, I think -not tested yet if it works during windows installation phase
  22. nice this should become an useful thread nice regtweaks u have there ... took me a while to go through all of it
  23. since I got my first computer I ve always been using PC Cillin NEVER GOT A SINGLE VIRUS Edit : well I mean I got some viruses but none could do any harm to my computer
  24. ED2K Network (been using eDonky before but switched to eMule recently because it is a lot faster at downlaoding, it takes up less ressources and overall bandwith - when browsing the web etc) otherwise, I sometimes use Bittornado or ABC with multiple torrents

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