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  1. Not all the Athlon XP's are unlocked. Only the first few batches were unlocked after which AMD started locking all thier processors. The only ones unlocked were the Athlon XP mobile processors. Secondly, I wouldnt recommend putting a RAM divider on your specs. The older NF2 systems run best when run @ 1:1 settings.
  2. This has got nothing to do with the video card or monitor. If he is able to get his computer running after a couple of attempts then I see no reason for these components to be faulty. This is a 99.99% a Power supply problem. Using a s***ty no name brand power supply is often the cause of these cold boot problems.
  3. Looks to me like a cold boot problem. What kind of power supply are you using for this system, what brand and how many watts. Additionally also post your entire system specs!
  4. Yes! Get the Seagate. These drivers are fast, and I mean fast and you are gonna love the 5 year warranty on these drives too.
  5. Yes, you have to reformat and reinstall windows when swtiching over from Raid 1 to Raid 0.
  6. There is a reason why I posted those particular sound cards. If this computer is going to be used for music projects, you do not want to use any sound cards that are used for gaming and stuff. Guaranteed, the X-plosion is a nice sound card, but thats about it. You need soundcards with some serious features and codecs when working with music projects. I have setup numerous pc's for music studios and the maximum amount of time and money has gone on sound cards and speakers. Good sound card is the heart and soul of the computers used in music projects. Also go to creative.com and check out their E-MU line of sound cards. These are professional sound cards and as such won't require driver updates as frequently as the mainstream sound cards.. Bottomline, you cannot and should not use mainstream sound cards for music projects.
  7. Nice soundcard IS NOT Creative Soundblaster, Audigy, or Xi-Fi. Sound cards for music: M-Audio Audiophile 2496 Audiotrak Maya44 Hoontech SoundTrack Audio DSP24 Value
  8. Around 5G's! I spent around $2500 on my video card and both my dell 2405fpw alone.
  9. make sure you put '/ALLUSERS = 1' before the /qb without the quotes
  10. When you install Ultramon make sure you install it for all users and not just for the current user only. Also the registry key you have there for Ultramon is incorrect. I will let you know the location for the key when I get back home this evening.
  11. Then you really need to start getting out more and start looking at the current satellite dish's in the market. About 99% of the dish's in the market are dual LNBF's and some are triple LNBF. There is no advance layout or simple layout for satellite dishes. You either have a 1) Single LNBF (legacy systems used by older DirecTV models). 2) Dual LNBF (used by almost all Dish Network customers and now basic model for all DirecTV customers). 3) Triple LNBF (used by DirecTV to serve some local channel markets and used otherwise to offer HD programming).
  12. Try installing with a different video card. Vista has issues with certain video cards.
  13. You get access to new builds only if you are a Vista Beta Tester.
  14. The only reason I went for the Expert over the ultra-D was because of the extra 4 sata ports. Anyway I got my dual core opty 165 CCBBE 0610 stepping running @ 2.8ghz on my Expert @ stock voltages. This is an excellent board as long as you know what you are doing in the first place.
  15. Well, mine owns your board too! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813136166 Anyway, stay away from the A8N-SLi Deluxe. Buggy as hell, still has the ram 2T problems for over 240htt, and the chipset fan is dman noisy and fails within a few months. If you are getting the Asus, spend a lil bit more and get the A8N-SLi Premium instead!
  16. Who gave you the information that Intel relied on ATI fro their graphics? Intel always had their in-house production for integrated graphics and never relied on any 3rd party for their graphics solution. Get your facts right! Intel revoking the licenses from ATI has got nothing to do with graphics. Its to do with motherboard chipsets. And finally tell me again why wont I be able to upgrade in 6 months time if..... 1) I have an Intel CPU 2) I have a mobo either with an Intel chipset or a Nvidia chipset. Either Intel or Nvidia will have the updates for their chipset and the actual motherboard manufacturer is the one who is going to release the BIOS updates. 3) Radeon X1900XTX card - ATI updates the Catalyst drivers every month. This has got to be one of the most screwed up post I have seen in a long time.
  17. Newegg is not a place for buying fans and cooling accessories. There is one and only one place for this - www.svc.com. The first and last place to look for fans and any kind of cooling mods/accessories.
  18. Get a modular PSU! But then again they arent as effecient as the regular ones. Get anything by OCZ, Enermax Liberty, Forton, or if you can PC Power & Cooling.
  19. Would somebody please ban that id*** - Weapon-X!!!! All he has done so far is spam the forums with his crappy posts!!!!
  20. Sr. Systems Analyst, United States D.o.D.
  21. Get the WRT54GL...the same as the WRT54G but with good 'ol Linux firmware as V4 and before.
  22. Stay away from the entire line of 7900 products. People have been having nothing but problems with them even after 3-4 RMA's. Stick with the ATI for now.
  23. Serves you right for downloading pirated stuff! Go buy the dman software!!
  24. DL Port I/O http://www.driverlinx.com/DownLoad/DlPortIO.htm
  25. I have the CM STacker STC-01 since a year and a half and I wouldn't trade it for any other case in the world. I currently have 2 3-in-4 bay devices holding 8 hard drives in addition to 2 other hard drives totalling 10 hdd's and 2 optical devices, a fan controller and a 24*2 vfd. All this is powered by 2*antec TP-II 550W PSU's, both inside the stacker!

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