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  1. First try with CRT/CDT monitor then only u can find out what has gone wrong with ur system
  2. What is the recommended RAM for windows XP pro to run on its best what is the Work of RAM n' Processor the differences as well
  3. why the registry settings are disabled remove ; sign from the wanted registry settings on which drive ur windows is installed
  4. very common method to find out is if ur windows by default have (for the first boot) these files then u know that ryans pack is installe upx unlocker safedisk psshutdown process explorer calc plus regmon
  5. exactly as said by gunsmokingman TASKKILL /F /T /IM notepad if want to kill notepad
  6. use exact build version do resource editing use modifype.exe -c switch replace
  7. Compare with ur winnt.sif file Check this for the problem For display for welcome screen, check this This will definately solve ur problem
  8. a fresh installation ? how can i do that? i am here for the solution?? for abt internet connection i don't use internet connection in the PC in any means it is a Personal computer without internet connection
  9. thank you very much i will definately give it a try
  10. the question is not with editing and hexediting the matter is with start button text i just want to know what text u prefer on the replacement of "START"
  11. the first thing what would u like to recover the date or the partition data: easy recovery (best : pay software ) Partition: windows disk administration ( windows built in ) Acronis recovery expert (best but pay software) Acronis recovery expert best soln: why don't u format the disk or delete and recreate
  12. ur computer has restarted before the full setup and wipeout procedure sysprep itself is a startup based method... thus looping
  13. what is the prblem with my windows XP sp2 whenever my windows boots , the taskbar get hung mouse pointer becomes busy when i point to the taskbar but work normally in the desktop if i press ctrl + alt + del and end task "explorer.exe" and reload "explorer.exe"from new task then every thing becomes fine no any third party softwaers are installed it is a fresh installation
  14. I want to know what text would you prefer to have if u have to modify START button text
  15. search LN.EXE on the web. this is a soft that create hard links like Linux do. what does this mean i am concerned with ultraiso and ezboot
  16. i am also getting the same problem
  17. i have gone throught ur multi boot CD/DVD i want to make 9 in 1 windows XP CD in a normal 700 MB CD. I know this is possible coz i have found such CD in the market i think it can be done with cdshell and ultraiso and bootable menu as cdimage what i was confused is that i got wired in cdshell ... coz it is dos based and has no GUI. UltraISO is a GUI based and i ows that software i need to know the procedure to create duplicated index of the same XP folder for the rest of the 8 version so that it points to the root XP folder (main folder) whenever we try to install any version of the XP. i think u r getting me as stated in ur sute... but the main thing is that i dont want that 4.GB of data of whole version i want to use the same folder for each version (other will be duplicate) and only the changes ( 10 MB approx for each) will in the additional folder but how to make duplicate using ultraiso.
  18. well i am also messed with problem got no idea

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