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  1. there's a problem when adding knoppix to muiltiboot because knoppix requires certain options included in mkisofs command line, and those options are not compatible with xp, but there is a workaround. are you using cdimage or mkisofs to compile the iso? with cdimage you need onla to have j1 option included and -iso-level 4 -r if using mkisofs. i accept i might be wrong because i set up my multiboot cd long age so i dont remember the exact sythax. EDIT: check this 911cd forum discussion
  2. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&sho...ndpost&p=434753 edit: this is probably wrong section-nothing to do with unattended install.
  3. winrar for the past 3-4 years. but will switch to 7zip as son as they improve the gui and make some other (smaller) fixes
  4. pinnacle works ok (more or less). maybe your problems are related to the capture device. if it's usb, then the quality of the material has to be great, otherwise it's gonna make problems.
  5. the posted images are not about memory leak. its probalby about the noumber of open tabs. close some tabs and see the consumed memory decreases.
  6. they're all nice but i switched to metapad bacause it very efficient, small, fast, configurable, etc AND because it is one of the few text editors that can handle large files. try to open a completely exported reg file (35mb in my case) and you'll see what im talking about.
  7. i suggest you leave docs and settings and prog files where they are. as of ff and tb, you can try this system on another partition with this folder hierarchy: d: mozilla ---firefox (install dir) ---thunderbird (install dir) ---profiles ------"name of your profile" ------------firefox ------------thunderbird then, take the two 'profile.ini' files from C:\Documents and Settings\"your account name"\Application Data\Thunderbird and from C:\Documents and Settings\zeko\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox and make sfx to automatically put the files to their location. the profile.ini just tells ff and tb where to look for profile directory. you can add the sfx file to silent install durig the os setup. and optionally you can make a sfx to put ff and tb shortcuts to start menu. this works for me very nice. i always have my tb and ff up to date. its especially time saving because there's no need to setup e-mail or news accounts. this can also be applied to my docs location via reg key.
  8. if any1 needs it, here's working link a for tiny pf v2.0.15a
  9. reading all the info, i guess i'd better wait for the final version of ff if extensions issues are true. i couldnt possibly live w/o the extensions.
  10. first, you have to enable overburning to that size and than burn cd in dao mode.
  11. cyberhrc, m8, im sure if you remove your dvd everything will work as supposed. i had exectly the same prob. solutions: 1. remove dvd (not really a sollution, ha?) 2. integrate nforce drivers (nice soll. at first glance) 3. dont use sp2 soll. 3 is the most complete. you can integrate nforce drivers, but you (90%) wont be able to install... .net framework, for example. so stick to #3 sollution-works great.
  12. thanks, Technoguy. just now ifound out i couldnt evet test the dvd in live. instead of the kde desktop i only get the bash command line. dunno what the heck its with it. yesterday i got ubuntu distro and tried to install it all the possible ways, but... i guess i cant do anything properly these days. thanks for your reply
  13. i got today suse 9.3 live eval dvd and im thinking of installing it to the hard disk. is is possible? any web link where i could find out how to do it? anything? thanks in advance.
  14. thanks, astalavista. since this really is simple, im gonna give it a try.
  15. including the 'j1' when making iso w. cdimage option might help and in nero choose disk at once option
  16. really. i just checked, and it really sums incorrectly. have you tried formating the cells accordingly.
  17. first, in bios you have to set the correct order of the disks. then, in, say, partition magic, make the desired partition active, reboot put in the xp cd and that should be it.
  18. glad i have finally found a 'massive' board on topics im interested in. im from bosnia, 36 of age, multi boot cd being one of my last obssessions. see you on the board, guys!

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